Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Post Labor Day check in!

We were away for the long holiday weekend. I guess I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted, but I got an emergency email from a reader wanting to make sure I didn't fall off the face of the earth! No...I'm still here, but the past couple of weeks have been so crazy I just had no time to update my blog, and no finishes really to report...so it got way-laid.

First! This weekend! We went to Hilton Head Island, SC...about a 3 hour drive for us, and we really enjoy going there because the beaches are beautiful, it is peaceful and nice....a different kind of crowd than the "amusement park" mentality that likes to flock to va beach, myrtle beach, etc.

I packed a few projects hoping to have time to work on them a bit, and it turns out that I had LOTS of time to work on them...It poured and hosed down rain from the time we got there friday afternoon, all day saturday, all day sunday until 5pm! I'm talking gully washers and roads being re-routed kind of gushing rain. We even had to move hotel rooms because the water was over the threshold and coming in under the sliding glass door of our room!

I was a happy camper with my projects...I finished the binding on my 4 patch medallion. Weeeehaaa. This was a fun quilt. instead of planning the quilt from the inside out...I did the center as big as I wanted it...and then figured out what the next pieced round would measure, and then had to add the inner border around the center to have it fit the right measurement of the pieced border.

As for the pillow stripe that makes it rectangular instead of square....(Yes I had extra 4 patches I wanted to use up!) I just made it as long as it needed to be and whacked off the excess! Gwen Marston would be so proud ;c)

The next big project was working on the blocks for my choir director's wedding quilt. The wedding is in october, and I thought this would be a good time to get some big time progress done on it. I got all the blocks finished and sashed together. I still have borders to go.......but I didn't have enough room in the room to lay it out and measure.

Besides..the sun came out at 5pm on sunday eve and we DID want to spend SOME time at the beach and doing out doorsy type things, right? :cD

I went back trying to find more black fabric with the little music notes on it for a 2" inner border....It was sold out! So it must have been an epiphany that I bought it when I did. I do have enough to do a 1.5" cut inner border, so that inner border will just be a bit narrower than I want.

I met up with Charlotte today for some lunch and to hit the goodwill clearance center. Did I mention to you that they sell everything by $1.00 a POUND?!? Do you know how many 100% cotton mens plaid/stripe/print shirts you can get for $10.00? (add in a dress, a skirt, and a pair of capris for yourself too..bringing the total to $10.50!)

I'll send pics tomorrow. I don't want to overload this post!

Stay tuned! (oh..I'm going to have to ban myself from buying men's shirts again..I think I could do plaid quilts for the rest of my life!)



  1. You got a LOT done at the beach! I'm amazed, the 4 patch medallion is fun and happy, the wedding quilt... simply lovely!

  2. Wow, what a productive beach trip:)

    I love both f the quilts, the pink border is beautiful. Your choir director will be thrilled.

  3. Love that 4-patch. So bright and cheerful. The beach looks lovely.

  4. Bonnie,
    I too ventured on to a $1 bag sale at my second hand store. Wow! I was amazed, and 3 full bags later a happy camper I am. I am thinking a Smokey Mountain quilt is in my future! Love your quilts!

  5. Oooh, Hilton Head Island and quilts -- you've touched on two of my most favorite subjects! We were there (HHI) in May and will be spending our Christmas break there. We have a 14-hour drive to get there; I envy you the 3-hour drive. ~Kathy

  6. I keep coming back to thise 4-patch quilt. You did a wonderful job with putting together a huge variety of prints to make a very old looking quilt--I think that combination of cheddar and pink is great.

  7. I love getting super deals like you did at Goodwill.

  8. Hey you are not the only "shirt stealer" around... me too! I love finding good deals at the Goodwill....Ever since I read about your obsession over a yaer ago I began picking up 8-10 each trip to the Goodwill.

    After I got your email, this week and read about your $1/pound, I am so jealous!!! I've been paying a fourtine at $0.50 each compared to your bargin!!! I started digging mine out of the bags I brought them home in and OH MY, I have a LOT more shirts that I realized!!! Time to put a hault to buying!

    I am cutting away at the seams on a few of them every night.... I have to get them ready if I ever want to get started right... and I will eat this elephant one bite at a time! LOL

    LOVE your wedding gift for your choir director! She is gonna love it too!!! I am sure what ever you decide for the outter boarders will work out perfectly!

    Glad you had a great time at HHI. That was our favorite day trip during the years we lived in SC and GA. Sure wish the beaches here were half that nice!

    Love from TX ~Bonnie........and if you want to share any sneak peaks of my string quilt that would be more than OK by me!!! ;)

  9. sorry about all the rain, but oh wow oh wow, that 4 patch medallion is incredible. I love it. I love the colors, I love how you've put it together. I love the bright colors in the center and how you haven't used them in the outer edges so the center just shines. incredible job.

  10. What a fun quilt to work on while it pours outside! Great colors. Glad you got some time to walk the beach too!

    (now I have a craving for cheesegrits and shrimp...maybe a deepfried peach pie...some sweettea...)

  11. That's my idea of a great weekend! Let it rain, just give me my sewing machine. Not sure if my husband would agree though! Love both quilts. I never would have thought of using pink with all those scraps but I definitely want to now.

  12. Wow you are prolific!
    Love both of these quilts!

  13. LOVE the 4-patch quilt... of course, that pink is pretty much my signature color (GREAT choice!!) The quilt is such fun ~ glad you're back online!

  14. Bonnie,
    What gorgeous, gorgeous quilts!!! I went to college in the N.C. mountains (Appalachian, ahem) and I met several old-timey quilters. It was fascinating to watch them work.
    Anyway, I thought I might invite you and your readers BACK to Hilton Head Island Nov. 1-4 for the sixth annual Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival, which is a charity even benefiting the local Boys and Girls Clubs. The concours and festival features something for all ages and if very family friendly. Highlights will include Hilton Head/Savannah Historics vintage race days, a sports and classic car auction with The Worldwide Group, dozens of rare and exotic American and European sports cars, a unique display of antique fire engines and ambulances, vintage motorcycles, a men's and women's vintage clothing fashion show, antique and 'brass era' automobiles and the "Best in Show" competition with over 150 entries. For more information, please visit www.hhiconcours.com or markcnsghiltonhead.blogspot.com or call (843) 785-SHOW. Hope to see y'all here!

  15. Anonymous5:28 AM EDT

    Your quilts are such an inspiration - I love them all! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE (can you tell I this idea is REALLY good?) the pillow strip with extra blocks - so very cool and a definite idea to copy on lots of different kinds of quilts.

    We're still battling soggy floors and leaky windows with the floods so no quilting being done at my house.

  16. This quilt looks great. I love the pink fabric and the 4 patch border along the top.

    I wish I could be as productive!

  17. My gosh I miss a few weeks and you've made...what? 3 quilts or more. I wish I had one 10th of your energy and focus!! LOVE everything! The pink quilt especially. But the choir directors quilt is amazing too. I never thought to buy the plaid shirts because I wondered about the fabric being older to start with but I may just have to reconsider and see what they keep at the thrift store. A small start couldn't hurt, right?


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