Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quick Post!

It's that crazy weekend....clients this morning, dress rehearsal with the philharmonic this afternoon...Sun is shining brightly outside and though it is chilly, I'm hoping our temps get somewhere near normal!

I'm also gearing up for the first of my two february retreats in Hilton Head next weekend! Weeehaaaa...I know what's coming with me as far as projects go. I want to do the borders on the crumby quilts that Tonya and I did over New Years. I have ideas for the border,and I'm not telling her what it is until it is done..NANANANANANA!

Binding and sleeve are finished on the amish strings. I washed it and it shrunk up WONDERFULLY! I can't believe how aged it looks...I love it! The only thing I need to do is go over it with a sticky roller to get the remaining threads and beady lint balls off it...but I can't find my sticky roller. Here is a pic of the close up too. Pics aren't true to color, even outside on this one. The colors are very vibrant, they look kind of washed out in the pics.

Also is a pic of the completed Lilies top. This thing turned out GI-NORMOUS! It is 80X80 without borders. I'm trying to decide what to do about it from here. It may sit a while. Because this has been an on again off again quilt, and I have had to think really hard through each process, I'm titling it "Consider The Lilies". The string blocks were fun to do, Didn't make a dent in the bin, and this top is HEAVY because of all the seams in it!

Oh...one of the best things about setting this quilt this way? The outside edge of the quilt ended up ON GRAIN! I didn't even think about it until it got time to piece the setting triangles, that they were going to end up that way. How's that for providence?

Off to work (while dreaming of quilts)


  1. consider the lilies is turning out wonderfully! I love how the traditional applique lillies play off the more movement based string piecing...

  2. Didn't make a dent in the scrap bin? Now that's scarey! I love the name, I never name my quilts but you seem to come up with something appropriate every time.

  3. That Amish strings one really looks great, nice job on the quilting! Was it more difficult with the muslin foundation?

    And I LOVE the lilies with the string blocks between them.

  4. That turned out really good!! I love the string blocks!

  5. I love he lilies quilt. I didn't think that it would work when you showed it before, but it really works well together.

  6. Just love those string pieced blocks between those traditional lilies! Wouldn't it be fun to stand beside that quilt at a quilt show and listen to the comments?? :-)

    Jacqui in Canada

  7. The quilts rock! But you knew that. =)

  8. Anonymous2:53 AM EST

    The Lilies quilt is just gorgeous - the string blocks are a surprising element but a perfect foil for the lily blocks. I love how the Amish quilt went so wrinkly! Have a good time with the Phil :-)

  9. Ohhh Bonnie , did you got some sleep last days too :-)
    I love the amish quilt so much and it looks very antique to me
    The string lily's is gorgeous. Just like a antique ith the edge on the grain ;-)

  10. Bonnie,
    Both quilts are wonderful, but the lily quilt just jumps right out at me!! When I first read that you wanted to put the string blocks in, I couldn't get my brain around it, but WOW!!!! Awesome.

  11. The Lilies with String Blocks quilt is phenomenal. How on earth did you get the idea? It's spectacular.

  12. The Amish string quilt just dances. Vibrant is a good word for it. The Lilies is breath-taking. I just love your work, Bonnie. You are an inspiration.

  13. These are both such beautiful quilts. I wouldn't have thought of using strings on the lilies quilt, but it looks awesome.

  14. Love how the lily quilt turned out.

  15. Bonnie, I just love that amish one! And I am so glad you added the strings to the lilies!


  16. Congrats on finishing the gorgeous Amish Strings. Love how the string lily turned out - personally don't think it needs a border, tho I'm sure if you put one one it will be incredible.
    Nananana you say? Well since I won't have put a border on mine yet, I'll still be able to steal any awesome idea you come up with so mwahahahaha.


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