Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amish Strings Done!

I finished the hand quilting on the Amish Strings quilt Sunday night. Last night, I got as far as getting the binding and the hanging sleeve on, but I was too tired to do any further stitching on it..

Plus...because the new chairs are coming today, the old crappy chair I was using had to be removed from the den so there was no comfortable place to sit and stitch even if I felt like it! They already called this morning on the chair delivery...they said between 9am and 11am...so we will see.

If you look close (click the pic to enlarge)you can see my chalk lines. I'll wash the quilt after the binding/sleeve are finished. I'm hoping for a very puckery antique look to it. I used the quilter's dream cotton batting.

I worked on the binding on the Epiphany Stars quilt in between clients at work. I got 3 sides done, so that leaves the 4th side and the hanging sleeve left on that.

Finishing bindings is giving my hand quilting callouses a few days off...I think they need it!

Some one asked me if I put hanging sleeves on everything. And yes, mostly I do! (Unless it is a charity quilt) I hate it when quilt show time comes around and I have a stack of quilts without sleeves that all need to be attached at last minute. So I do them as I am putting on the binding. Maybe the quilts will never be shown....or hung....doesn't matter. The sleeves use up left over stash, often matching the backing, or fabrics in the front of the quilt, and then I don't need to think about it.



  1. this quilt really turned out terrific!

  2. will you post pictures of your new chairs when they arrive?? How about the whole room in stages of completion?? Sounds lovely.

  3. That is one gorgeous quilt, Bonnie.

  4. Bonnie, everytime I look at this amish string quilt I think "I HAVE to make it!" I just love it. And I can't believe you quilt that fast by hand! It is wonderful!

  5. This is very vibrant, I love it.

  6. Ohh, nice, I really like the colors you picked for this one!

  7. Anonymous2:48 PM EST

    I love the way you pieced some strings but in contrasting colours! Great quilt :-)


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