Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blog Ring Blunders...

Sometimes there are computer glitches that happen, due to operator error, or internet gremlins!

It was brought to my attention that as people traveled around the ring, that it would skip some sites, and not make it back to the beginning.

I had found one member who had someone else's code in her side bar. So instead of the ring going to the next page that was intended to be after that person, it would skip to the person who was after the person's ring code that she had copied and pasted into her own side bar. Does this make sense?

All ring codes are not alike! They look the same from the visual perspective, but hidden inside each panel is a site that is uniquely-you. You each need to have your OWN ring code that gives direction to get from your site to the next site in the ring, not the next site that comes after someone else's site.

I have suspended the blog with the incorrect ring code until she can get her own code and put it back in place...so that our ring can be complete and uninterupted!

One way to check this....On your OWN blog page, put your mouse cursor over the "next" in the panel.(Don't click it!) Now look down right above your task bar where the url is displayed at the bottom left of your screen. (It sometimes says things like "Transferring data from www.blogger.com.... etc)There will be an url that starts http://alt-webring.com and ending with a "siteid=" The "site ID" should be the same ID as your own alt-webring sign in. Whatever you called your site when you registered with alt-webring. Mine is "quiltvilleblog" If your mouse-over on your own panel produces someone else's blog name...let me know so we can get you straightened out!

As of now you are all correct because I checked them all!

We now return you to your regularily scheduled program... :c)



  1. Hi Bonnie

    Thanks for the computer lesson. Quilt Mavericks is my favourite blog ring. I have been reading all your blogs for over 6 months and now I have all the members on my bloglines. I love the work you gals do.

    I wondered if you would like a new ring member from New Zealand. I have been blogging since August 2006 and have just joined the Southern Cross Quilters webring which is newly set up for members of this online yahoo group for quilters from Australia and New Zealand who have blogs.

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM EST

    Well there you go - never knew that! Forgot to say yesterday, that your hair looks so elegante in that style with that lovely bow :-)

  3. This has nothing to do with blog-rings.I wanted to comment and thank you for a tip on your website, if that's OK to do here. I'm piecing (like mad) String-X blocks and I wanted you to know that your tip re: counting up and pinning together groups of 10 has saved me SO MUCH TIME! Why didn't I ever think of that? Thank you, Bonnie! You are an inspiration.


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