Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Furniture Update...

My chairs arrived yesterday. They are perfect! This was a 4th bedroom, so it was a heck of a time finding chairs that were NOT so overstuffed that they wouldn't fit through the door...so many of the chairs now are HUGE, if you know what I mean. I also didn't want them taking up the whole room. I originally thought recliner but they have to be too far from the wall...

Most of my furniture has always been antique and very traditional. I wanted something different for this room, something a bit wild. Not TOO wild...but, still different for me! The walls are yellow. The color isn't accurate in the photos because of the flash, but it really picks up the yellow rectangles in the upholstery of the chairs.

The cabinet between the chairs is actually a treadle sewing machine. The front door opens, and the treadle is inside. The top flips open, and the machine rises. It was quite a find. I love the eastlake detail on it. It goes well with the old computer armoir that I am using for the flat panel TV inside. Direct TV comes on Feb 1st to hook me up. The other TV's in the house are already direct TV. DH wanted the DVR, so when they brought that,it left us with an extra receiver, and that's what spawned this whole idea even farther.

I have to tell you though...when he came home to see the chairs, the first thing he did was pop a FOOTBALL DVD into my player! AUUUGHHHH!!! This is NOT what I intended for this room! There are two other TVs in the house where he can play all the sports he wants...I had plans for watching a BBC DVD that I picked up at the library. What is it with men and sports anyway??

The box of batting to the side of the TV...auuughh! I am trying my best to use that up and I have pieced battings from it this week....both for the epiphany stars, and for the "lost bricks" (*LOL*) top I rediscoved yesterday. I am including a pic of how I simply butt the batting pieces together, overlapping by about 1/8" and set my machine on the widest/longest zig zag and just zip them together. I'll piece lengths together to make a piece long enough for either the width or the length of the quilt (plus about 6") and then when there are enough lengths, I zig zag them together in rows. It's not exciting, but those batting scraps work great and let's face it...we've paid good money for the original batting they came from. I just can't throw them away if they are of any good size at all.

Those of you who posted yesterday about the "found blocks" You jerked my memory! Yes, I made them after coming home from Lucy's and wanting to make a quilt that looked like the brick pavements. But it just wasn't working, and my mind lost interest (evidently! *LOL*) Funny how stepping back from them for a while cleared out my pre-conceived notions of what I wanted, and allowed me to just play with them and go with what THEY wanted to be. I won't post a pic of that yet, I want you to feel the suspense! Besides, I have two bindings and sleeves to finish yet before I get any farther than that, and I have customer quilts going too.

Tomorrow I am taking an "ending migraine" CEU course with the other therapists in my office. We get a lot of people in with chronic headaches, and this is one that I am really looking into to learn more how to help relieve that for people. Last wednesday there was a gal at choir practice who's jaw was hurting so bad, her TMJ was flaring up. I had her lay down on the couch during break and worked on her facial muscles and neck muscles a bit and dang if it didn't release and she wasn't in pain anymore! To me that is just awesome and makes it all worth it.



  1. Bonnie I could use you here to get rid of that stiffness in my neck and shoulders that seems to be a part of everyday life - tension and stress go hand in hand!

  2. Your new chairs are wonderful -- the design is almost...quilty. :) I'm a regular "lurker" and your quilts (and the rate with which you make them!) are amazing.

  3. CHairs and quilts all look very nice indeed!!

  4. Anonymous2:56 PM EST

    Very cool that you were able to relieve the lady's pain! I hate suspense LOL! Don't keep us hanging on for too long, my nerves won't take it LOL. The chairs and room looks great - you'll have to do a little wallhanging that says "ladies domain" or something like that to keep the boys out :-)

    I do that with my leftover batting too - I only throw away teeny bits - costs too much to just ditch it!

  5. Ha!!! I can see us both together in the chairs watching a good girlsmovie :-))

  6. Well, the new chairs were a terrific find, Bonnie! I'm SO jealous! Love how they look with the wallhanging, too...

  7. My DH watches sports every time he turns on the TV too. It's usually ESPN and a bunch of guys arguing about every sport going. They will bicker and argue until I am ready to scream. I have to ask him why the kids bickering sends him over the edge, but pay a bunch of guys on TV to argue about sports and he's all over it. :c\

    The chairs look great! If you can keep DH out it will be a nice retreat for you.

  8. Oh I LOVE those chairs! Not something that would be in my living room either, but perfect for your room! I thought right away they reminded me of quilt blocks! And how great is that, that you could relieve that headache! Hope you have fun at your class!

  9. Your room is coming along so nice. Love those chairs. I look forward to getting David's shop built so I can take over the old one for my sewing. Then I'll turn my current sewing room into a guest room/den.

  10. Beautiful chairs... love your room, it looks wonderful. I only just found your blog and website; am making your String-X quilt from the online pattern. Thanks, I needed a way to reduce scraps and what a pretty way for them to end up, as a lovely quilt after waiting as wrinkled hunks in boxes for 10+ years! Their patience has finally paid off!!

  11. Those chairs are great. I know very well what you mean about finding chairs that will fit through bedroom doors. We've been househunting and keep looking at old houses with small doorways. Your den is looking great. How wonderful to have your own space where you can relax by yourself.

  12. What an inviting room, Bonnie. Love your new chairs...and the quilts on the walls. Perhaps another wordie quilt needs to be made: "Girls Only!" LOL

    Happy Friday!

  13. I've been reading your blog for awhile and love your site! I just had to post when I saw the treadle you have in the picture...what kind of treadle is it? I do most of my quilting on a treadle. You can see a picture of the blue and white scrap quilt I'm working on using the leader/ender ideas on your site on my blog at:


    I have been working on these blocks since last Feb. Most of them sewn on the Singer treadle that is pictured in an earlier post...thanks so much for your inspiration!


  14. Thanks for showing that great idea about using up bits of batting. I have bags of smaller pieces and was thinking of making a rag quilt out of it, but you have given me a new idea now. I enjoy reading your blog!


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