Tuesday, November 03, 2015

An Amazon Adventure Day 2!!

This is the sunrise yesterday as a new day began in the Amazon region of Peru.

I don’t even know where to begin with photos.

There are SO MANY!

And then there is this crazy feeling of “yes, I want a trip along the Amazon jungle, with wifi!”  It’s an odd combo that the wifi where we are staying is really pretty good considering the far out location that we are.  This world has wonders – and wifi access here is one of them!

Our first afternoon here at Ceiba Tops included our fist foray into the Amazon jungle.

The Amazon Jungle!! 

Just the thought brings to mind stories I had read as a child, movies I’d watched growing up ---- and isn’t this where Indiana Jones located the Crystal Skull??  LOL!


Boarding our boat for our ride up river.

6:30 am and here we are loading up for a fast boat ride…that took a long time.  One hour and 45 minutes up river to Explororama Napo for a terrific breakfast, and our scheduled adventure of the canopy walkway.


Everyone is ready!


Small villages appear along the river.


Look for color everywhere!

When I see families happily living like this I realize that they DO have everything that matters.  A roof over their heads, a way to make a living, love and companionship, and community.  And I am humbled that I have so much – so much more than one person needs – so much that you can’t really appreciate each and every little thing because it is too much.

Every time I visit a country like this I have the desire to go home and give everything away and live more simply.  Trips like this teach me that life is MORE about PEOPLE and LESS about THINGS.


Passing some fishermen on our way.


Up a smaller river!


And we’ve arrived!


These boats just beg another shot.

Yes, I hung around while everyone else made a beeline for breakfast!


Let’s Eat!


Ever meet a Capybara?  This is Charlie!


Hello, sweet face!

I had never seen one not in captivity before.  The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. Close relatives are guinea pigs, and they squeak just like them too!
This little guy is 4 months old and came to live at the lodge after his mother was killed (Yes, they are hunted for food.)  He’s become a pet, and is very sweet and friendly!


Check out the webbed feet!


Are you my mother?

He will adopt you and try to nurse your fingers, poor fella!  They are vegetarians of course, so there is no danger that this little guy will bite you – but those front rodent teeth are quite large!  He will grow to become the size of a medium sized dog. 

And yes, I stopped to pet him too!  Check out my video!

There are so many many photos to post and I’ll be posting as often as I can, and likely long after this trip is over I’ll still be posting photos!

Photos of our jungle hike and the Canopy Walkway next post...

Today we head to the native village and to the nature preserve.


This morning’s sunrise!

Let’s get this day started!!

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  1. well sure trumps my day's plans....shower, shopping a bit and sewing...BOOORING! lol

  2. What a cutie. Glad he found a good home. Enjoy! Love seeing everything.

  3. What a marvelous trip! I'm loving the sunrise photo, beautiful calming colors. Will you be bringing a rescue capybara home? 😊

  4. Charlie is so sweet, glad he found a good home! What beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!

  5. Charlie is so cute, enjoy your day I love your post they are a chance to see a part of the world I may never get to.

  6. The sunrise photo is awesome. Okay back to work...thanks for helping to start mine out...

  7. Leslie W10:58 AM EST

    I think it is a capivarra.

  8. Leslie W.11:18 AM EST

    I lied, I looked it up and you were correct it is capybara. Ooops!

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM EST

    Aaahh Bonnie, thank you a hundred fold for sharing all your adventures and what you do. My morning cup of coffee and you. What incredible experiences and knowledge you bring to my mornings and to my life. I appreciate you to no end. You make this world a better place. Rhonda r7ekblad@hotmail.com

  10. It's the month for Gratitude and feeling Blessed! We are so Blessed that you share all you do with all of us. Your heart is a BIG one and I'm glad to have met you in person. It will always be a highlight of the year I crossed a few things off my bucket list. The photos are great.

  11. The poorest of the poor in America would seem rich in the rest of the world. While we fuss over colors of fabrics and paint chips, they are wondering where their next meal may come from. You are right about the stuff! We have so very much. I am thankful for a warm house, a roof and running water! Charlie was adorable.

  12. What a wonderful pictures and i Am loving all your posts. So glad iT was you on that high bridge and not me. Lol. Thanks Bonnie fir all THE pictures and explaining everything. Loving it.looking forward to more. Enjoy,Yoka B


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