Friday, July 02, 2010

New Phrase...

I have the quilting machine humming away with Compu Quilter while I am working in the studio this morning! (that is for about the next 1/2 hour...cuz I've got to get out of here by 11 am!)

I posted THIS pic on the Quiltville friend page on facebook:

To show the quilting I am doing on this quilt. This is the one where I used one of Grandpa's shirts in the border, and the other shirt will be part of the binding.

This is the piece of Grandpa's shirt...this nice soft sage green:

Someone asked about the pattern, and I mentioned that yes, it is a pantograph by Urban Elementz called Holly's Hearts. I have unabashedly become the Princess of Pantos...which is kind of a weird thing for someone who quilted for the public for 15 years to call herself. And in a funny moment I said:

Life is just to short to spend it micro stippling!!

I think this is significant in my life.....because I've been "Sweating the Small Stuff" and really, it's all small stuff! I need to relax, I need to not be so uptight...and all that small stuff is reminiscent of too much "micro stippling" going on in my life. Right? RIGHT?!? Good analogy I think! Unless you really enjoy that nit-picky stuff. Then have at it.

So what's on tap for today? I have a chiropractor appt at 11:30....and THEN...after a run to Fed Ex, I'm headed to my friend Karen's house to do some visiting and sewing! That's Me, Karen & Lisa!

See this bag of 9 patches?

I thought I had enough of them, but I need *COUGH* 240 to do what I need to do...so the bin of 1.5" scrap strips is going to come along with me and I'm going to 9 patch the afternoon away. I'm not sure how late we'll sew, but I tell ya..I'm in the mood to stay until they kick me out!!

What's on tap for you today?


  1. Oh, I *WISH* it was sewing with YOU all that was on tap for me! A haircut, swim, and a little ninepatch making from 1.5" strips for me today. And, prep for a lovely holiday weekend.
    Happy 4th of July!

    Lucy (in IN)

  2. Oh-oh... the fearsome threesome! I know you'll reach your magic nine-patch number and then some.

    By the way, my grandson thought the baby trolls were "FUNNY", he played with them last weekend. Your fellow commenters won't understand the parallel here... but I know you'll understand that it isn't totally random.

  3. You are right about "Life's too short..." But sometimes you need the microstippling to set-off that big juicy feather. Have a great 9-patch-a-thon tonight

  4. I am working on Buckeye Beauty blocks.
    Have them on the design wall and I think I have enough for 3 quilts.
    Happy sewing and have a safe weekend you
    "minus micro-stippling gal"!
    XOXOXO Subee

  5. hope your sewing buddies are ready to see the 9-patches flying! Have fun!

  6. go Bonnie go! Still cutting strips here for your Scrappy Bargello. Going to do 2 or 3 of them! Yup...that's how much I love that pattern. :)

    And I love your new phrase!!

  7. I love your new Phrase and I also love pantos! I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.

  8. The 2 funniest things heard here yesterday:
    Bonnie - "do you think I have enough strips yet?"

    Me - "do you think this is too bright?"

    (anyone who knows either of us knows the answer to both questions couldn't be anything but NO!)

    It was fun girl! Sorry we couldn'thve gone longer, but baseball duty called. And lordy, WHAT A GAME!!!

    We won in the bottom of the last inning after being behind all game. Guess who's son hit the 2RBI that tied the game?? woot!!

    Next time we'll have a marathon sew day. I'll even have food :)

  9. I used to fret about not doing much custom quilting and then finally accepted that I make scrap quilts and they look great with overall freehand designs or pantographs quilted on them AND I'm able to somewhat keep up with the tops I need to quilt.


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