Monday, July 26, 2010

In between gigs....

It has been a go go go go go kind of week! Hard to believe it's Monday and I left Tuesday, and I haven't had one minute to post an update! How can that be?

Well, Tuesday I was on the road all day. And
I do LOVE being on the road all day.....Sites to see, places to go! And heading toward these mountains? Bliss!

I take some back roads to get me on 220 up toward Roanoke, VA. I get so excited when I start seeing the Blue Ridge appear in front of me!

Roanoke is one of my favorite small cities. It has a vibrant downtown district, unique shops, great restaurants, and I was hankering to visit a place that I went to on a past trip, maybe 8 years ago. EIGHT YEARS? Would it still be there?

I parked here...just below the historic Hotel Roanoke, and went up into the walkway that goes across the train yards:

There is my little car viewed from the walkway windows...

and on down the escalators to the other side! It was about 150 degrees in that walkway...it was a HOT DAY!

And on to the streets!

And the place I remembered, the place I was hankering for....was still there!

Back in the car.....a couple more hours up the road, and tom tom took me up to Harrisonburg, VA and to the Virginia Quilt Museum!

Even the logo had my palms sweating! I couldn't wait to get inside and see the collection.

I couldn't take pics inside, but I will tell you that it was well worth the drive and the visit to see the beautiful antique quilts. I've got two books of Virginia quilts, and to see these in person was just such a thrill.

The museum was open til 5...and I pushed the limits on my welcome I am sure! From then on....I drove on up to Lancaster, found a place to stay for $45. Yes. $45.

Now this is funny. It said breakfast included...which to me meant maybe cereal, yogurt, fruit. In fact, it was a loaf of white bread and a toaster!! No kidding! Breakfast? well...for $45 a night, I could afford to wait until I got to the Amish Bakery and really make it worth my while (There was no jam for the bread either, just butter...lol!!)

I'll continue on later...this was just my travels for Day 1!

Remember to set your watches for Pat's radio show today!


  1. I love road trips- especially when they find their way to a quilt museum or shop. Keep having fun!

  2. Love travelling with you! Actually it is the only way I travel... through someone else :)

    Timer is set for radio show with two of my favorite artist's!!

  3. Bonnie, I like how you travel...Indian food and quilts!

  4. Yes, I think there's one of those places in Cairo, IL, too. I stayed there for the show in Paducah - "breakfast" was in a closet - a toaster, margarine, and a pot of hot water. No coffee or tea bags, just hot water. Oh well! LOL! And look at the Dresden plate in the ceiling at the top of that escalator! WoW!

  5. 2 friends and I are looking forward to your visit to Pittsburgh and your presentation Tuesday evening.
    Amish baked goods a must have!

  6. so glad you were able to come to roanoke where i live glad you are happy to went to the hotel roanoke and the quitl museum although i have never been reading your blog i may now take a trip soon

  7. I sure hope you got to visit some of those fabric stores in the Lancaster area (Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand). There is a new one in Intercourse called Bitty Kinna with some very lovely hand-dyeds, a big selection of batiks and a huge array of repro fabrics -- both the batiks and repros are available as FQs, so you can just get a little of this & a little of that.

  8. Oh, yes, Nawab in Roanoke is YUMMY! I live smack dab in between Roanoke and Harrisonburg, and I keep meaning to make it to the Quilt Museum, but somehow I haven't made it yet! I think I must add it to the agenda later this summer. $45/night means lots of money left over for other things, right? Including breakfast...

  9. The Hotel Roanoke is beautiful. I stayed there when I was in high school. I'm glad you are having a great time!

  10. You were exploring my old stomping grounds! I was just up in Rooanoke in May.I have an aunt that lives in Harrisonburg, I might just have to go pay her a visit and go to the museum.

    Too funny about your "breakfast"! I think I would have left a troll on that loaf of bread ;)

    Safe travels!

  11. I didn't set the reminder to listen to Pat's show LIVE but, here in Australia,I sure listened to the chat on my laptop.


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