Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hello Oregon, Day 1!

I have to tell you, there is NOTHING in this world as nice as July in Central Oregon. I am always blown away by the smell of the nature and the trees out here. The way that the sun is up and shining before 6am. The way the night is so SILENT after dark, so unlike how things are in North Carolina, where the cicadas, crickets, tree peepers and other wildlife kick up a cacaphony of sound all night long.

It is when I am here in Sun River that I sleep like I'm comatose..deep sleep where I'm sure I don't even bother to roll over in my dreaming. Would YOU bother to roll over in a bed like this?!?

You might think one would not need a bed thick with duvet in July, but it was 35 degrees at 6 am yesterday. It warms up nicely, but simply the fact that it gets so chilly at night makes it BLISSFUL for sleeping with the window open....just enough....just enough to require deep snuggling. I do think the best sleep comes when the tip of your nose is a bit cold :c)

Isn't this a great quilt? It's ALL double pinks and shirtings!

My friend Randy acquired this at the Sisters Show some years back, and I love to come revisit it! Some of the baskets are "normal" just made out of two or three fabrics, but my favorites are the ones where she ran out of one thing and had to substitute another. And please notice how SMALL these cake stand blocks are!

I just love these fabrics in this quilt...some of these are the originals to which many reproductions have been made. It's always neat to see these in their "original" printed form...we are guessing somewhere between 1890 and 1900 for this quilt.

This one was quilted as a summer spread, the edges turned to the inside in what is known as a "knife edge" finish. It's simply quilted in a VERY LARGE grid with big stitch quilting....the backing is a solid cinnamon pink.

So what happened on Day One? Well, I arrived about 9pm on Sunday night, sans luggage :c( I had my carry on with my clothes, and my laptop bag...but the IMPORTANT STUFF, the suitcase with the project makings in it, and the one body bag of quilts I have to write patterns for (yes, I'm doing my writing here since I was such a slacker last week...deadlines don't move!)got left behind at one of my quick connections.

Never fear! Randy to the rescue....one of my projects involved a massive amount of blue half square triangles. Randy is NEVER short on blue, had plenty of neutrals to go with them, and so I set about working on making those until my bags got here.

We took a break to take Max the dog for a long walk on the bike paths....I love seeing everyone so active here! Riding bikes, walking, running.....what a great place, so we went a did a little power walk to for a couple miles, and came back and sewed some more.

Kat and Lori showed up a bit before lunch time, and we got all the sewing spaces arranged and set right in to working on projects!

My wandering luggage showed up about 2:30 in the afternoon and I breathed a sigh of relief! All was well!

Dinner was enjoyed out on the patio! Is there anything better than Central Oregon, when the heat of the day ebbs down, and the evening shadows grow long and cool? Sitting outside, enjoying the nature, good food good friends, lots of laughter and great conversation? I don't think so. I look forward to this all year long, and filling each other in on the happenings with our families and things that have gone on since we saw each other last.

We sewed til after 11...until I could no longer keep my eyes open!

Today, Claire comes up from California, and our 5-some will be complete! We are running into Sisters for lunch, and to check out the Stitchin Post and do some shop hopping before the crowds get crazy at the end of the week. And then we will come back here and sew and sew and sew some more!


  1. Oh Bonnie---I've read your blog posts religiously, but rarely comment. This post is bringing me out of lurkdome...

    I am very jealous because your recent time (minus the luggage snafu) sounds heavenly! Almost to the point where I want to call up a couple of quilters I know who are in this area and plan a sew-in, (even though they don't come accross as the most "friendliest" of ladies)...

    I truly can't wait to read more on your Oregon visit!

  2. I know exactly the smells and feelings, Bonnie! I too am headed to Central Oregon this week for the Sisters Show. I'll be staying at my mom's with some girlfriends for the weekend...we'll be some of the "crazy" crowd on Saturday. Will you? We're going to try and catch Alex and Ricky talking on Friday, also. Sunriver is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Sounds like perfection. Sew on!

  4. Hi 90's all week here in NC so enjoy that nice weather!

  5. I'm SO envious! I love Sun River. Have fun this week -- it's supposed to get VERY hot by the end of the week. I'll never forget one Sisters show several years ago when it was about 110 or so when we arrived Friday evening and then there was the smoke from forest fires.......

  6. I'm leaving on a bus with my LQS at 5:15 tomorrow morning. This is my first Sisters Trip and I am really hoping that I bump into somewhere in the crowds. Well, a girl can hope can't I?

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM EDT

    I'm sure you don't remember meeting me at the show a couple years ago, that was the last time I was there and it was pretty warm that year. I am going to have to try to get back up there to the show maybe next year, it is fun. It's not like I don't have anyplace to stay, my family lives in Bend, so what's my excuse???

  8. I'm impressed that you made all those flight connections!!! Your itinerary gave me pause...I definitely do not have that much faith in the airlines! LOL! Wow, 35 degrees in the early morning...sounds like heaven. You will probably be glad you are not in NC this week...it is predicted to get a little toasty!

  9. I like the pink basket blanket too. Glad you made it safe to Oregon. You're only one state away. wish I could come and meet you. I haven't been to Sister's since 2007 and rode a bus with a bunch of strangers. I didn't sign up for the bus this year. Wish I had now that you are there...

  10. I will be driving to my friend's home near Roseburg Thursday from N. Cal. Then we will drive together to Sisters on Saturday. I will be a looong day of driving but the scenery is so beautiful. I especially like the lavender fields.

  11. This is my first year in a LONG time not making it to Sisters (the economy hit us hard this year) I was going to have my 'Star Gazing' in the show. I'm so glad you love the area as much as we do, AND that you are having such a lovely time!

  12. Oh my gosh! it sounds like you are having so much fun!! Wish I was there.....oh yeah, I AM!! Night night...

  13. Thank you for sharing the antique quilt. I, too, like the charm of making do and putting in other pieces to get enough for a complete block. Or maybe the maker just wanted to add in all the pieces of fabric she could to have variety.

  14. Lori, you are cracking me up, I just found your comment this morning, and you are still upstairs sleeping, you slacker...LOL!!!!

  15. Welcome to Oregon! Enjoy!


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