Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Or Finds from the Flea Market, Rather!

This was such a fun experience. Mind you, much of it is like any other large flea market, full of lots of unneccessary plastic items, kettle corn, gadgets....

Shamwows seemed to be selling hot and heavy, and I bought some myself. I remember using them when I was in the Netherlands at Lucy's house and they really are very absorbent and last a long time.

Knock off handbags were everywhere, and I found one I liked for $15....I love leather handbags and how durable they are. They really take a beating. I figure for $15 I couldn't even buy the zippers this thing has, and I'm not one of those who wants to spend my quilting time making handbags.

2 iphone cases at 3 bucks a piece...

2 super duper veggie peelers (I got to be the demo girl for this one, step right up here ma'am and let me show you how it's done!....) and I could hardly NOT buy them after that, besides that, they really DO a great job and I hate my peeler at home. $7 each or 2 for $12. Considering she said that they will last 10 to 15 years, why did I buy the second one? Because it saved me 2 bucks. (or cost me 5 extra, depending on how you look at it!)

I admit it...I fell victim to the dreaded whoopie pies. :c( BUT! I got the ones made with whole wheat flour and oatmeal! *LOL* As if that helps with the lard and sugar content...still. It's Shipshewana for cryin out loud!

The produce/baked goods/jams/pickles aisles were my favorite. The colors..the smells! Oh MY! The potted flowers, mums, etc...were just GLORIOUS. I don't think these pics will do it justice, but you just HAD to be there.

The BBQ booth..oh yummy. I wish I could package up that aroma and do a scratch n sniff right here on my blog page for you. Too fun.

My big purchase was yesterday, and I didn't post about it..but I found THIS QUILT...it's a 19th century applique, and it's got those wonky borders I love that just end where they end and run off the edge of the quilt. The cross hatching is SO close together, and the stitches are miniscule. I think the reason it survived thus far is that it IS quilted so heavily, even in the applique...or that would all be gone by now. The green is actually a print that is very faded. I'm thinking it was a yellow that was overdyed with blue to get the green color, and as that fades it is left with this very very yellowy green color. This color reminds me of the sweetpotato or yam vine plant...I love that vibrant color!

The reds are pretty shredded, but it didn't stop me from wanting to take this baby home. I paid $55 which I thought was an absolute steal! I want to fold it and display it from the rack in my front entry.

This afternoon I drove to LaGrange, Indiana, 10 miles up the road from my hotel, and lo and behold, there was a farmer's market going on at the courthouse square from 3 to 7! OH goodie! Look at the black raspberries that are going to be tomorrow's breakfast! And I just had to succomb to a loaf of pumpkin nut bread, and a loaf of bacon cheese bread.

Tomorrow I'm off to Carol's house in Ossian for a couple days, and from there I'm on to Teri's and the Home of the Classics Quilt Show in Auburn!


  1. Beautiful pics. I love the quilt! Now you've made me hungry! Chuckle!
    We don't have flea markets around here.

    Have a great week. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I love that boat filled with FQ's at Lolly's. Lots of action there. Makes me want to make the trip again. Did you get to see Essenhaus in Middlebury? They have some nice shops there including a quilt shop, a fabulous restaurant, and a neat quilted garden. It's about 7-10 miles west of Shipshewanna. Karen

  3. I love your new quilt! It is beautiful.

    I love flea markets too!

  4. Stop Stop! You're making me hungry!! :)

  5. I'd say it was a steal...good find on the quilt! I don't seem my jam...don't use it on your bread!!

  6. Bonnie, I'm jealous! I lived for 15 years in Middlebury, 7 miles west of Shipshe. I love that tourist trap! (Been in Indy for the last 2 years) I enjoyed living near the Amish, and of course near all those quilters--though their skills could be intimidating. Lolly's is great too and Yoder's fabric department. Did you ever see the old Lolly's? It was in an old hotel on the same location, but sadly burned to the ground 5-6 years ago in an arson fire. The Amish community rebuilt the beautiful buiding they're in now. The original store, was a warren of little tiny rooms, but they had the boat full of fat quarters. I have a quilt top made entirely of fat quarters from that boat. And of course the food there is some of the best I've ever eaten. In my mind, second only to Tex Mex. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  7. Aren't you lucky to find such a lovely quilt. I took love the borders...just the way they are!

  8. $55 DOLLARS?! No stinkin' way! I never find that good of quilt bargains! It's a beauty Bonnie.

  9. oh Bonnie that was a steal oh my gosh I just love it
    my favorite one that you have bought , I agree love those borders and all that quilting saved that quilt
    I still can't get myself to quilt right thru the appliqué but I know I have to one of these days.
    hmmmm breads look great sounds like your having some wonderful "ME" time
    happy for you!

  10. Thanks for a great group of photos from the flea market. Wish I was there.
    What a lovely quilt you found! The price was definitely right.

  11. woohoo on the quilt! lovely colors and marvelous quilting.

  12. If you take I469 to Ossian you will drive past my house...well at the most 1/4 mile from the Hwy24 exit....please call or stop.
    p.s.word v. is "swaphipi"

  13. I'm hoping to go to Shipshewana myself this fall. Your pictures are getting my eager!

    Would you believe that in my almost 52 years I have NEVER been to a flea market? I think I need to cross that off my bucket list at some point!

  14. Oh how I wish I could be there. Your pics have certainly made me consider a stop to Shipshewana when I make my USA trip in the future! Love the blogs. I just don't know how you keep it going!

  15. Great finds!! Hey, BTW, WS is opening a Goodwill by-the-pound store...ask me about it when you get back home!

  16. oh my lord, I adore that vintage quilt, it is amazing. Love your blog.

  17. Wow, Bonnie - sounds like you're having a great time. I love the quilt and what a steal!!! You go, girl!!!

  18. What fun! I want to go! Although, I guess that is probably a trip for when my kiddos are older, because I'd hate to have whining kids dragging behind me and ruining the fun. Love the quilt - I agree that it was a steal!


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