Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fever....?

Today I started something….

I hate my closet. I hate my dresser drawers. I mean, I am one person…how many pairs of jeans, tshirts, shorts, underwear, bras, socks, shoes does one person need? More than half this stuff I don’t even wear!

It would take me more than all day to go through it all, so today….I just tackled the jeans/shorts/capris/sweats stuff. And over 1/2 of it is now gone, and that looks better

This meant trying on all the jeans to determine which ones fit and which ones could GO…

Of course this means recycling the denim from the jeans, the ones that don't have spandex at least ;c) Some of the capris were regular cotton fabric, hawaiian print or something similar..recyle those into quilts too I think!

Tomorrow I’ll tackle another part of the closet, because it’s the same thing. How many skirts and blouses and tops does one girl need? This is stupid because I don’t wear skirts or dresses all that much. I like them. To be honest, I LOVE THEM. I just never wear them. So why do I buy them? I don’t know. They need to go live somewhere else too. If I don’t wear it now, why do I think that some day I will actually want to?

At least, it is putting my thoughts into some place positive…I think it comes from being gone so much, that when I'm home, I want THIS in order too.

I'm off for a yoga class, and then I have a quilt to load on the machine...yes..machine quilting is in order for today! Whoooopie!! :cD


  1. You'll feel great when your closet is done! When our lives are nutty we often want to have some aspect under control. Yea to you for keeping up with yoga and the gym.

  2. Hey....did you change your photo...love it...sorry if I just now noticed it.
    And yes Bonnie....you do need to go through and get rid of the clothing you no longer CAN FIT INTO! We don't want to see those baggy clothes hanging off of you! Girl...you look good!

  3. Good for you! I have been on the less is more path for a while, but I could eliminate a lot more and that's my plan. The clothes thing is hard. When I lost a lot of weight last year, it was easy to donate most of my wardrobe before I moved from Michigan to Texas, but it has been unbelievably easy to fill up my closet with new purchases. I need to follow your excellent example and review the things I kept but haven't yet taken in and decide if that's ever going to happen and keep chanting my mantra, "less is more, less is more, less is so much more"

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I know exactly what ya mean,I am cleaning closets and the sewing room. this is sort of like fall cleaning,instead of spring cleaning.have fun,Amy

  5. You are braver than I...clearing closets is scarier than watching a Hitchcock film when your husband is away on a business trip....

  6. Good luck with your cleaning! Fall weather does the same thing to me! Next week I'll be tackling one room a day until everything is cleaned out and spotless!

  7. I need to take a leaf out of your book! Spent the summer incapcitated and uanble to do anything about it, now it's time to tackle the battle! Well done Bonnie, and inspiration even in life laundry!

  8. Bonnie, How timely is this post! We are in the process of redoing or should I say refreshing our bedroom. The painting is finished. Yay! Now the carpet comes tomorrow. In the meantime every stitch of clothing we own is piled (literally) in stacks in the living room. I am not putting one thing back in the freshly painted closet or clean dresser drawers until I determine if we are ever going to wear it! You have inspired me not only with my quilting, but with closet cleaning and organizing as well! Feels good I bet to simplify! I'm with you on this!

  9. The ultimate in cleaning...organizing your clothes and adding to your stash all at the same time! Love it!

  10. I have been thinking the same thing lately - why do we all have so much and not use it? I too have a closet full of clothing I don't wear. Why? I don't know. I have been slowly but surely trying on things and what doesn't fit goes into a donate bag so someone else can enjoy them for awhile.
    We are all blessed with too much and it can get overwhelming at times around here. I'm getting there slowly but surely.
    Thanks for the boost in the right direction and for your wonderful blog. I love it!

  11. Fall cleaning... yuk... I need to do the same. I did manage to take a huge load to the thrift store last week... it felt so refreshing to get rid of some junk!

  12. I really try to clear some things out periodically, and I think it may be time again. Thanks for the reminder!
    Love your blog:)

  13. I keep my clothes and my son's clothes thinned out. I have this big fear that if I ever was in the hospital my DH would bring me all things from the closet/drawers that DON'T fit or are awful - and that he won't be able to manage to help my son with his clothes. My DH's closet on the otherhand - well he is a big boy and should know what fits, LOL! I like just having a few things on the shelves/drawers though - less cluttered. Cheers! Evelyn


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