Saturday, May 18, 2024

Let It Rain!

The May Quiltvillians are quilting up a storm inside while the rain continues to fall intermittently outside...and that's okay!

There is plenty of food, and a plethora of fabric and projects to keep them busy through the weekend and beyond!

Projects are going up on the design walls, and there is color and inspiration everywhere!

Charlotte and Tracy working with a myriad of rainbow scraps -

Well love how Charlotte's Unchained is so much more fun when sewn on a lime green featherweight!

I think I have to agree!

And every time I walk by there are more Big String Quartet blocks up in Tracy's corner.

Even more fun - I've watched sneaky quilters in action plop down their cut off corners and small scraps on Tracy's table so she can work those into her scrappy blocks, too.

At this rate she is gaining more fabric than she is sewing up.  LOL!

Whole lot of fun from the "other" side of the room!

Morning Glories on the wall!

Something gorgeous and star spangled happening here!

The purple/teal fabric reminds me of all of the photos I've seen of our amazing Aurora Borealis experience from last week.

Oh, my heart!

And some sweet Pineapple Blossom fun in 1930s prints from the Free Patterns tab.

And I'm sure there will be more projects up on the walls when I walk in to say hello this morning.

That rain?  It's brought my beautiful Rhododendron bush to this point:

Click to Play:

We've definitely reached peak on this one.  I made this video on Thursday, and by yesterday afternoon I am already seeing more blossoms on the ground.

Flowers are heavy with rain...I'm glad it has held on as long as it has.  It gave us a much better show than the dogwood this year.  And this color!  Eye popping!

I also posted this to the socials on Thursday:

I'm just putting this out there in response to comments I keep seeing - not only on my work, but on others.

"NOT MY COLORS BUT.." is not the way to start a comment or compliment.⁣
Try leaving everything before the but off and continue on without the negative preamble.⁣
The BUT ruins everything. ⁣
This also applies to comments that begin with "I don't like removing paper, I don't like sewing on paper, I'm tired of paper piecing."⁣
You do you! ⁣There are so many ways to quilt, and to appreciate what others are making without putting yourself first in the comment. Don't make the comment about YOU. Make it about what you appreciate about THEM.

I don't allude to what I don't like in my comment about someone else's work. It's not about me. It's about them.

Ask yourself before hitting send "Is my comment about me and my preferences? Or about them?" And either edit or delete if the first thing you want to say is about yourself.
After spending this many years making quilts I have learned to make only things that I like. ⁣
I don't design for anyone else but myself. I'm happiest that way.⁣
My last batch of blocks is complete and I am now past the halfway mark on my quilt! Still lots more to come though.⁣

Starting here.  I needed many more black string triangles.

And yes, I'm sewing them on paper because the paper gives me some stability and a strip set size to shoot for.

Back to adding yellow strings to these.


This Kenya trip is filling quickly!!

I am SO excited about this upcoming trip - I knew that one visit to Kenya would never be enough.
Of all the places I've been - Kenya is the place that touched my soul and connected me to the world we live in.
I would love to have you join me - spaces are filling quickly!

And bring a good camera with telephoto capabilities!

This is a trip that you can't get by with just an ipad or phone. I've been going through the photos I took in 2019 and I am amazed at them all. Good camera is a must.
And yes - you can bring a spouse, friend, sibling, adult child. We are quilters traveling together, but the things we do and see are so much more.⁣
I can't wait to share this trip with you!⁣

Australia for January 2025 is still filling - and a year from now we'll be heading to Iceland in June of 2025. There are so many amazing travel opportunities in our future.

Visit my Craftours profile for all of my tours.

Mary's Quilt Shop is closing its doors!

My friend and fabric designer Mary Koval is retiring at just the right time for her life and I am excited about what she plans to do with her future!

Yes, there will still be fabric designing, but they have sold their beautiful building and retreat center in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

If you are anywhere near Bedford - Mary is having a sidewalk clearance sale this weekend.  Go check it out!

I'm sad to see this chapter of her life close, but it was marvelous while she worked her magic, and as I said - there are so many good things to come for her.

We all deserve to retire and spend our time with our families when the time is right.  It's Mary time for Mary.

Rock on, GF!

I'm not sure about hours or anything like that - just spreading the word, so contact the shop for more information.

Mary's Quilt Shop · 113 W Pitt St. BedfordPA 15522.Phone · (814) 310-2278.

And I think that's it for today.  It's a lot.  And there is still the weekend ahead.

This happened yesterday!  Did you get your entry in on that post?

I'll be drawing for two winners who will each receive a Mabel's Choice PDF pattern from me and a Mabel's Choice cotton roll from Cotton to Quilts.

Check out the sweet prints and plaids!

Such a great stash enhancer!

We'll draw for our winners by random number generator on Monday, 5/27/24.

Create this striking quilt with just 3 shapes and boundless scraps! Easy instruction and alternative cutting directions along with full-color photos and graphics to ensure success.

Great for 1930s/1940s fabrics!

Quilt Size: 72’’ X 84’’

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Introductory pricing:

Price is marked 25% off already - no coupon needed!

Sale good through 5/31/24.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Adulting is not for sissies. 

Ain't it wonderful? LOL! 

Shake it off and have a terrific weekend, everyone!



  1. Connie S.10:02 AM EDT

    Love everything about the quilt you are working on, it’s so happy and makes me smile here in SD, USA

  2. So happy you do YOU and encourage us all to enjoy our own quilting journey. I can't tell you the many happy hours I have spent making a Bonnie Hunter pattern, mystery or watching you sew and talk to us. Thanks for the endless positive inspiration from your work Bonnie :0)

  3. i am a great proponent of sewing strips on telephone book pages!!! Keeps my strips corraled and FLAT...without the paper to help stabilize, my blocks were wnky, croked and "balooney" no not balogna, balloon-ey, it's a word!! LOL. With my deteriorating vision i am missing sewing and quilting, i am hoping for a miracle and in the meantime enjoy the quips and quilts and colors!!! Thank you Bonnie, this IS about me and how i enjoy YOUR contributions to MY life... My quilting life changed when i 'met' you... thank you
    Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Deb Bernardson11:40 AM EDT

    I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading you everyday!!! You are such an inspiration!!
    Your comments about "but" really resonates with me. I have a few of those people in my life. Everything is about them. So sad, we just need to appreciate the things about others.
    Thanks again Bonnie...Deb

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM EDT

    Your comments on Mary's retirement remind me of a Dr. Seuss quote. Don't be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened ( I think I quoted it right).

  6. Go Mary! And I had to laugh so hard at the “adulting” comment. Everytime I go into the chiropractor with a bad shoulder, hurting knee, or a rib out in my back, he always says…”You ere sewing too long again, right?” lol

  7. Thank you so much, Bonnie. I love your posts. Everything from design walls and patterns to rhodies and the way to put other people first in your compliments! No buts! I love it. Thank you! Very uplifting. OK. I'm unabashedly doing me! 😁

  8. Anonymous2:00 PM EDT

    I "LOVE" tearing off the paper. I have used this technique many times.

    You have taught me so many good quilting ideas, shortcuts, "best ways to do things" and I am always excited to see your next project. You won't hear me spouting off about any faults. I own all of your books and have made many of your quilts.

    Your enthusiasm is contagious and I will forever be a fan.

    Nan Hohenstein, Kentucky


  9. Anonymous5:56 PM EDT

    The highlight of my weekend , as we are returning home to Chicagoland from NC, was our side trip to the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion IN- to see your quilts. In person ! Totally awesome to see them live. The comments next to and explaining each quilt were so good. I loved you explanation about your first quilt-a log cabin for your son. I Hagen quilting at that same time and in that same way!
    Chris H

  10. I love a good rainy (or snowy) day sometimes, because I can quilt and not feel like I should be doing something outside. Lovely quilts all of these...I am always amazed at how well people put colors and shapes and sizes together to make works of art!


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