Saturday, December 02, 2023

Those December Quiltvillians!

The halls are decked!

Things are festive and fun all throughout the inn -

It's our last retreat of the 2023 retreat season - how can 4 years have gone by so quickly?

Now that winter is upon us, the Hen Den is the place to gather, the flame from the gas stove keeping everyone's toes toasty - such a great place for gathering and conversation.

Sorry for the blurry pic- I was laughing to hard at the time.  LOL!

Those days when you can stay in your jammies all day long - it's happening here.

I love the yardstick leggings.  Perfection!

Getting ready to put binding on this beauty!

Another baby quilt top finfish - with some fussy cuts, crumb and string blocks thrown in.  Super cute!

Some big time assembly of this embroidered quilt top project happening here! The appliques are precious.

What's going on here?

It looks like the beginnings to Morning Glories to me!

And I know you can guess what this one is -

Silk Path in peppermint red & white!

Assembly is happening quickly since all of the strip sets were made and sliced before coming. This is just going to be so glorious!

Even more fun -

Check out this sweet 1950's straight stitcher Bernina!  It's such a cute little thing!

It only works by knee control - I love it!

Rhododendron Trail is coming together over here - I just know we'll have a top finish soon!

I see some Bitcoin and Rivanna competing for attention at this sweet featherweight.

I smell bacon!!

Tula is such a character - she watches through the door as folks putter about the kitchen getting brunch ready.

Folks have asked about Ivy - who has chosen to spend much of her time outside ever since we moved Lola over.

She is doing fine and dandy and is loving her insulated/heated house.

She came out to greet me this morning when I stepped outside to take this foggy photo.
I love how the fog nestles into every holler.  It's ethereal.

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback on yesterday's Part Two of our Indigo Way Mystery.

The paper piecing and traditional piecing templates are the last 2 pages in the PDF printout for Part 2.  That makes them pages 8 and 9 though those pages aren't numbered.

You can choose which pages of your PDF to print (and how many copies you'd like of that page) from within your printer dialogue.

Make sure you are printing at *actual size* (not print to fit) and I gave the size of what the unit will measure unfinished and finished several times within Part Two.

I am loving seeing many of your beautiful units show up in posts with our #quiltvillemystery and #indigowayquilt tags on Instagram, and in our Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook.

I know these units can be a bit tricky,  If you are new to paper piecing and trying that instead of the ruler method - please check YouTube for instructional videos on how to paper piece.  Remember that your fabric pieces need to be a bit oversized when paper piecing because - Shift Happens!

Years ago I did a little video on cutting with Tri-Recs - you can find it HERE.

If you are using the Peaky & Spike version of rulers, the lines may be labeled differently than the try recs, but just put the blunt tip of the center triangle ruler at the top of your strip set with no hang-over and see which line you need to use for cutting.

I think that covers all of the questions I've been asked.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

After a life of trying to find ourselves - perhaps we just need to realize we've had ourselves all along the way. 

We just needed to drown out the noise and listen.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Beautiful projects at the Inn
    I have everything just about cut for
    Clue 2. Will try to get sewing in today. Your quilt is awesome, love it ❤️.... the kitties are precious 💕
    It's cloudy here today and gray.
    I guess it's going to rain 🌧️
    Have a great day today

  2. Love love the quilt over the banister!! Glad Ivy is doing well! She and Tulia are just free spirits, knowing they are being watched over and cared for. Happy weekend!

  3. with the intention of manifesting a miracle, i am printing each clue of Indigo Blue Mystery, so when my vision improves, I can get back to my passion! Love love the kitties, I'm surprised they do not beg to come inside, especially with all that cooking and warth! Indepenent beings those felines... Prayers and blessings to all, esp. Ms. Bonnie and fam! Thank you again for your gifts, of your talents, your self and yourlife, sharing is the best!!! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM EST

    Oh the kitties are the cutest!!!

  5. Those ladies quickly settled into getting some quilts done! Wow, love seeing their works in progress. Happily sewing clue 2 Bonnie, have a great weekend!

  6. I've cut a few pieces using my tri rec rulers. We will see how the piecing goes. If I can't get the 1/4" where it should be I will move on to PP!!! I'm bound and determined to get at least a wall hanging!!!

  7. Anonymous12:38 PM EST

    that silk road in red and white is going to be gorgeous!!!!! i am doing browns because i love them and i have tons (tho i have tons of reds also). thanks so much for the update on ivy. i had forgotten that she chose to live outside when lola decided she needed to live with people again. was nice to see all the kitties. i love all the stuff going on in the inn. such inspiration. thanks for all you do for all of us. patti in florida

  8. You couldn't have said it better, sometimes "Today's Quote" (OFTEN) it's as if.....you know---

    1. Agree! I often find that the daily quote is exactly what I need!

  9. Happy Saturday! The Inn looks so cozy! I miss having a fireplace. Great projects happening. Gotta get on my TriRecs next week. Busy weekend now that I am feeling better.

  10. Thanks, Bonnie! I'm putting binding on Rhododendron trail to enter into our quilt show this month, then into the indigo! Fun to see cats. 😊

  11. Does anyone know where to purchase the white lamps found in the Hen Den? I tried looking under the Amazon tab and did not see them. It's exactly what I am looking for!

  12. Anonymous11:13 AM EST

    The lamps in the Hen Den are from IKEA - they are in Bonnie’s list. I got mine as soon as I got home - luv them.


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