Wednesday, December 06, 2023

King String Monstrosity!

Adding on to my "What was I thinking??" brain pain - 

Yet knowing that 95'' before quilting was definitely going to shrink up more after quilting and washing - I did go ahead and piece more string blocks to add to the width of the King String Monstrosity (Not it's real name, but hey, it has a ring to it!)

It turns out my original count was off (By close to half!) and I needed to make 156 more string blocks.


Yeah, I think we have that covered.  LOL!

Seriously. This is ridiculous.

In my old age I see myself making string quilt after string quilt and donating them everywhere.  And I guess that isn't a bad retirement.

Section assembled and ready to add to the "Mother Ship."

Well dang it!

So that's where that missing cornerstone wound up!

It's now 95 X 115 or so.

I love this layout.

It takes the expected and dials it up a notch.

It no longer feels like "only a string quilt" anymore.

Now the real fight begins.  King sized  backing coming up.

It's going to be another game of piecing up all of the random stuff that doesn't have a place to live -

Sloths, anyone?

8 years ago in the Amazon jungle of Peru with Craftours! What an adventure that was!

Can you tell how sweaty hot it was just by the sweat trickling down my face?  But these sloths - they are adorable.  And I've had the sloth fabric for a long time and it makes me smile and remember so why not?

We'll see what other fun things I can pull together to put into a back to fit the monstrosity.

If you like wildlife - consider coming to Kenya with me in September! (yes, friends, spouses, adult children are all welcome!)

As an animal lover - and nature lover - I can't wait to go back to Africa.

A bit blurry - but this was spotted crossing the trail cam a few days ago!

Extracurricular activities with the December Quiltvillians!

We snagged this walk during one of the warmer days they were here.

This morning I woke up to a skiff of snow on the ground.

When will it be warm enough again for short sleeves?  I guess we hang on to the hope of spring!

After everyone had departed for home yesterday, it was an end-of-the-season-prep-the-house-for-winter kind of thing.

Everything gets a wash.  All of the coverlets, sheets, pillow protectors, mattress pads, towels - everything.

All of the mattresses were flipped to relax for the next couple of months.  Even the mattresses that are one-sided (I hate that they make them this way now) were flipped upside down to relax.  We'll flip those back over in February when we start back up again.

There are still a few loads to wash/dry today.

And yes - all of the Christmas decor is down and put away.  Valentine's is up!  I wanted to take advantage of the warm house before I turn the thermostats way down for a long winter's nap.

Up today - desk work and pieing a backing.  I think that's enough.

How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Today, try some random words of kindness. Your own day may be made brighter!
I love the Simplicity of this nine patch quilt,
I feel the need to make something like it coming on!

But please stop me - remind me of the other irons already in the fire and stick with what I've already got in front of me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:28 AM EST

    You said wash. How do you wash and dry such a big quilt? Have a great day and say hi to Tula for me. Enjoyed our morning coffee together.

    1. Phyllis Loudiana3:06 PM EST

      Stained glass is exactly what I thought as well.

    2. Anonymous3:07 AM EST

      There's a 50-lb. front loader at the laundromat near my old house to wash it but Think you'd have to drape it over some furniture on the porch to let it dry.

  2. LOL, you KNOW that's how we get all those phD projects, keep on piecing that back, feel the encouragement and the love!!! your creative use and layout do make it not just one more string quilt... congrats!!! I cold almost feel that house settle and relax for it's long winter's nap!! as always thanks fo your contribution to my life and all of us, Merry Christmas to all... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM EST

    How about "String King Stained Glass" or "String Stained Glass" or "Church Window in String"? I like the layout and the choice to go with a light sashing. Really sets the colorful blocks off and reduces the busyness.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM EST

    Your monstrosity is absolutely AWESOME. Thinking maybe one day...yeah only thinking.

  5. Oh my goodness 156 more? I think I'd said change of plans your a full size now🤣I had a lap size get out of control & turned into a full before I knew what was happening 🤣the quilt is beautiful & if Queen or King is what your going for it'll be worth it in the end

  6. Love your new quilt top and your sloth fabric that reminds me of all the "animal print" ("Cheetah", "Leopard", "Paw print", etc.) fabric I bought for cheap when a chain fabric store went out of business about 8 years ago. I just made it into 10 backs for "African" quilt tops our chief top piecer for our church quilting group made (He had apparently gotten 5-6 full bolts of an African print line while wintering in New Mexico). I also smiled at the spell check blooper that has you "pieing" a backing today. I hope it is tasty!

  7. LOL!! Your string bin looks like the mess I had on the floor the other day! I love a good "throw everything in" kind of quilt. Love the sloth... and the back of a bed quilt sounds like a perfect place for it. Today I am kind of channeling my inner sloth. Nursing an ear ache in quiet. I would have kept the Christmas decorations up... but, I guess you need to take advantage when you can. Happy Wednesday and good luck with that backing!! :)

  8. Boy, are you on the ball!
    My Celtic Solstice is 120" x 120".
    Never again. Under 100" is just fine.
    The tree is up and decorated and Christmas cards are sent.
    Now to sew
    Have a Sparkling day

  9. Anonymous11:38 AM EST

    Thanks for the picture of that hitch hiking cornerstone on the backside of your string row. I needed the giggle this morning. Things go missing in my sewing room too and sometimes they NEVER show up! 🐸

  10. Strings ,strings, strings, love those magical blocks....I made many quilts with them and loved everyone of them. Your King will have so many happy memories the quilt will bring the happiest dreams :0). Happy Sewing!

  11. Strings AND plaid? Sign me up! Love the shot of your ocean of strings - options are good and just think of the possibilities!

  12. I love sloths. I'm cross stitching one now. Great backing.

  13. I love the string quilt. Someday I will finish the one I started in 2013. As for mattresses - England brand mattresses still make two sided mattresses. Have a good holiday and enjoy the quite until February.

  14. I love love love scrappy. I can't wait to see the finished product. Have a wonderful day Bonnie from SE Masachusetts. Betty S

  15. Anonymous2:56 PM EST

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love it.
    I’ll have to admit though, I laughed out loud at this blog entry - it’s really funny. Wrestling with a king size quilt is a workout.


  16. LOVE the sloth fabric. Make sure you use it in the corner on "your side" of the bed. Oh how I have learned from you, pieced backings, string quilts and massive king sized projects. As you put the Inn to bed for the winter, I hope you have many days of relaxation and fun during the upcoming holiday with your dear husband and family. Cheers to a wonderful year in 2024.

  17. Oh, that sweet sloth! Looking forward to seeing you again next Spring, Bonnie. Until then, enjoy quilting season - often called winter. :o))

  18. what is a "skiff of snow", pray tell - that's a new expression for me !

  19. Like your quilt. I haven't string pieced yet. You held a sloth!!! They have such sweet faces. My spirite animal.


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