Thursday, July 21, 2022

Yes, They Did This!

A few months back Patty contacted me about surprising her Pieceful Hearts group with "Quiltville Inn" fabric printed at Spoonflower.

Her daughter is an amazing designer and she set her to work on making a wonderful collage of sewing motifs and phrases specifically oriented to Quiltville Inn as well as our quilting life in general - all seated on a beautiful rainbow colored background.

All of this surprise happening behind the scenes unbeknownst to the other members of the group.

I could just die!!  LOL!

This was all revealed after a lovely lunch on the porch.

Many samples were shown as to what could be made with the fabric.

Patty, revealing the fabric.

Zoey and Mabel getting into the act!

And every person's cut looked just a bit different making it extra fun!

And though their stay - they had workshop time with instruction to make a darling commemorative bag and the time they spent retreating here.

From this orientation-

All the bags in a row!

Some decided to save their Quiltville Inn fabric for another project - so you'll see all varieties of bags here.  The navy fabric is a denim, and is so super cute.

Group photo!

Just how did they get a group photo when I was down for the count on Sunday morning after Saturday evening's accident?

They flagged down a passing motorist - that's how! Leave it to the resourcefulness (and the absolute cuteness) of quilters to get the job done.

I asked Patty if she would like to make the Quiltville Inn fabric available for purchase on Spoonflower, but she rightfully stated that this was an exclusive labor of love for her group by her daughter.  I completely understand.  

If they ever change their mind and wish to make it available to all, I will be the first to post about it.

In the mean time, use this idea to design your own fabric for your group to commemorate whatever it is you wish to commemorate. It  would be fabulous!

Upon departing, Siobhan sent this little vignette that brought a giggle - she is starting in on our Triple Treat Leader & Ender challenge and her four-patches will stack up in here until she has enough variety to put some blocks together. 

"In my defense I was left unsupervised and the fabric store was open...."  LOL!

The beautiful cigar boxes were a gift from Kay - we each received one, and mine is going to hold a collection of quilting threads.

I got some hand quilting in last evening -

It felt good to be a bit productive in doing SOMETHING.  I go from bed to kitchen table to couch to bathroom, repeat in any order needed.

Dave will pick up a walker and shower chair maybe today. 

The ankle is feeling better than my face as this point.

The fractured nasal bone is giving me a constant full facial migraine - do you know how hard it is not to raise your eyebrows?  

So pain meds are still a must, and that keeps me sleepy, so it's recliner to bed to sleep -

Did you see this happened Last Friday?

It's my newest PDF pattern release - Kismet!
What happens when you combine traditional triangle units with improv inspired string blocks? Kismet, that’s what!⁣

I had enough units left over to make a wall hanging size!

(Little Kismet is sure cute!)
Quilt Sizes: Full: 78’’X 78’’ Wall: 42’’X 42’’⁣
I'm so in love with this quilt, I can't wait to share it with you - so we are kicking everything off with 25% off introductory pricing and no coupon needed, good through 7/31/22!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

And two lucky winners will each receive the PDF pattern for Kismet AND Nearly Lemoyne (Also on sale at 25% off) from me along with a Kaleidoscope fabric roll from CottonToQuilts.com! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Whoowhooo! We will draw for those winners on Wednesday 7/27/22 - so hurry and get those entries in on the Gift-Away Post.

Chris's Christmas in July group arrived yesterday afternoon and all was made ready by the willing helpful hands of Susan, Martha and Dave. They are my champions -

This is Chris's birthday week - the 3rd birthday week she has pent at Quiltville Inn with her circle of friends and it helps knowing that they know where to find things and how everything works. They are in capable hands too!

They will be sending me photos of what is going on over there so I can keep quilty stuff posted here for you to see.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage double wedding ring quilt found in Kansas!⁣

There's always a reason to smile, you just have to find it.
I am smiling while allowing my hubby to help me do all the things at home that I cannot do right now.
I am smiling and grateful for all of the get well messages and advice and words of wisdom coming from those who've experienced broken bones and non weight-bearing activities before. You are the wisdom of the world!
I am also smiling that I finally felt comfortable enough to get in some hand quilting last evening.
What is making you smile this morning?⁣

With love from the makeshift desk at my kitchen table -



  1. I have been unable to sit at a sewing machine for several months this year (sciatica and at times was barely comfortable sitting in a cushy recliner. What to do to pass the time? Hand piecing. Mostly EPP but also some applique. I am glad that you have hand quilting to occupy your time. It is still slow because with pain everything wears you out. You mentioned sleeping a lot. That's good. The body is busy repairing itself while you sleep. All its energy can be directed to that purpose when your out for the count. Heal well, my friend.

  2. So glad at least your foot is feeling better considering the number of nerves in your faces it's a miracle you can even think a little.. glad you have great helpers. Continued prayers for your health.

  3. The Quiltville Inn fabric is fabulous! I’m glad to hear you are continuing to heal

  4. On the DAY I retired, I broke my dominant arm near the shoulder. It was too high to be in a cast. During my recovery, I was frequently reminded of how grateful I was that God designed our bodies to heal. I'm thankful you have a hubs and friends to help you during this time of healing and I trust you will continue to rest and look for the things you can be thankful for. Thank you for all you do to enrich my quilting journey.

  5. So great to see you back, take care and take time to heal, we are all with you.

    1. When I broke my foot, I kept a grocery bag tied to my walker to hold many items including pencil and notepad, small project, but especially my phone. Everything moves with you from table to chair, etc. Your phone will stay in reach in case of -- Heaven forbid !! -- you take a tumble. Or you need to order takeout ; )

  6. good to know you are feeling a tiny bit chipper today. non-weight bearing is such a pain and restriction. sorry your face is still hurting so badly. i'm sure that seeing that gorgeous fabric made you grin. take care and be good, listen to doctor. patti in florida

  7. What made me smile is that lovely Spoonflower fabric!! I do hope they decide to release it at some time in the future. In another note, I will be joining you in inactivity starting next Wednesday- knee replacement coming.

  8. I am tired reading all this. So sad for your pain. Naps whenever is good. The scorching Heat is bad and it makes me tired. only 103 degrees in my car yesterday. Happy for no Midwest Humidity. Love the Spoonflower fabric. I would hold on to it too. Cute Bags. My prayers are with you!

  9. I would say "one step at a time", but I don't think it fits right now. Follow ORDERS and you will be up and moving soon. Bless your wonderful husband and friends. We would be lost without them! Hugs!

  10. So glad to hear that you are feeling a little better! I'm afraid that you have lots of company feeling like a klutz. I've broken my ribs while trying to put my foot in my pajama bottoms (lost my balance), broken my arm and other ribs falling off my pull down attic stairs, and broken my pelvis when I turned the wrong way and went down (my husband said that I went down like a giant sequoia!). The good news is that we heal and get back to our normal lives. Hang in there!

  11. The fabric is so clever--and beautiful.
    Here's hoping your pain levels begin to decrease very soon so you can get off the sleep-inducing meds.
    I'm smiling because I just got home from The International Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City where I was able to meet up with a blog friend from Alabama. Always fun to connect!

  12. That fabric is the bomb!

  13. Hearing that you are coping and Hubby is a tremendous help make me happy and bring a smile. Praying for healing.

  14. So glad you are making slow and steady progress! Take care.

  15. Praying for your speedy recoveryπŸ˜€

  16. The Quiltville Inn fabric is lovely and I'm glad you are on the mend, even if not as fast as you might want. I've been pretty worthless this week, too. Against my better Covid (and musical) judgement I let someone talk me into taking the #2 musician role they were desperate to fill on a retreat last weekend. The music part worked out - desperate and gracious people overlook a lot! The Covid part, not so much. I'm one of at least 6 of our 25 team members that have spent this week coughing and taking Paxlovid (after I FINALLY turned positive on my 3rd day of symptoms!) and at least one of the attendees is sick, too. Darn Omicron, where quadruple vaccinated people still get it, just not as bad and where people are contagious before symptoms and may not test positive for a couple of days even after developing symptoms. People, you don't want this stuff! Please get any boosters you are due for, wash your hands and mask indoors in public. If I could have figured out how to eat, sleep and lead singing in a mask, I wouldn't be sitting here in my spare bedroom isolation "jail" now.

  17. I am glad that you are healing well. It is evident in that your face isnt near as colorful as it was the beginning of the week! Maybe you could make a quilt using all the colors found in your bruises and call it "The Swing" Continue to heal and take it easy.

  18. So glad that you are feeling better. I fell a few months ago but didn't break anything. My face didn't look quite as bad as yours but my forehead sure hurt. The day after that I ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone. My guess is that the fall dislodged it and sent it on it's way. I got through that in about a day and a half. There are two more up there but no more problems for now.
    However, I absolutely love the fabric and found something similar. I like yours better. I will pray for healing for you. Have a blessed day.

  19. My group of friends and I did the same thing last year and asked a stranger walking toward us if he would take our picture as none of us were good at taking selfies. He did a wonderful job and even got down on the ground on his stomach to get the sign in se we always would know where we were at the time.

  20. We just got back from picking Bing cherries at my friend's house. I have never seen a tree so loaded. Probably got a good 20 lbs. of fruit. Just yum!!!


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