Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dirt Road Driving -

Every once in a while - just of some random evening when the bug hits us - we pile into the truck with both dogs and head out exploring random dirt roads we've never been on before, just to see what is there.

The one good thing about going out in the evening?  The heat of the day is cooling down, the air is just that much fresher, and the dogs love  "windows down and heads out"  with their noses picking up everything within a however-far-away distance.

There is a nostalgia to finding forgotten places and spaces.

And evening light?  Some would say it's the "golden hour" of the day that captures so much in each photo.

Like everyone else, I'd love to know the story behind the old farmhouses that dot the countryside on off-the-beaten-path dirt roads such as this.

While the land is still often farmed, the houses are left in memory of whomever lived there last.

I think of the last time that front door was closed before it was silent.  Wouldn't you like to know the stories?  I sure would!

Roads are often just narrow 2-tracks. There isn't room for two vehicles to pass, so at least twice on this journey one of us was backing up into a wider spot to let the other one continue by.

And those open windows?  They had to go UP once the dogs spotted bunnies here and there crossing the road or running as fast as they could just in front of us.

This little lady stood stock still for quite a while before moving.

Once she bounded out of there, the dogs finally saw her movements and got super excited. We will have none of that jumping out of windows to chase deer or rabbits thing.

And every once in a while you'll find a forgotten family cemetery. 

I had to do a little digging when I got home, and found this to be the Davis-Peak-Pugh family cemetery.

More info HERE.

In searching the records I found the oldest stone marking a Mr. Solomon Spencer (this makes sense because we are on Solomon Road at this point.)  Solomon Spencer was born December 23, 1800 and passed away at 68 years of age on November 21, 1868.  He was the son of Isaac and Johanna Spencer, and the husband of Eleanor "Nellie" Hash Spencer.

I find these little details so interesting.  Like I am saying hello to new neighbors.

And saying hello to old farmhouses!

The brush from the side of the road was almost obscuring my camera view - but isn't this a serene spot?

This little place is vacant.

But I bet it once was thriving!

As you can tell, someone is still tending the land, but the house stands empty.

Oh the stories these places could tell if only they could!

After we got back from this jaunt of discovery, Mabel went on her evening walkabout into the woods, and evidently caught a whiff of something ripe because she came back smelling of something SO awful she was immediately gathered up and put in the bath.

Something dead.  From somewhere.  It was BBBBAAAAAAADDDDDD!

Being dark out, we couldn't investigate to what it might possibly be. It would have to wait for morning.

But in the middle of the night she needed out again, and she took off toward that yummy smell with no being able to call her back (her humans being completely groggy and sleep deprived at 2am) and yes. You guessed it.

She came back smelling WORSE than the first time.  There are no words for what it is like to bathe a dog  that rolled around in something dead at 2 am.  GAHHHH!

Oh, we still love her, but this was no fun.

Yesterday morning we found it.  Someone had evidently hit a deer, and it had crawled up an embankment on the other side of the road - we could see the vultures feasting.

In order to control Mabel's natural born instincts (This is like telling a bird DO NOT FLY!) we have had to keep her leashed to do her business and she does not like it.

We've got a collar with jingle bells on it that she also doesn't like - she won't run with it on because of the sound, so that has kept her in the yard for now.

But how long will it take for the vultures to clear a carcass? And what will stop dogs from bringing home bones like trophies?

And I thought having teenagers was hard.  LOL!

Another Sneak Peek as Ivy watches on.

Just a couple more days for this reveal!

Judy's Stitchers headed out yesterday morning -  Pieceful Hearts gals will arrive this afternoon.  In between Housekeeper Susan and I are freshening, cleaning, making beds and making ready.

And in between?  You'll find me at my desk pattern writing for Friday's pattern release.

Just wait and see!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Vintage quilt found in Kentucky.

Your life is 100% yours.
Your opinion should matter more to you than the opinions of others who don't have to live within your skin.

Have confidence in your own decisions. You've got this!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. What a fun adventure you had exploring the area. I love the aqua binding fabric for this next treasure! And the photo of Ivy is adorable... she is saying "I am perfectly cozy so don't even think about moving this quilt!"

  2. It's sad that these old homes are forgotten...like you said they are full of memories and life at one time.
    Nothing beats a back roads ride though.
    Can't wait for the reveal..

  3. While some folks dislike buzzards, I think they are awesome, They do their job and do the Buzzard Ballet when the air currents are just right

  4. Thank you for sharing, A beautiful road trip and I love your photography. And your quilts are amazing. I see much green in the future. Love it.

  5. Awesome to find the History of the Solomon family. Did you Google it? Thanks for sharing the Backroads and old houses and cemetery. There would be even more to explore on the Headstones. The reveal coming is such a happy looking quilt from the sneak peeks. Poor Bambi that Mabel found. YUCKY smells be gone! Happy Wednesday, new group of Retreaters to discover and enjoy the Inn.

  6. Oooh I find the back roads so fascinating! Thanks, Bonnie. Haha sorry about the 2am dog adventures, uck! 😖🤣

  7. Anonymous12:35 PM EDT

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. They were just what I needed to hear at this moment. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

  8. Having recently driven in your neck of the woods, and having had a recent Google "the babe" GPS adventure in Kentucky, I'd say you live in one of the best places to take an evening drive! I'm from California and while there are pretty areas where we live there is nothing like the rolling green hills of the south!! I'm in love!!

  9. I think Ivy is saying she would never come back smelling all icky...and that maybe you should keep the other two in the house off your lap...;)P As to the houses, yes, I would love to know how they end up empty and alone. Where did their families go?

  10. I love seeing the old houses. I often wonder what they looked like back when they were new. I would love to restore all of them. It makes me kinda sad to see them left like that. I would love to live in an old farm house. Those roads are so cool. I love doing stuff like that. Back before the gas prices went nuts, we used to go up and drive the parkway just for the views. Seen them many times, but it never gets old.

  11. oh, dear! Bad smells and muck! Do feel bad when animals are killed by cars/trucks. Bambi movie scarred me for life. I, too, would like a time machine to travel back to see the people that lived in the farm houses. I want that house property on the corner. Hope it is waiting for someone to love it. Downloading some scrap quilt ideas. Thank you for sharing so much.

  12. I would love to own any of those old homes and bring them back to life. So pretty.

  13. The advice from these parts is to try throwing lime on that deer carcass - it will help it decompose faster and also reduce the odor...

  14. Back in the day, when we were in northern Michigan in the summer, our dad would take us out at dusk, "deer hunting" in the car. Before you get upset, we hunted with a camera. Hah! Caught you, didn't I? It is a fond memory.

  15. I LOVE riding the back roads...and you are in the perfect area for that! The old houses make me sad that they are empty. I would love to have the $$$ to save one! Thanks for the little journey.


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