Friday, November 12, 2021

Hanging with the Quiltville Q's!

I snapped this photo while the cutting stations were busy yesterday afternoon!

It was a day of different directions as more than half of the retreaters took the opportunity to beat the late afternoon rain, and drive over to Wytheville for a quilt shop run at Batiks, Etc. While the true diehards stayed behind at the machines!

I admit to playing hooky from my own ti-do list just to go and hang out and visit!

I love hearing the stories about projects at hand - The tree blocks are for a set of 3 quilts going to the children of a quilting friend who is unable to finish them.  The love these ladies have for this family is palpable, and it warms my heart.

It takes special people who will take up the UFOs of others and complete them.

Oooh!  Indigoes!

This quilt is at the layout stage, and I'm sure it will be together by the time retreat is over.  there is jsut something yummy about a blue and white quilt!

I barely remembered to take photos of the grey graniteware yesterday - snapping these photos as I was headed out the door toward home.

Over the door to the back hallway and coffee station.

Hardworking bowls and colanders - oh, the stories they could tell.

I fell in love with enamelware early on, all starting with a set of grey graniteware cups.  Something about how smooth the enamel is, and the unique patterns the enamel takes on during the manufacturing process.  

Graniteware is kind of like a batik in that way, with no two pieces exactly alike.

But like all other things that reach "collection" status - what starts out as a few favorite pieces, ends up being way way way too much down the line once people know you collect it.

I have saved my favorite pieces, and the rest were given to a friend whose sister has a booth in an antique mall.  I hope they help her and in the process be loved by others with the same feelings for these old pieces as I have.

I'm trying to turn "too much" into "just right."

My odd collection of pink depression glass and others.

The tea cups and demitasse cups belonged to my great grannie on my dad's side.  I remember playing tea party with the tiniest cups when I was a little girl.  There is not a complete set of anything. There are chips and dings.  But they are special to me.

The clear glass shoe in the front belonged to my mom's grandma.  According to the legend, she always kept toothpicks in it.

It's an odd collection without a particular pattern or style.  Just things that have come my way.  

You know what they say?  One is in inspiration, two is a pair, three begins a collection and on we go.

I have had an affinity for the domed butter dishes, and my hope is that retreaters will use them for cheese balls and other things and enjoy them rather than just have them sit on a shelf.

And if by chance I have something that matches someone else's "pattern", something they've been searching for, I'll likely let it go to them.  Heaven knows my boys aren't going to want to deal with this stuff!

Yesterday morning's confirmation for this:

Can you see it now?  The reason behind my colors?

I finished up the Triplet blocks - and have now moved on to the next unit, which means yesterday was full up with pressing and cutting.

A whole tray full!

All of these triangle pairs are for my current brown/turquoise project in progress.
Cookie sheet pans are my favorite tool to stack and carry cut pairs.
My favorite tip: Cut triangle pairs with right sides already together and ready to feed through the machine.
Zero matching time, and much less handling of bias edges.

I am asked all of the time if I cut EVERYTHING by Accuquilt.  No, I do not.  (Everything and Always are always an extreme in any form! There are always exceptions to any rule.)

I tend to cut my scraps into strips by Accuquilt, but then I use my Essential Triangle Tool to cut triangles from the strips by hand.

I enjoy the process of matching this strip to that one, and making the best use of my fabric that way.

With a physical therapy appointment in Winston today, I don't think I'll get started on the sewing of these, but they are ready for when I have time tomorrow.

Trees are hauling!

This trailer seems to be full of branches and boughs, likely to be turned into wreaths, swags and garlands.

It's really fun watching the retreaters saying "There goes another!"  "Tree wagon coming!" as they try to capture images from the porch as the tree trucks rumble on by. 

It's hard not to feel just the tiniest bit festive when tree harvest is in full swing!
I have placed the printable PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point at 25% off - only $9.00 in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. Sale price good through 11/24/21 when it will return to full price at $12.00. No coupon code required.

It's time to pull out those languishing holiday fabrics and sew yourself into the holiday spirit!
I made the runner in blue, too!  Good for having out all winter long!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Wonky Wishes pattern available in the Quiltville Store.

Patience is not about doing nothing. 

Patience is about constantly doing everything you can, but being patient about results. 

Not sure how many of you need this quote, but I do!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. I love your collection of assorted dishes, I only have a small collection of Polish Pottery a friend gave me and I treasure them! Today I’m visiting family in Texas, and hoping to get to a quilt shop, I haven’t been to one since March of 2019 so I’m pretty excited about that! I have everything I need for this years mystery, so I’m in search of some purples.

  2. For some reason, I've never been able to see how colors from a photo can translate into colors for a quilt. Until now! Thanks for sharing the trees/background hills with the brown/turquoise blocks right below. Finally, I get it!

  3. My mother had a collection of glass shoes! Such a different thing to collect. She would have been 100 last month, so maybe it was a generational thing!

  4. If any of you quilters are also WW (Weight Watchers) members, this quote is especially timely! The program changed this week, as they do about every two years, and a majority have been thrown into a tizzy!! Just embrace the change when you have no control over it, and move along! This (panic) to, shall pass.
    I can almost smell the branches as that truck rumbles on down to road!
    Have a most wonderful weekend everyone - we may have our first frost in Central Oklahoma!

  5. I, too, love old dishes! I now have very limit of space for them so rarely make a purchase of one small item but that does not stop me from looking at them in stores and shops. I don't know what it is but seeing them makes me feel good, maybe it is a homey feeling?

  6. For sure I can get on board for the brown and teals in your new endeavor. Can't wait to see the whole quilt come together. It will definitely be on my to do list.

  7. I do love old dishes too. Depression glass . china. Graniteware. All of it.
    And bam!! You have a pile of blocks!
    Wow. They are so pretty. Hmmmmm.what are the triangles for?
    Rainy.windy day here in western Ma.

  8. I agree with Terry Ann's comment above. "I've never been able to see how colors from a photo can translate into colors for a quilt. Until now! Thanks for sharing the trees/background hills with the brown/turquoise blocks right below. Finally, I get it!" That was a perfect picture to "enlighten" us. Now I have to try looking around and doing that with colors.
    And--In your new cupboard I see 4 pink transferware dishes. I love pink transferware and have a complete set of dishes and serving pieces. Was fun to collect it over the years and they are my everyday dishes. I use it all because no one will want this stuff right now!!

  9. It's fun seeing the small ways that the Inn continues to evolve.

  10. Love your pink glass since I collect it too - but I stay to the Miss America pattern. My kids aren't into it though so it will probably be sold when I die.

  11. My grandmother had a milk glass slipper on her dresser. It had a red pincushion in it and she kept her hat pins in it. I've always wished I had one, and I've looked in flea markets and antique shops but so far no luck.

    1. Fran - there are quite a few listed on eBay - check them out! Linda

  12. The cabinet looks great. I have a bunch of odd pieces of Fire King. My kids don't get the History. They are for the Grandkids. Love the Browns and Aquas. have a great weekend. Waiting for my Quiltmaker Subscription to arrive.

  13. Love the glass shoe. Byegone days...things to treasure.

  14. Yesterday a group of friends were lamenting the fact that none of our kids want our “treasures”. If you can find someone who will love them, it is best.

  15. What is the pattern for the Indigo stars? :-)
    Such fun times at the Quiltville Inn!

  16. Perfect quote for today! Thank you

  17. OHHHH! The brown and turquoise are yummy! I'm excited to watch this one grow up.

  18. Hi Bonni,
    I know what you mean about the shoe in the cabinet. Because I have a blue one just like the one you have and it is from my Grate Grandma Rita from my dad's side of the family. I keep it very close because she passed away just 2 years ago.

  19. Love the pink dishes. I also collect them especially bowls and stemware. Just found out my daughter likes it too, so I’ll leave it to her. Bonnie, I have one of the bowls you have. Really like your brown and turquoise quilt. I may have to make that one. Ratchell in Arkansas.

  20. I have one of those glass shoes in blue. (Like Nikki!) I have no idea how old it is.

  21. I have my mother's milk glass, although I have given some to one granddaughter who also loves it. She will get the remaining pieces later. It is nice when a family member also appreciates the "old fashioned" pieces.
    The brown and turquoise quilt is beautiful. The longer I read your blogs the more quilts are getting added to that already long list.
    I got a quilt back I had sent out to be quilted. (I have always done my own, but this quilt is for one of my twin granddaughters and I knew I would never do both on my own. It is beautiful, can't wait for the other one to come. They are completely different in color and pattern, but I chose the same quilting pattern for both.
    Thanks for the daily inspiration. Sharon

  22. I remember as a very young girl sitting with my mother while we stripped the display cabinets of all the bits and pieces so the shelves could be dusted and polished and the individual items dusted, washed, dried & polished then placed back in the display, and while we worked my mother told me the history/origin of each piece and what it meant to her. This was a task my mother and her younger sister did with their Mother and Grandmother when my mother and aunt were the same age as I was. The tradition stopped with me as I was blessed with 2 sons who had no interest, when they were young, in helping me with the cleaning of "doodads".


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