Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Color Inspiration Confirmation!

Yes, this picture is a bit blurry as we were whizzing down highway 421 to meet up with realtor Jen in Wilkesboro, NC.

We were meeting "half-way" between her place in Kernersville, NC and ours in Mouth of Wilson, VA to sign some papers - the Wallburg house should be closed upon and no longer ours as of next week!

But I digress -

There is no way a photo can capture what the sun was doing to the sky at this moment we were driving by.

(And in my mind's eye, there wouldn't have been power lines to obstruct that view as well.)

The camera couldn't capture the golds and rusts, and the vastness of the Blue Ridge Mountain view before me.

But I saw how the aqua sky was playing against those warm earthy tones and I smiled - because that is what was before me all day long.

I pressed and de-dog-eared and matched pairs for what seemed like hours.

I vaguely remember Richard Gere and Winona Ryder in Autumn in New York playing in the background.

Pairs were sewn.

And I remembered to trim things in reasonable sets as the chain piecing continued through my machine.

I simply tossed them over the machine behind this one - short lengths ready to press.  What a difference that simple change makes!

This one was also a pleasant surprise!

There is something decadent about movies playing while being able to sew.  

I'm much more a podcast listener, an audio book listener, but instead of diving in to things hours long, I've fallen into the quick fix of a chick flick type of movie that I enjoy, while the Hubster doesn't.

"Wendy sees things differently: she's fiercely independent, with a brilliant mind and a mischievous sense of hilarity. Wendy also has autism. To her, people are an indecipherable code and the world's a confusing place. Inspired by her no-nonsense caregiver, Wendy comes of age and escapes from her care home on the road trip of a lifetime to deliver her 500-page script to a writing competition."

I really enjoyed this one! 

Both of the above movies were watched (with limited ads) on YouTube for free.

And this is where I was last night when we left to go sign papers.

And just for comparison -  here is that evening photo again!

I'm just loving these colors THIS time of the year.  Maybe not in spring or summer.  I'm kind of a seasonal girl that way - I do not enjoy sewing Christmas themed items in July.

But for this "heading into late November" time?  It's made me perfectly happy.

(Not to mention ALL the scraps that are finding a home!)

I found this posted to Facebook from Lori's Quiltville Q's!

Remember they were heading out toward home while I was getting that physical on Monday morning early, and they were gone by the time I got back to the house.

Thanks for sending the selfie, ladies!  I miss your smiling faces already!

There are just a few things left to do to have the house ready for Nola's Bonniacs who are arriving this evening - they are coming from Indiana, and it should be a beautiful day for a long drive.

I am expecting them to pull in around dinner time.

We've reached mid-week!  How do things look for your Wednesday?
I have placed the printable PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point at 25% off - only $9.00 in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store

Sale price good through 11/24/21 when it will return to full price at $12.00. No coupon code required.

It's time to pull out those languishing holiday fabrics and sew yourself into the holiday spirit!
I made the runner in blue, too!  Good for having out all winter long!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There is Abundance in Enough.
There is enough fabric in the stash to make beautiful quilts.
There is love of family and of friends to keep my heart smiling.
And there is you. Thank you for being a part of my world!
Have a wonderful day!⁣



  1. And Thank you for being a part of my world!

  2. A favorite Danish proverb of mine is "Enough is great riches." It is so true--we should rejoice in and be thankful for enough.

  3. Like you, I usually listen to a book while sewing. Lately though I've been watching Poldark on Amazon. It's about a mining town in Cornwall GB, in the late 1700's. The story is based on a series of books, but I am enjoying the scenery and the costumes along with the story.

    1. My mother and I watched that series awhile back. Our favorite part was counting the number of times he rode the horse back and forth across the screen-- it was like Poldark Bingo! :D

  4. Oh the mountain range! I see it here too. But so hard to capture. I love it when the sun and shadows make every ridge just pop out. Sends my mind into dreams of hiking them all!

  5. both great movies!!

  6. I love my DVR! It's Hallmark that I enjoy while stitching in my Quilt zone. We had High wonds and angry skies this week. Love your sky views. So happy the Walburg house is closing soon. Something to be Grateful for!!

  7. I finally have the last 2 borders ready to sew onto my Crumb Jumble, but other chores have blocked my way to the sewing room today. Now, it's time leave for a much needed haircut. Been working on that quilt for 2 years, so what's one more day. I love British mysteries much more than my husband, so that's what I watch on Acorn streaming service while I cut, sew and press.

  8. I love seeing the sunset on the mountains and all your other pictures of the area. I was out all day today, I am tired, but the moon was rising when I came in, even with the clouds it was beautiful. Taking a break before I go get the rest of the groceries out of the car.
    I finally got my paint chips today, can't wait to start looking thru boxes and bins. I do not have a system for scraps, just in boxes labeled "scraps" so it will be fun to see what is there.
    The quote today is so true. Enough is all we need and when you are thankful, it becomes more and enough to share.

  9. My world is so much more than enough thanks to you and this amazing community.

  10. Funny, I enjoy listening to old Westerns when I'm sewing. Makes no sense as I don't believe we ever watched Westerns when I was growing up!

  11. Your blog posts are a favorite part of my morning.

  12. WE are so Blessed to be part of your life! My quilting group is making a bunch of Scrappy Trips Around The World to donate to the Women and Childrens Alliance in Boise. What a great pattern for quilters of all abilities to use up the scraps! Many thanks for your generosity!!

  13. I don't watch that many movies, but I recently watched "Victoria and Abdul" and "Dumplin" on Netflix and really enjoyed both. I normally watch things on BritBox, but decided to watch something other than my British mysteries. I did get to watch the latest episode of "Shetland" last night and cannot wait for the next episode.


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