Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Quilting Interference!

Mondays are as Mondays are.

The to-do list was long, but I am grateful for the busy-ness of the Quiltville Store during these times.

With all that is going on in the world today, having something positive to focus my energy into makes all the difference to me.

Even mundane chores such as emptying all the waste baskets and getting the weekly trash to the curb for Tuesday's early morning pick-up gets me up and moving around.

UPS, FedEx, USPS all do their drop off/pick up routines and I wave from a good long social distance sharing pleasantries.  These folks are at it day in, day out - the business of keeping busy keeps them moving forward too.
It was nearly mid-afternoon before I could sit and get a binding on the Nearly Lemoyne quilt. 

The soft sunlight yellow tone on tone print I had chosen for the binding is one that has been in my stash for eons.  It is perfect for this.

The quilt has a bit if yellow here, a bit there - throughout the quilt, and the yellow binding just captures all of that sunshine.

Brighter colors are what I have gravitated to this year - colors that inspire and energize.  

Binding, sleeve and label on - I switched gears.  Time for more green strings as I continue to work on THAT behind the scenes project.


She really does love to be in the absolute middle of EVERYTHING.  Before I pulled out the camera, she had her head tucked way down in and was sleeping.  You really couldn't see her in there!

And she loves up here too?

What's with this?

At this point I am afraid to rotate my chair to press as she may go flying.  LOL!

What would we do with out our fur babies?  How boring life would be for me!

And this girl - what??? Why?

The parrot came from Aunt Debi and Uncle Rick.  So far it has lasted more than a week, but I admit to having to do some serious surgery on its back - once there is a small hole, ALL the stuffing comes out.  All that is inside now is the squeaker - and Zoey loves it so much!

We laugh and laugh and laugh and wonder just what we would do without her.

Settling in for the evening.

My favorite part.

I love hand binding.  It is mindless, and calming.  It allows me to spend more time with the quilt.  I get to snuggle while I sew. 

And that yellow?  Happiness at the edge.

I will share a photo of the backing when the whole thing is done.  Baby cherubs are whole - and better than that, they are now GONE!  LOL!

"Just wanted to share this  pic of the table runner In all its Fall season glory.   Thanks Bonnie for your creativity and my quilting has never been better!!!! "

I love it, Lola! And that piped binding is a fantastic finish!

I also love how she made it "not so skinny" by extending the checkerboard a bit wider in the center.

This one by Susan!

Oh, I love the newsprint background!

"I love all you share and felt it was time for me to also. This was a fun project.  Even made a happy little mug rug.  Thank you for your positive life lived and shared. Fondly, Susan "

How fun is this!

You can find the PDF pattern for my Punkin Patch table runner on sale for just $5.00 in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store through the month of October! No coupon needed! 

Maureen's Appalachian Autumn finish!

"Appalachian Autumn is finished! What a joy to make! I love the Fall colours. Thank you
Bonnie Hunter
for a beautiful pattern."

The PDF pattern for Appalachian Autumn is available in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store.

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful finishes, everyone!  It has made my inbox dance with joy!

Today is an errand day.  Just a few things, and I should be back by mid afternoon to dig more into the green strings - I hope.

Anything happening in your corner of the world?

And just a reminder that our October Quilty-Box drawing is still gathering entries!  If you haven't entered yet, click to THAT POST and do so!

Our drawing will happen Thursday morning.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

"When you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn't." --Jodi Picoult⁣

Truer words were never spoken! Focus on your belief in yourself and those who've got your back will stand with you! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. LOVE all the sharing!!

  2. I sewed most of the day on my Frolic quilt. The Borders are on. It's not full size or on point, but it's a flimsy. I wanted a picture in our snow yesterday. It is Melted now. I posted all of my Quiltville projects and UFOS on the Quiltville Open Studio FB. Had to do 2 Collages, so many great Mysteries and patterns I have done from Quiltville. 4 more days!! I brought my Ultimate 3 in One Color Tool with me to Nebraska.

  3. Lola's Pumpkin Patch display is stunning! Making the runner somewhat wider gives it more "importance" on the table and provides a great base for the tray display. Great work Lola!

  4. Bonnie, thank you for sharing your life with us. It's so calming to sit down a few minutes in the morning and "see what Bonnie's up to". Even on days I can't get to the sewing machine, just seeing what you are doing makes me feel connected to my love of quilting. We just got back from our trip on Sunday (we stopped at Quiltville and saw you on Sept. 8), and I collected fabrics for Appalachian Autumn all across the country. I haven't had a chance to start on it yet, but it is wonderful seeing everyone's fall quilts coming to life. Thanks for all you do.

    1. I totally agree with you! First thing I do in the morning when I get settled at work is to take a break and 'see what Bonnie says today'. It's the little things. Starts my day off with joy! Thank you, Bonnie!!!

  5. Greetings from Maine
    Thank you for everything you are and do.
    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your world

  6. All of the sharing of the autumn projects is inspiring to get busy on some of mine, which I plan to start today. Taking a break from charity sewing this week, and sew on my own projects. Thanks for sharing your positivity and great quotes with us.

  7. I love seeing everyone's finishes for the Punkin'Patch Runner and the Appalachian Autumn quilt! I love the grey background in Lola's runner and the newsprint in Susan's. They would be great for using right up through Thanksgiving. And Maureen's Appalachian Autumn has such nice vibrant colors! What a great way to get some good ideas! (purrfection8@gmail.com)

  8. THAT. DOG. IS. CRAZY. I just love her.

  9. I love the yellow binding. Many moons ago I read or heard putting a touch of yellow in your projects is uplifting. I find this to be true and have incorporated the color yellow in many areas of my life. Hope everyone enjoys this wonderful autumn day and watch for a little yellow somewhere along the way!

  10. I agree with everything you have said. My thoughts exactly.
    Love all the inspiration you give and the people who follow you. Getting lots of ideas...just not enough time to do it all!! Such beautiful quilts by you and the ones who share their ideas of your quilts.
    Thanks for all you share!!

  11. Mom turns 89 today; hubby and I taking her out to lunch at an outdoor venue, between lunch and dinner hours to avoid crowds...near the beach...her first real foray out somewhere since March! Luckily we are near the ocean and it's still warm here ....seems an important milestone to mark!

  12. Forgot to add...loving all the pumpkin shares! Love that extra row to make the table runner wider, also! Everyone does such lovely work!

  13. Lola has gorgeous eyes! Those beautiful bright green eyes are amazing. And Zoey could be a Circus Contortionist! So funny!

  14. I don't quilt much anymore but I sure enjoy your blog and see everyone's completed projects.

  15. Wow! The Appalachian Autumn quilts are sure beautiful with the variety of colors!! Hopefully I'll quilt one next year since I'm currently waiting for the mystery quilt to start. One project at a time for me LoL!! Cheers! ~M

  16. I love your yellow binding! I’ve been blown away by all the beautiful Appalachian Autumn quilts! This beautiful pattern (and all your other patterns), lend themselves to so many color variations and they are all amazing! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. That Zoey. Makes me smile every time.

  17. we had two large "boys"-one 105 lbs. and one 95lbs. Their favorite toy was a stuffed octopuses. The had a large head and ten "arms" that were stuffed along with the head. Their favorite thing was for one to hold onto the head while the other one pulled the stuffing out! We went through so many of these stuffed toys-especially as they rotated who did what to the thing. It wasn't cheap, but they had so much fun and wore such big smiles...I spent so much time at the sewing machine fixing holes in the head and tummy. I think i should open a stuffed animal clinic. Could have special play area for the pets while I stitched suffed animals..sigh. What we do for our furry friends.

  18. I love Jodi Picoult. Her novels are great!

  19. I brag about your blog to everyone—I love seeing all the pet pics! I especially love seeing everyone’s quilts. Very inspiring and keeps me motivated to get out of my chair and SEW!! I loved the mug rug and I’m going to copy that idea. Then I thought you could do a mug rug for each season and give as a gift!!

  20. That Zoey is so much fun. If I had her I would sit all day watching her:):):)
    Lola is so beautiful!! Haven't seen Ivy for awhile. Hope she is doing well.
    Love your blog Bonnie!!

  21. Such beautiful quilt shares again so lovely to see other quilters interpretations.
    Lola is such a happy girl and looks totally at home with you at the QPO.
    I just love how Zoey contorts herself whilst playing she a little darling. Thank you for sharing your happy little family with us.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx


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