Friday, October 23, 2020

Quilting in the Fog!

It finally happened.

I FINALLY found the time to finish loading the Nearly Lemoyne quilt, and start the quilting process.

You know, I really did have a ball making these blocks.  

My concentration was on matching up unlikely pairs in each block.  Some of the strips had come from Jelly Rolls, and we all know that narrow strips don't always work well with sideways directional and large prints.  

So I stopped focusing on the print itself, and instead played with the colors, just finding two colors that I liked together, no matter if there were chopped up butterflies in my block or not! 

(The top left block with the teal was matched to a hard to use jelly roll strip of not-whole butterflies.)

Standing back a way, they don't look too bad!

I also tried to use the strip until it is gone -

No short strip going back in the strip bin.

That meant that if the strip was used in position A in one block, there would be room for the rest to be used in position B in a second block and paired with a different fabric for that go round.

This is more chopped up butterflies, in a different color range.  Again - a Jelly roll strip.

And I did find that when using a jelly roll strip, I needed to measure and trim it to 2 1/2'', getting rid of excess pinking along the way if the strip was not accurately 2 1/2''.  

Which to me defeats the whole purpose of purchasing jelly rolls in the first place.  If they aren't 2 1/2'' - and are too narrow, I end up trimming them down to 2'' and storing them in a different bin.  If they are bigger than 2 1/2'' I have the work of trimming them down to a correct size anyway.

And then you end up with the same print in 4 different colorways, and I don't really want to quadruple a print in the same quilt.....so....

Some oldies, some goodies.

Some newbies and some "Why do I even have this?!"

The actual quilting didn't start until mid afternoon, so I didn't even make it to half-way yet.  That will continue today I hope.

And as to that fog mentioned in the title of this post?

The fog was THICK in the morning - by the time I was heading to the QPO it had thinned a bit, and I love how ethereal it makes the woods look.

I stopped at the hairpin turn toward the top of the drive and took this shot from the van with my window down.

Fog always feels like a hug to me.  Everything is surrounded in softness.

It had all burned off by about 11am, so I was glad to catch this bit.

And according to my friend Martha "You can count the number of snowy days through the winter by the number of foggy mornings you have in the fall."

If that is the case, we are in for a doozy.  I'll have to take that up with the next Woolly Bear caterpillar I came across and see if he has heard differently.

This is Lola.  Mimicking ME!

We were two pooped out girls last night.

When I got home, the Hubster was up the mountain on the RZR playing mountain man.  I think it had something to do with trail cams and tree stands - I just nod my head and smile when he tells me about it.

I could have gone straight to the basement sewing room and spent more time on that green string thing - but there were 4 large tubs of clothes and coats and other winterwear from Wednesday's Wallburg run to deal with.

I have another bag for donation.

A girl doesn't need 6 pair of fingerless gloves.  Or 14 scarves.  I figure they can keep other people warm so those along with hats, more shoes, and other warm clothing articles will be dropped off the next time I am in town.

And yes - it feels lighter.  Those empty bins went back to the garage for the next trip to Wallburg.

For those asking why we didn't just hire a truck and do it all at once - mostly it's because I need the private time to do this myself.  It's a healing thing. Small manageable trips are showing me that I can do this in baby steps.  Not everything has to be done all at once.

I haven't made it to the kitchen yet - there is a set of "every day" style Christmas stoneware plates/bowls/cups that I am toying with donating if son Jeff doesn't want them.  I've had them more than 25 years. He grew up with them.  I would switch out and start using those on Black Friday all the way to New Years.

But that was MY tradition - not necessarily his and he is not obligated to add more stuff to his life. I do not want to guilt my kids into taking on my excess stuff.

And then there is the pink depression glass that I have been collecting for decades.  And the.....well, you know how it goes.

Which is why I am doing this one room at a time, one area at a time - baby steps.

Verilyn's Punkin Patch quilt from String Frenzy!

She writes: "Love this Pumpkin Patch!!

I do too!! Love the purple and blue pulled into that checkerboard border!

Karen Lieberman's Punkin Patch quilt!

"Yay! My daughter's pumpkin quilt is finished! I'm sending it to her tomorrow. It has a pieced backing that's kind of like a second quilt. "

Oh this is fun! I love this creative backing!

Robin's Hunter's String Star!

If you purchase String Frenzy containing the full sized Punkin' Patch pattern through the Quiltville Store, you will also receive a bonus PDF of my Hunter’s String Star quilt pattern.

Robin writes:

"Red and white Hunter’s String Star! Approximately 80” X 96”.
This was a design by Bonnie K. Hunter. QUARANTINE QUILT #7"

She has been a busy girl!! I love it!

Peggy's Appalachian Autumn top!

"Hi Bonnie, just finished my quilt top. Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern. It’s one of my favorite quilts I’ve ever done."
Peggy Bruns
Scottsdale and Pinetop, Arizona

Absolutely gorgeous, Peggy!!

And of course, the PDF patterns for both the Punkin Patch table runner (Only $5.00 through October!) and Appalachian Autumn are available in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Robbng Peter to Pay Paul quilt found in North Carolina 

When you choose to see the good in others, you end up finding good in yourself. 

I am wishing you a happy quilty Friday, and a wonderful weekend ahead!



  1. How amazing the trees look with the fog hanging in there, you have a wonderful eye for photography. Lola looks so cute and very comfortable on the quilt.
    And yet more beautiful autumn quilts, they are all so beautiful.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  2. Hey, Bonnie--Could you ask Verilyn about her quilt-hanging set-up? Or (in your vast amount of spare time--ha!) explain what your set-up is for hanging quilts on the wall? I've been following your blog since almost the beginning and don't remember a post on this topic. Thank you.....and thank you for all the inspiration over 15 or so years!

    1. If you look for Quilt Hanging Clips, or Curtain Hanging Clips, I think you will find what Verilyn has used. Then it just looks like an installed curtain rod. Good luck.

    2. She has used a curtain rod with rings that clip at the bottom to hold the quilt. This makes it very easy to change out the quilt.

  3. I'm starting this day Quilty. Reading my favorite quilty blogs. I will do a few 4-patches to remake the 50 shades of Brown SAL from Humble Quilts. Gotta nake a Cradle Quilt for the Cabin. Fun stitching for me.

  4. We had TWENTY FOGS in August, so watch out!!! 😳😳

  5. The Pumpkin Patch quilt with the blue border is the prettiest one yet!

  6. Bonnie, you make a great point with the pre-cuts. I’ve purchased charm packs and have had to go through every one to make sure they are 5” square as most are not. Throws off all your piecing! I’m going through my house purging as well and I struggle just as you are describing. So many memories! But I’m trying to keep the attitude of how I am blessing someone with things I don’t use or can’t wear.

  7. Down sizing at anytime can be hard giving up much loved and enjoyed things is harder yet. You're doing it right by using small steps and being sure you have done the right thing. I'm tempted to make an offer for the pink depression ware bit have absolutely no place to store it.😢. The nearly Lemoine quilt is beautiful. Your problem with jelly roll strips is why I have never even been tempted to buy them. I like choosing colors and patterns that appeal to me.

  8. Bonnie,
    I love the precious picture of Lola:):):)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm the same way when making 2- or 3-print blocks for a scrappy quilt. I come up with some unexpected mates, too. The combo just has to make sense to me on some level, or tickle me, or otherwise feel satisfying in some way. Might seem like bizarre choices to others, but if they please me when I see them in the quilt, that's what matters.

    Nearly Lemoyne is turning out so lovely, so sparkling! I really like the 'Nearly Broken Dishes' units that happen where the sides of two blocks meet.

  10. Bonnie why not continue your Christmas stoneware this year? A little bit of normal in a crazy year.

  11. How does one send pictures of their finished projects

  12. I share the same first name as your troublesome Donna/Karen. Don't block me!
    I cannot believe that people are so stinking ignorant and mean while being anonymous on the internet.
    You share so much with all of us and we thank you so much.
    Please keep being the wonderful person that you are and sharing your life through your blog.

  13. I so understand needing the space to go through things, a little at a time...

    Love the fog, except when it’s so think that I feel claustrophobic lol!!

    I really enjoy seeing everyone’s Punkin & autumn quilts! Love a backing that gives you two quilts in one!!

    Love the quote today. It is so true! Happy weekend!

    Marci H. 🍁 🍂

  14. Beautiful quilts Bonnie.
    I can empathize with the sorting & donating. We’ve given 1/3 of our stuff away this year, just trying to make it easier for the kids, if we don’t make it through the winter. If we do make it, then it’ll be easier for us, when the house sells & we move. Trying to get ready to downsize, & trying to finish projects & stay healthy this winter. Here’s hoping you do too

  15. I just commented but wanted to add that I love all the fur-babies shenanigans! They make me smile so much. We no longer have a dog so seeing Zoey just cracks me up!

  16. Hi Bonnie, so good to hear you are downsizing...I'm having to do the same thing...lost my love 2 yrs ago,been in our home for 58 years..now daughter building a new home and has me a bedroom and sewing room in the new home..so packing up and choosing things to keep has been quite an undertaking...going from a 10 room home to 2 rooms is a big job..but as my daughter says, "Mother it is only stuff" but what she doesn't realize is "it's my stuff"...but I'm getting there...I have been collecting the pink dishes for several years also..and they are going with me..I read your blog the first thing every morning, love it..stay safe and keep downsizing..it's helping me a lot...can't remember what's in all the boxes, so guess I'm ok..to let it go..have a blessed day..

  17. Thank you Bonnie for all your uplifting posts, you bring joy to my mornings with your views and sayings. Love your autumn pictures your part of the country looks a lot like my part of the country we are truly blessed to live where we do. Have a great weekend.

  18. I like fog better now that I don't have to drive to work in it. We live near a large lake and the fogs are often very thick. If we have as many snows this winter as we had fogs in August, this winter is going to be a doozy. Downsizing/purging a little at a time can be like easing off the band-aid instead of ripping it off. It takes longer but maybe it won't hurt as much.

  19. I love your Nearly Lemoyne quilt. You would never know that those blocks you pointed out were chopped up butterflies. Love the jean quilt Lola is napping on. Is the pattern in one of your books?

  20. Sounds like Dave is getting buck fever. We have a hunt coming up in two weeks. He supports me in my quilting, so when the hunt comes, I go out with him, wait in the truck, work on bindings,read, and play with myEQ8. Hope he is successful. Nothing as tasty as venison.

  21. hanks for including a variety of finished Pumpkin Patch and Appalachian Autumn. I, too, love he blue bordered one. I kept looking back and forth on these quilts and discovered I like the ones with the more muted background. The blue-bordered one has good contrast, as does the String Star. the less-contrasting backgrounds don't let the objects stand out as much. I like seeing greys in these quilts and will do a bit more looking for a variety of light greys for backgrounds.

  22. Love the pictures of the quilts, of Lola sleeping, and of the Fall! Being now in Florida, I miss the Fall! So, pictures of trees in their Fall dressage is extremely appreciated!

    I was hoping, Bonnie, that you could put the Quilting Hanging Clips that you use on your Amazon site? There’s so many to choose from but some of the reviews say they can’t hold anything heavy, or that they straighten up after awhile, so hoping to get the ones you like. Thank you for all the guidance you provide!

  23. I love misty mornings when you walk through it and wish there were unicorns that come out from hiding. Then you get dripped on and reality hits you on the head and so does the wet! LOL!
    Beautiful quilts thank you.

  24. The binding on Verylin's Punkin Patch is wonderful. I love the orange pops from a distance. The blue green border is fantastic also. Great choices.

  25. Dear Bonnie: Love the Halloween quilts and backing! Thanks for all your inspiration today! Roxy in Hudson, WI

  26. I’ve been downsizing since mid last year. I love it! It feels so freeing! My hubby is the pack rat, so thankfully he has 2200 square feet in his shop to store is stuff. He is even getting tired of having to move things every time he needs to get to a certain machine. So, yesterday he had the scrap metal neighbors haul off all the metal, and today we went to the citywide hazardous waste drop off and got rid of a bunch of stuff. He’s a mechanic, so we get all the old car parts and fluids that have to be disposed of. Maybe he’s on a roll and will keep it up. Monday we head for his parents house and clean out dads shop, so stuff will be coming home with us to sell. We don’t have room for it! Keep it up Bonnie! All the time I’ve moved, I would have loved to do it in phases instead of just throwing everything in boxes and hauling it with you. It never seems to leave that way...😬

  27. When we moved here, I wish I'd had time to go thru everything like you are doing. I had 3 weeks to pack the whole house (by myself) so everything was just shoved into boxes, then shoved into places when we got here. I still haven't dealt with much of that stuff. You are giving me inspiration to start, little bit by little bit. Enjoy your memories as you go thru everything. Those memories are special.


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