Monday, October 26, 2020

Hello, Monday!

It happened!

The last few passes on Nearly Lemoyne finished, I was able to unload the quilt from the machine -

There is nothing like the feeling of "unfurling" the quilt as it comes off the rollers - and I see the whole thing, where previously for days I had only been seeing it advance in sections.

It is such a feel good!
The pantograph I used is called Day Tripper, purchased from UrbanElementz.com.

"Mom, you are just weird!"

I know I know, but I also know that there are many here who get just what I'm talking about!

I had enough time and energy to get the quilt trimmed up, and binding made - I'll get that sewn on today.  I hit about 3:30pm yesterday afternoon and I just had to stop. Naptime beckoned!

The quilt has quite a bit of yellow in it, and I wanted a color "lighter than the red inner border" as binding, and nothing too printy, I need to stop the busy.  I think this light yellow tone on tone will do the job beautifully and keep that sunshine flowing all the way to the outer edge.

Today will see that binding, sleeve and label on, and I should be flipping binding and hand stitching by feet up time tonight!

This also happened!

This is Indigo a Go-Go from String Frenzy!

I brought some quilts up with me from the last Wallburg run - and I thought it would be fun if they got a photo op here at the inn so you can see them in this habitat, versus just on the printed page of a book.

I adore nine-patches.  They speak so simply to my heart.  A nine-patch and snowball had been on my radar for a long time, and when the idea of a neutral string snowball hit me on the head, I was off and running.

This quilt features my love of many neutrals, and my collection of South African indigoes, also known as shweshwe.

That old water tower has been there for more than 100 years.

This is Victoria's in blue!

 If you purchase String Frenzy through the Quiltville Store, you will also receive a bonus PDF of my Hunter’s String Star quilt pattern.

String Frenzy also includes the full size Punkin' Patch pattern and many more!

More Sunday napping!

I have accepted the fact that Ivy has chosen Dave has her human.  She adores him!  And it is so sweet to see.  

ME? I'm the mean person that hauls her off to the vet, who is stingy with her food where it once was plentiful (No more putting on the pounds, miss thing!) and the one who applies stinky medications - I'm the bad guy!

I still do administer the treats however, so she knows how to play that game to get what she wants.

But to snuggle?  It's Dave that she wants. 

Even Zoey was a napper -

Taking over my stitching chair!

I don't know why she is curled into such a tight circle - the gas fireplace was going and it was not chilly in the house.

Perched on top of the crate -

Watching squirrels.

Becky's Appalachian Autumn as a runner!

"Thanks for the inspiration! My favorite block is the dark one at center left. We got four inches of early snow here yesterday in Hayden Idaho while I was completing this top. Two seasons in one day! It’s Rocky Mountains Autumn."

What a great idea!  And oh, the SNOW!  Hunker in and sew the winter away, Becky!

Carol's as a lap quilt!

"I just finished quilting Appalachian Autumn and it’s ready for the binding but I had to get a picture of it first. Love it! I have made many of your quilts and this one is my favorite (so far)! Thank you Bonnie for all that you do! Now I’ve got to clean up my sewing area and get ready for the mystery!"

Carol, I love that middle row and how the leaves turn!  Great job!

And yes - this week is ramping up for me, too so we have our introductory post ready to post on Saturday!  SO MUCH TO DO!!  I can hardly contain my excitement for this year's mystery - YAY!

Heleen's Punkin Patch quilt from the Netherlands!

"Here is a picture of my pumpkin quilt. I loved making this quilt. I used all my leftover orange strings (and a few white ones). Thank you for a great pattern."

The pattern for my full sized Punkin Patch quilt is found in my book, String Frenzy!

This one is MINE!

And there is still time to purchase the Punkin Patch table runner PDF pattern - only $5.00 through October! No coupon code needed!

Time to kick this Monday into gear and get it going.

Anything fun happening for your Monday, wherever you are?

And did you get your entry in on Yesterday's Post for the October Quilty Box  Gift-Away?  It's an awesome box with gorgeous fabrics!  Drawing to happen on Thursday.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Words are from the lips, actions are from the heart.

Have a great Monday, everyone!



  1. Another great post to start the day! Thanks, Bonnie! This weekend, I quilted a row by row quilt that was done as a round robin with friends. Great fun!
    Kari O'Connor

  2. My cats always preferred David, my late husband. I think it was because he would park himself in the recliner and not move for long periods of time. I was always getting up and down and disturbing them. Now, however, as I am the last human in this household, they have acquiesced to snuggling with me. I love Heleen's version of Punkin Patch with white pumpkins. I am still working on mine. I may make a table runner or long banner for my mother's long-term care door. Today I will finish quilting a scrappy pineapple quilt that will be donated to a local organization. It is very satisfying to finish up projects, even though I don't have a long arm machine to unfurl it from.

    1. @Mary Ellen... our cats (female) prefer my husband as well. I identify with the getting up and down (what is that about?) And talking, as soon as I open my mouth the cats run away. And forget about picking them up!!

    2. I was just thinking the same thing about Heleen's white pumpkins. Love them.

  3. Today I'm trying to get a quilt to the ready-for-binding stage. It's slated for our bed and I can't wait for it to be done as fall temps settle in! Still loving all the pix of the fall quilts folks are doing.

  4. Ooh ooh ooh! Almost time for the mystery! Guess I better finish the border on Frolic this week.

  5. My kids are like that here too. I do the bad stuff, grooming, vet, ears, training, etc. Hub gets to be outside, he does the feeding, since he gets up earlier, he takes them EVERYWHERE (but pretends like they are a pain in the butt🙄) They prefer him. Looking forward to seeing the colors for this years mystery! Don’t know if I’ll do it, as I have 3 going already, but it will be fab, I’m sure! Love them all!

  6. Wonderful start to my Monday, and our very chilly week. Today we won't get out of the 20s, with snow and wind. Staying in, cooking and sewing. Hoping to finish a quilt top to show at tonight's guild Zoom meeting. Your quilt show from the Inn is a nice treat. I love seeing everyone's autumn quilts. And of course the pics of the fur babies.

  7. When our dog curls up like Zoey, we call him Lemmy the donut dog. It's amazing how little space he takes up like that, vs. how much space he can take up in our bed, lol!

    1. Yes! Why is it our dog can make herself so small when she is on my lap or on my afghan, but it bed she stretches out and attempts to take at least 1/3 of our bed. :) Love her to pieces, though!


    2. We received a skiff of snow in eastern Iowa overnight, our third time for a snow shower this fall and I had to give in and get rid of my geraniums. I just wasn't ready. I feel like fall came to an abrupt end and way too soon. Oh well, snow days make the best sew days! Be safe everyone and be good to each other!

  8. We have a snow day in western Colorado which is rare for us especially in October. Our buses were already canceled due to a COVID outbreak within the bus drivers and with 6 plus inches last night and a 1 degree windchill, I think it was justified. I will be using it as a sew day!

  9. be careful with those naps...they become a habit all too quick...lol

  10. I am so happy to see that yellow binding. I just makes my heart sing. And, that blue floral fabric in the bottom right hand corner? I have had some of that in black years ago. It's beautiful in both colors.

  11. I must be the only one who forgot this is mystery week...😵. Have two scrap quilts in progress right now, so will probably be printing out clues and watching all the fun.

  12. This is my first viewing of your blog. Loving it. Inspirational. I love the Appalachian Autumn quilt. I can't wait to get it and get started.

  13. WOW! That was my first thought when I opened the blog today and saw the LeMoyne Star. And the wows just kept on coming. All of your quilts, quilt projects and the ones from readers like me were all WOW today! Thank you so much for all you do!

  14. Can’t wait for the new mystery Bonnie.Right now deep into the Free Motion Quilting Academy with HollyAnne Knight- thanks so much for sharing her info earlier in the fall. It is so fun!

  15. Beautiful looking quilts. Such a great feeling complete one. Great animals too - wonder if they realise just how fortunate they are?

  16. I love the quilt with the center row leaves turning, I would love to see one with all the leaves turning and no stems touching. They all have been so neat to see. I have enjoyed people sharing them, and the pumpkin quilts too.

  17. I love the Lemoyne Star so much!!! And the yellow binding is perfect!!!! I would love to see it in one big pic - I really want to see close up all the fabrics you used in it. This is definitely on my to do list. Thank for being the bright spot in our days!

  18. I made a 6 punkin table runner for my friend who is turning 100 on Nov 4th. It's on it's way to Denver. Now working on a full size table runner to go to Singapore to son, DIL and 2 beautiful little girls, ages 4 and 5. It will be there in a couple weeks in time to grace their Thanksgiving table.

  19. I love that photo of Zoey all curled up! Makes me feel better that our 11 pound terrier, Abbie, does exactly the same thing, even covered with her quilt & in my lap at night -- I think its a security thing. Wish I were as limber as she is, though, even just a little bit! Lovely quilts, and glad that Ivy has adopted Dave as 'her human' -- so he doesn't miss out on the cuddles at night, too, from the fur babies. Deb E / CA


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