Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Must Pet Quilts!

It had been months and months – my favorite antiquing spot in all of Ashe County, NC.

The last time I had been in was early March, just before lock down started, and though I didn’t “NEED” anything, I had a bit of time to fritter as I was running early for my chiropractic appointment not far up the road, down and around.

I spied the “antiqued in green” circa 1960s paint job right on the vintage Hoosier cabinet right away.  I remember being a little girl in that time frame – and my mom was busy “antiquing” everything she could set her brush to.

Now that I am this much older – and looking back to those years of avocado green, rust and harvest gold, it doesn’t look too bad, does it?

Not that I have room for it – And they do say that colors DO come around again.

This decade is doing it in chalk paint, while back in the 60s it was “antiquing.”

It was also a day to pet the quilts!  There were several, well worn and shredding, just begging to be noticed.

A quilt of all triangles, this sparkling loved to pieces broken dishes brought so much joy to my heart.

And a 1940s Improved Nine Patch?  Such wonderful fabrics and great quilting texture.

I love the scale on this one and wish I could have seen the maker choosing just the right scraps from her scrap bag. I bet this quilt holds lots of happy memories.

There were some very interesting oldies with great fabrics over an old church pew. I didn’t have room to unfold them and lay them out, but all of the tags said 1890s.

Someone had enough “big yardage” to make this square in a square variation without scraps!

And of course, you know how much I love the Baptist fan quilting.

Two similar hourglass quilts, each with a different background and an “album” block quilt on the seat of the pew.

Pinwheel crib quilt – I loved that the hand stitches sewing down the binding were visible to my eye, and I could imagine the hands that so lovingly put that binding there, choosing red to accent all of the other scraps in the quilt.

That ONE blue gingham sashing piece!  To me it makes the quilt!

Grecian Square design, all blue and white.  Blue and white quilts are so soothing to me and speak to my heart.  I love the shirting prints in this one.

All of those well washed indigoes are similar, but there are many different ones.

I thought this framed nine-patch made an interesting alternate block for the triangle squares!

I seriously thought about this spool cabinet table until I looked closely at it.  The decals are new.  The table may be old, but new decals do not interest me.  And they wanted $180.00 for it.  Still, it looks cute with that vintage phone on top!

Wandering finished, chiropractic taken care of, it was an evening of feet up in the comfy chair and getting some stitches of my own in.

Do you see who is hogging the ottoman?  No? Let he help you by moving my hoop aside:

Evening relaxation, just the way I like it!

The October sun is shining brightly this morning.  The gutter guys finished up their handiwork yesterday while I was chiropractor bound so I haven’t seen the finished job yet. I will check on that this morning.

Yesterday’s adjustment has be a bit sore – so I’ve decided that these muscles deserve a bit of pampering rather than a 200 mile round trip drive to Wallburg and back.  Will save that for early next week I think.

Today?  More Nearly Lemoyne blocks ahead, and kitting up more of our Easy Breezy Leader & Ender challenge blocks to go with them.

What is on your Wednesday plate?

Pumpkin season is here! 

Check out Scandia Quilt Studio's super fun Punkin Patch Table Runner .

Table runner pattern is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store for just $5.00 through the month of October!

My book String Frenzy contains the full sized Punkin Patch quilt pattern.

This is Marcia's Appalachian Autumn leaf block!

I just love her fabrics, don't you?

There is still time to jump in and create your own!

You’ll find the pattern for Appalachian Autumn in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store – you can be pulling fabrics and sitting to sew in minutes!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Never in my life have I been so grateful for my fabric stash as I have been through this pandemic! 

I know I am not the only one. 

Give your fabric some love and appreciation today! 

On my way out the door - have a good one!



  1. I agree, I am thankful for my fabric stash. There are still many quilts to be made.

  2. My mom was an "antiquer" as well!

    My stash has been my playground--love it. :)

  3. Not only am I thankful for the fabric stash, WIP's and the time that I have now to concentrate on quilting, but also the time to really see what others are doing.

  4. Thanks for all the antique quilt inspiration! They were beautiful! Have a super Wednesday!

  5. I know I'll never use up my stash, but it makes me happy, my own art museum. I love your descriptions of quilts, the pattern, the design, the color combinations, you always add those "new thoughts" to my brain.

  6. Agreed. I am grateful and blessed. I did HollyAnn's challenge this summer (Pretty Precuts) and was able to do 6 full size quilts completely from stash. (well had to get 1 more yard of one fabric. Ran out) I have been concentrating on using my stash, not because I feel guilty but I want to add the new stuff. Due to COVID I decided to hold my own quilt camp this week and not getting done what I usually do but so many quilt room things are being completed.

  7. Yes, my stash has been a comfort this year. I was never taught to hand sew or embroider, so I am taking the time to learn it now. I have learned to look for the silver lining!

  8. Regarding your quote of the day: and help your friends have a good laugh as they clean out your stash after your death.

  9. My day was filled with apple butter making. Today will be apple jelly and strawberry/apple jelly to be able to give as gifts.Soon will be back to quilting!! Yeah!!

  10. I treasure my quilting time each day. Today I have to squeeze it in between a soccer game for my youngest son and an evening commitment too. I am loving the leader and elder challenge. I have a bunch on my design wall and I’m trying to figure out if I am going to do an alternate block or not. Love that Zoey is joining you on the ottoman.

  11. Hi I just found you again, I started back up with my quilting-and I just purchased your book string frenzy online-I am 70 now going on 71 this month and it's time again to sew up my stash with surprise gift quilts. I am enjoying reading your posts again I am liking your Appalachian autumn pattern may look into that one Kathy

  12. My sister and I Antiqued my dad's office furniture customer counter and file cabinets in the avocado green. It was a "thing" and it looked good in it's day. Thanks for the memory.

  13. Oh Bonnie! Thank you so much for being so 'real!' I really enjoy reading your daily blog so much! Today we had the electrician and crew come to put outlets, a ceiling fan and and outdoor motion detector light in our new screenroom...oh it is coming together! I love that I can now sit outside and listen to the rain and night sounds etc without getting wet! Are you considering ever doing another quilt can from the QPO? I miss them so much and would really love to have another one!

  14. ONG!!! My mom antiqued everything in a light blue/leaning toward aqua color! Everything!!!!

  15. thank you Bonnie for showing my Appalachian Autumn block.

  16. It looks like Zoey has become a big mama's baby! LOL

  17. Hmmm, yes I was one of those that antiqued a few things! Our first home had really ugly & in need of replacement, kitchen cabinets. When they gave us an estimate to replace them, I decided to antique them in walnut. New hardware & they looked amazing! My neighbor thought we had replaced them with new!

  18. Thanks for the tour of quilts, all are so inspiring.

  19. At the start of the pandemic, I was not worried about toilet paper, but whether or not I had enough thread to get me through! A true quilter!😀

  20. Loved seeing your dearest Zoey next to you--my dearest Scottie girl would lay next to me like that in our chair in the evenings. Dear. Loved seeing the antique quilts!!! I, too, have an enormous stash that I"m working down a bit on projects. SO much fun!!

  21. How much are antique quilts in your area, like the ones on the pew?

  22. Such pretty quilts you have found at the antique shop, such a shame they put the new decals on it.
    Zoey looks so comfy snuggled up to her mama lol
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

  23. Did you notice? The blue gingham sashing on the baby quilt was PIECED!! Love it.

  24. I am so thankful that no one had tried antiquing or painting my hoosier cabinet. The natural wood is beautiful. My dad did antique a maple chair. Stripping that stuff off is a tough job.

  25. I was a teenager helping my mother 'antique' paint the upright piano...

  26. 50 yrs ago I rescued an old kitchen cabinet from my father in law's garage & antiqued it this exact color, made red & green floral curtains & I was one happy bride. Years later we had it stripped to its natural color. The man said the antiquing was nearly impossible to remove

  27. My mother had always wanted a spinet piano and when she found one that worked well at a good price, wouldn't you know that someone had given it a "blonde" antiquing treatment. Ugh. She worked and worked to strip every little bit of it off, spindles and everything. It was really beautiful when she finished it but - WOW! She did it in the only space she had, the middle of her living room with tarps on the floor. Good thing my mom wasn't a quitter!


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