Tuesday, March 24, 2015

R&R on the Mountain!

Do you see this view?

My one lone forsythia bush has burst forth into yellow!

I LOVE forsythia season.  That yellow doesn’t tone itself down for ANY ONE!

It is what it is ---whether you like yellow or not, it stands true and proud to itself, fulfilling its purpose. 

One of the first signs to me that spring really IS here, along with the daffies and the dogwodods.

It’s a bit cloudy, and late this afternoon after a nap, Sadie and I headed out for a much needed slow hike.

I still don’t have ALL of my lung capacity back after this bout of bronchitis.  But I was told that moderate exercise would help clear out the rest of the residual gunk and I would breath easier sooner.

And let’s face it – something has to help take off the 5 pounds that the steroids put on me.

And we won’t even talk about what antibiotics do to a middle aged woman’s ph balance….uh.  No.


And so we hiked dirt covered roads!

And we walked through the woods:




It’s a great day to be on the mountain, mom!

Yes it is.  I arrived just around 10:30am, and first things first did this:


Chicken in a crock pot!

I left the boys with a roast chicken when I left for Oklahoma.  There was still half of it in the fridge when I got back and so here it is, making a big pot of chicken soup to last me more than the next couple of days – I’ll be freezing the leftovers for another trip.

But is there anything that smells more cabin-warming than a pot of home made soup?  I don’t think so!

Recipe found under the recipes tab at the top of the blog!


There has been some cutting out going on!


And some sewing happening!


And I’ll be binding tonight ---

I think what I love the most about this place is the quiet.  No cars.  Sometimes birds.  Not even bugs yet.  Every once in a while the breeze will ruffle the flags hanging happily off of my front porch rail ---and if the wind is gusty enough, a tinkling sound comes from the wind chimes, but other than that ---it’s just Sadie and me, enjoying some solo time at the cabin while Jeff is working late hours and the Hubster is in Phoenix on business.

I’m right where I need to be!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your mountain time and you feel better. Would you recommend accounting software for a small quilting business? Thanks, Nora

  2. Sounds good to me. Packing up for the big move to Texas. I have already packed 30 boxes with my stash. Now to figure out the wedding cake dilemna and get a ring for him. Can't believe I am getting married at 63.

  3. You always write such wonderful posts........ I would love to be there sewing with you and looking at those spectacular views! Glad you are dong better and getting back to your old self! Happy sewig!

  4. Even when you're getting r&r, you are so industrious!!! Thank you for a beautiful picture of a beautiful promise-of-spring day. I also LOVE to see those first forsythias! And what a sweet-looking dog!!! Happy healing....

  5. A bit jealous of your solo r&r time. Still no signs of spring here in NE Wyoming. I am waiting on lilacs, or crocus, or maybe a few tulips. Know your chicken soup is just what you need as you rest and relax, and yet get more sewing done. Take care.

  6. I want to come sew with you for just one day to get myself going again! I would bring fabric and treats for Sadie!!

  7. Love your view. the forsythia looks lonely, cut off a small branch and dip in rootone and plant you will soon have another one to keep it company ;)
    My lilac is showing color a month early in Or. Glad that you are feeling better. Enjoy your blog and FB postings of your travels. vandej@msn.com Jan

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I love going to my fishing camp shrimp boats passing by. My husband don't really like me going by myself but I love it. Your view is beautiful.
    Paula in La.

  9. Enjoy your time at the cabin

  10. Enjoy your time at the cabin

  11. Sure hope that you recuperate completely and get your body's balance back in those beautiful scenes at the Quiltvilla! I still have a 17" high snowpack on my deck, so Spring is a ways off for me, LOL!

  12. Okay, that does it. I am moving to NC before next winter. Still below freezing here. Besides, I need a bigger sewing room, and if I have to move to obtain that, ti might as well be the mountains of NC! LOL!

    PS, I would plant that whole fence line to forsythia, if I were you.


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