Tuesday, July 31, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! On the road!

Even on the road there are things that have to be done just as if I were home in my own town.

Yesterday afternoon I found a FedEx and mailed a package---

I found Office Max and made copies of the hand outs for the classes in Williamsburg this week.

I was totally OUT of toothpaste--and that was on the list---

And the guest laundry at the hotel was "out of order" and I was out of clean under-things so that meant buying new was better than finding another laundry facility. I'd rather pay for new than pay money and take time to sit at a laundromat! Shopping occurred!

This morning I packed it all up again and loaded the car ready to move on---but I'm in no hurry---just have to arrive in Williamsburg this afternoon.

Time Out!

Time out for a morning pedicure.

Time out for a bank run to deposit checks.

Time out for picking up lunch at subway and finding a local park to enjoy it!

Next stop? Williamsburg. But I'll take my time to get there.


  1. i would love to be a fly
    ( that should be a thread ) on your shoulder to enjoy all the bits and pieces you do along your journeys' love to hear about what you see and where you stop .. so have fun and keep posting.. living along with bonnie
    take care

  2. love following your adventurous life

  3. Ahh, pedicures. I appreciate them more with each passing year. Enjoy!

  4. Pedicure and haircut were part of my morning too!!! I feel so much better now!!! Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM EDT

    LOLOLOL - Bonnie you are real HOOT! But I do agree totall. Buying new is far better than paying for a lauderomat and having to sit around waiting! Thumbs up on your chice.

    A Pedie can just br1ng on wonderful relaxation. And if anyone could use relaxation, it has to be you. Enjoy Williamsburg. It really is my favroite place to go and wander around, and shop .... brings to mind exactly who those folks were that started our country on the road to being The United States!

    Have fun, smile and enjoy again

  6. Heading out for my own mani-pedi when I sign off.
    Leaving at the crack of dawn so I can see you at the meet and greet!

  7. Life of leisure - at least for 1 day.

  8. Anonymous9:43 PM EDT

    Williamsburg is one of my favorite places! Can you pack me in your luggage and take along?????



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