Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Home!

It was one of those nights.....you know the kind?

Fall asleep by 10pm, only to wake up by 3am. More than half a night sleep, less than a full night's sleep...up to the rest room, grab an extra quilt. Try to get back to sleep. No dice.

Nose a bit stuffy, sneezing sneezing, eyes a bit crusty and itchy...Maybe benedryl will help.


So, I've been sewing since about 4:30 am!!

This isn't what I was intending to work on, I really just wanted to pull some orphan blocks out to piece into a back that wasn't quite big enough, and I found all the "Welcome Home" house blocks that so many of you sent me when I moved from South Carolina to North Carolina NEARLY 2 years ago!!

I laid them all out, determined to do something with them. Many of them could be squared up to 9.5"...so I did that. Another stack could be squared up to 8". So I did that. Still, another stack could be squared up to 7.5".....

Some odd balls had to have some strips added on and then squared to some measurement, but they would all work!

I used leftover blocks that have been given to me over the past couple of years as well....also threw in some leader/ender 4 patches, some other extra units.

I'm not sure I'm done...but I'm ready to let it set a while. I don't even think it NEEDS borders...just maybe a fun black/white binding or something.

It was fun to spend this morning throwing together this top fast and furiously, not worrying about matching seams, what goes with what, or how to make it fit..just DO it....Of course, it's going to have to wait in line for quilting, but in the mean time, it's fun to visit all these blocks and see how they play side by side, like good neighbors :c)

It's only 11:30am right now. I feel like It's got to be later than that. Somehow...I have this feeling....that by 3pm I'm going to need a nap!


  1. What fun to play with a bunch of blocks you received. Look's good! Some of my best working time is in the middle of the night too. Hope you get that Nap in today.

  2. I think you're right about it not needing a border. The way the "extra" pieces go around it and then the row of blocks, they kind of form the border. A fun binding & that should be it.

    Resist that urge to nap or you might have the same "wake up at 3am" thing happen again tonight, or not be able to go to sleep until the wee hours. The older I get the easier it is to mess up my sleep schedule. :)

  3. I remember when I sent my block to you thinking......"okay Now mine will stand out and I'll be able to pick it out of the quilt Bonnie makes"....
    ha I can't find it!

    Hope you sleep better tonight and don't get sick!
    Happy Sewing

  4. It looks wonderful! I like the black and white binding idea.

  5. I love that quilt! You did a great job on it! Hmmm...wish it were mine!

  6. looks wonderful...I hope you are naping now!

  7. Oh!! Oh!! I see the one I made with Queen Bonnie of Quiltville is peeking out her window ...

    SO glad you had fun putting all of these together ~ what a MARVELOUSLY scrappy masterpiece!

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM EDT

    The dreaded sleepless night...at least you have good sense about you to just get up and get productive rather than tossing and turning! Looks good Bonnie!

  9. Some of the houses look like castles if I squint. Castles in the Air.
    But I am still all "silly" from the anesthestics given to me during my colonscopy this morning. I do not dare pick up anything sharp or I would be sewing.
    p.s. Have a safe flight!

  10. Oh yeah, I know some of these nights. The thing is I can't get up and go to the sewing room because I don't want to look like a zombie by 10 o'clock in front of my students ! Otherwise I would sew away too !!
    But the nap can't be skipped, that's for sure. Enjoy it !

  11. Love them house quilts!
    Welcome home

  12. This looks like so much fun! Please get some rest though...it is a nice cool afternoon for a nap!

  13. Very cute, amazing how it all works together, it's a terrific top! I agree, some black/white zany print for a border or even just for the binding.

  14. Its gorgeous! I love nice bright quilts! Im currently working on your happy scrappy houses and this has given me ideas on how to use up a whole heap of nine patches I have from a swap in the border!! Thanks! Erin :)

  15. I love this quilt...the outer borders are fantastic (especially the bottom border).

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  16. Oh, wonderful! It's thrilling to be a teeny tiny little part of such a fun, fun quilt.

  17. I love it! It looks awesome!

  18. wheeee, I LOVE it! I love the exuberance and joy. that half a green star is marvelous. it already has a border. love it love it love it. so glad you got to play on something fun. 4:30 in the morning? I'd be a zombie with zero creativity - you always amaze me.

  19. What a gorgeous house quilt...I love the blue house which is on its side or on a hill. I hate those sleepless knights...I get so many of them. Hope you sleep better tonight:)

  20. What a fun quilt. Sometimes blocks need to sit awhile for the right inspiration and it looks like the timing was just right for these.

  21. Just trying to work out which block was mine! It's a while ago that I made it, but I'm glad all the blocks are playing together so nicely!

  22. Horay! Tracked my house down! (Lime green bricks, yellow roof, purple window and red background - perfect!)

  23. Love your quilt....and it's wonderful seeing the house block I made for you!!! :D


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