Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snugglies for the Plane??

Or Maybe a project to quilt on during long airport layovers? :c)

You know me, I hate to be found without a project to hand. Chances are I usually bring TOO MUCH. Wouldn't it be easier just to have a book to suffice, like NORMAL people?

But I got to thinking..it's a red-eye flight. I get cold. Those whimpy plane blankets never do me any good...and I need a new hand quilting project to take with me since the small little one (which wouldn't keep me warm even if I tried..okay, maybe one THIGH?)is almost done.

SO. I grabbed this orphan top that I've had done for quite some time...it is a good "sit down and cover yourself" size....and I went into my "get rid of it now" closet and picked out some lovelies (HA!) for the back! Bonnie M in TX, you might remember this butterscotch print from a box you sent me...I think it was with your "stinky" quilt! It's perfect for the back of this..I'm really in the mood for fall colors right now, and I'm putting this old fabric to good use.

You know when a fabric is old....it has no www.fabric.com website address printed on the selvage!

I paired it with another weird yellow that has a vine stripe to it, and since it still wasn't big enough, I inserted some leftover bricks and stepping stones units that had been given to me...

It didn't take long at all to load it in the machine and baste it all over with huge toe catcher stitches. It's really funny when people see me hand quilting, and they look at the basting.....wondering who would QUILT so badly! They think the basting is the quilting!!

At any rate, the basting will hold it together enough to keep me warm during my overnight flight, and if I don't get any stitches into it, at least it served its purpose for warmth, right?

I can hardly wait...Randy and I have been invited to a quilting bee for a group of French Quilters. Cafe & Patisserie. Ooh, la la!!

I've also got the blocks that I worked on at retreat...the berries have been appliqued to 7 of the 16 blocks now, so those are coming along nicely....It is amazing how MUCH 4 little circles can add to a design! The remaining berries are in a baggie to be prepped for the applique, and that is a good take along project, just the prepping part, even without having to take the remaining 9 blocks with me. Kinda boring though? They've been good "TV WORK" at night.

The fun part will be arriving in Paris...finding the place to change American dollars into Euros so I can buy a ticket for the bus that will take me into town where Randy is going to meet me. THIS PART MAKES ME NERVOUS!! But if she can do it, I can. And I'm sure since I'm not the only one riding from the airport, I won't be the only one struggling with luggage and STUFF!

So..there better be room in my luggage to DITCH the orphan block quilt while I'm dealing with luggage and the bus.

Tomorrow is packing day. I think I've gotten all the errands done. This just feels so surreal..I can't believe I'm really going to Paris!


  1. You're going to Paris tomorrow! I'm going to Sydney (yes, Australia) tomorrow! Just thinking about flying, and I get the willies - also known as collywobbles in Aus. Love your port-a-quilt project. I'm taking hand-piecing and hand-embroidery. Have a warm and safe flight.

  2. the berries look great, oh I love the way the 3 blocks look together.
    Have fun in Paris!
    lucky you!!!!!

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM EDT

    Usually I lurk here, but I have to say.... oh, how I wish I were going to Paris with you. I long to return. You can get Euros in Charles de Gaulle Airport with your bank debit card. Look for a machine. Or you can go to your local bank and purchase Euros, tho possibly it's too late as it usually takes several days for the bank to procure the Euros. BTW, tell your bank you'll be using your cards in Europe, but you probably already know that... Have fun!!!! --Annette

  4. Are you quilting your special way fans? Looks like you could add the binding before you go and stitch that first to make it just a smidge smaller. Throw in one of those thin shoulder bags that you get at quilt stores and that way the quilt will be like a handbag.
    Shoot! You do not need any advise on traveling with quilt objects. You are such a pro.
    Don't forget the thread!

  5. Bon Voyage!!!

    You will love Paris!! Have a ball at the French Quilting Bee.

    ..........I wish I was going with you!!!!

  6. I love your Oak Reel blocks!!! And the tiny HST are perfect!!

    Have a wonderful time in France!!

  7. Take lots of photos...wish I lived closer since I still have a wallet of euros in my desk drawer.

    Take the bit about contacting your bank both for the debit card and credit card seriously...several folks visiting me in England had their cards denied because they forgot to call!

  8. I just flew to Mexico and on all 4 flights they didn't give out pillows or blanets because of the increased flu and other illnesses....so take your quilt and a pillow along....and HAVE FUN

  9. Just think of all the new experiences your quilting has lead to. Did you ever imagine??

  10. I think the berries make all the difference.

    Have fun in France!

  11. My brother and his wife just flew back from a week in Paris today. They had a blast and so will you--but obviously you are not the type to set out to have a bad time!

  12. Another reminder - don't forget to tell the credit card company! We even have to do that if we are going to the UK.

    Are you meeting up with Will? I wish I could join you, even for 24 hours!

  13. Have a nice trip, and have FUN in Paris :-)
    Your friend has probably already told you this but you should take along some warm clothes as it's already pretty cold (though in the heart of the city the temps might not be as freezy as here).
    Can't wait to hear from it and see all the pictures !
    Amuse-toi bien !

  14. I think its a great idea to take some handwork on the plane. But, be careful, its a great conversation starter, and you might not get any work done on it! Good luck on trip!

    Debbie J. at Angelscraps Quilting in N.C.

  15. Wishing you a great trip, I know you will have a wonderful time - quilters are special people world-wide.

  16. How Fun! My daughter and her hubby are going thru from a cruise some time soon! They will only be in Paris for like 14 hours though... such fun!

  17. Love Paris.....enjoy all the fabulous food and wine....mmmmm its just the best.

    Safe travels...
    Happy Sewing

  18. I'm curious about basting your quilt by machine--did you do this on a regular machine? Or do you have a longarm? Can I baste a quilt using the longest stitch on my sewing machine? Because hand basting a quilt is never fun and takes so long!

  19. Bonnie, you've made my day!!! A friend of mine notified me by email that you had mentinoed me on your blog recently and had to send me 2nd message with a cut and paste so I wouldnt' miss it - she had mentioned it the first time and I replied back saying nope ... not me b/c I didn't see a linky thing... LOL I guess I was too excited to read it word for word!

    Thanks for remembering me and my "stinky" quilt that I sent along with the butterscotch fabric - glad it worked out to be used on something :) I knew you would use it decades before I would! :)

    Hope you are having fun in Paris!!! Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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