Monday, October 12, 2009

Triangles on Parade...

Good morning from Parkersburg, WV!! I drove 10 hours yesterday and this is as far as I could go, no farther. I'm still about 6+ hours from home yet. Would you believe that it was SNOWING when I left Michigan at 8am yesterday morning?!? Oh, get me SOUTH..and FAST!!

I got the triangles around all my blocks! It's fun to have new excitement for such an old UFO. I'm glad I listened to my own heart about taking the quilt apart and doing something better with it. Really I am. It didn't take too long to disasseble, new seam ripper, foot up on ice...I was a captive audience anyway, so they came apart before I hit the road, and the first thing I did when I got to the retreat was to square them all up again. Amazing how after 10 years some techniques are "refined" for lack of a better word too!

Hopefully you can see that I alternated red/double pink with green in the sashings, and then for spark threw in a few extra cheddar triangles here and there, just scattered with no rhyme or reason for where they landed, other than the pinwheels in the cornerstones. There are also red/green recycled fabrics in here! I need to thank Kathie for sending me a pic of an inspiration quilt for this idea.....it was just when I needed when I saw it! The pinwheel cornerstones are my own addition to bring the cheddar into the sashings as well.

The consensus of everyone was to add 4 big red berries to every block...it just adds so much, so in some of these pics you will see 4 circles placed where they are going to be. Nothing is sewn down yet, as I have fabric I want to use at home, and I was happy just plugging away on my triangles.

I KNOW I never would have tackled this at home..that's why it stayed a UFO for so long.

We brainstormed on borders, and yes, I could do more, but Gwen said that she thought it didn't NEED a border..just a binding. And maybe a muslin one at that, so the triangles just float to the end of the quilt without a dark binding to stop them. Okay. Works for me! I don't think I've ever done a muslin binding, because I was always worried about it getting dirty first (ever the mom, right?!) But yes, I think it will be a good antique finish for this quilt. Whenever it is I get to the binding. It might take me another 10 years to actually get that far!

My crazy brain is also considering doing some reverse applique on the leaves, inserting that detail "slit" for lack of a better term but again...do I want to add more?? I can? But? Will decide as I go. I just really love that detail on quilts I see where they have inset that long oval, or curved 'S' leaf detail. And since these leaves already have the background trimmed away underneath, it would be easy to do. Insane. I know.

As to the quilting? So far the plan is to quilt it in all over hanging diamonds across everything, even the applique. The reason? I followed someone ELSE's applique method and trimmed the extra layers out from behind the applique pieces. This will make for a quilt that is not going to hold up to a lot of stress unless the quilting crosses the seam lines. I probably won't applique this way again, but heck, what did I know at the time? As I look forward 100 years or more, and back at the antiques that have come through my hands, the backing and extra layers were NOT trimmed away, and only those that were quilted over the seam lines and quilted very close together, are the ones where the applique is still remaining.

Here is our star photographer! It was fun traveling around with Lucy and watching her work her big camera! I've got some other pics from the reteat, but Lucy took the best ones. Of course I didn't get any of MYSELF!! I was too busy shooting other people's projects, etc...I'll upload more over the next few days. I'll be home until I leave for Paris on the 22nd!


  1. it's perfect bonnie, those triangles did the trick and the berries are an ideal addition. simply stunning morph...

  2. Very pretty. I love the idea of the float, and I can't believe what a difference the 4 berries makes.

  3. Absolutley gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful crisp autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. If I had know you could have stayed with me ... I live here. boo hoo

  5. JUST BEAUTIFUL ok now how do I convince you to send me the quilt when your done?
    I will even hand quilt it myself
    just beautiful...
    a pattern maybe?
    love the added colors in the hst
    makes it !!!!
    so glad you all had fun this past week.
    just wish I was there too!

  6. I LOVE the way your quilt turned out and enjoyed watching you work on it at the retreat. I frequently add a reverse applique slit in leaves as I did in the quilt I worked on at retreat but think it would be too much on your blocks. The top is already busy enough with all the HSTs.

  7. All I can say is WOW! You must be insane, all those tiny triangles...I just did a carpenter star quilt, with 1054-1 1/4" HST and I nearly went insane. The blocks in your quilt now sing, you should be very proud of all your effort. It helps when doing crazy things to have good friends around to share, glad you got to go to the retreat.

  8. Those triangles are awesome! And yes, it needed the red berries too. I do cut away my background fabrics with appliqué took, it is how I learned it, it quilts lots easier if you quilt through it. But you made me thinking again...

  9. The triangles look great! This has such a Pennsylvania/ ohio feel...love the big berries too. I'm not sure about the reverse applique though...I like how the "chunkiness" of the applique contrasts with the tiny triangles...just a thought!

  10. All I can say is WOW! That is a beautiful heirloom you are creating! So what that it's been taking time ...the process is also important. We are so stressed today that we need slow projects. That is kind of my defense for having so many UFO's, but it is also very true.

  11. Absolutely fantastic. This will be an amazing piece of work when you have it finished. Truly stunning, and I love the red circle addition.

  12. Wow! Those red berries really add the spark that those blocks needed. The triangles make a super border! This quilt is going to be an absolute masterpiece.

  13. wow, what fabulous improvements. love the triangles, love the berries. lots of effort, but a great result. would embroidering the detail in the leaf work for you? not the same effect, I know. enjoy your trip!

  14. Bonnie,
    Love the "new" block with all the traingles and I think the berries finish it off. Just beautiful!!!!

  15. Your quilt is looking really good. I am glad I am not the only one that agonizes over decisions or makes too many!

    Can't wait to see it finished.

  16. Anonymous2:57 PM EDT

    Wowzers!!! I'm liking this one Bonnie.
    Hoping your driving safe...it isn't pretty home either..though no snow!

  17. Anonymous3:04 PM EDT

    It's lovely, Bonnie. Very pretty work! :)

  18. Bonnie,
    You have to finish this quilt...I so appreciate how you took the appliqued blocks and made them into a quilt that is truly your own. I'm envious of your time spent with Gwen. Going to her workshop is on my bucket list too. My usual thanks for sharing...Marge

  19. Bonnie,
    This UFO is looking good. The red berries really top it off. You are so patient...all those little pieces. Anxious to see it finished!
    Enjoy traveling home...never takes as long to get home as going away.

  20. Wow Bonnie, those blocks are looking amazing, I love the triangles dancing around the blocks. This may just give me the impetus to grab an old applique quilt out of the attic - I just fell out of love with it and it all became too hard to deal with.

  21. Wow I can't believe how much the red dots add to the already pretty block. Perfect!

  22. Love the tiny triangles...such accuracy to keep all the points showing crisp and clean.

    Maybe a tiny muslin border so the points don't get into the muslin binding????

    Me, I love snow and am jealous. The weather channel says we may get a flurry later this week.

    I am so glad you are almost home. I am not your mother but I worry for you quilty travelers out there. All of you!

    I am having a terrible time finding one lousy wooden TV tray. Even on Freecycle...will keep plugging away!
    Subee in Northern Indiana

  23. Love those triangles and the berries add so much too! You were right to rip it apart and add....Hope I have the guts to do that when the time comes!

  24. Leaving for Paris ?? Oh, what are you going to do in France ? Meeting people at France Patchwork, or going to a specific club ? My sister lives there, so if there is anything going on that I could attend and meet you, I would love to know about it !!

  25. Wow!! That is A LOT of 1/2 square triangles but they look spectacular! I love the added berries too - they really work.

  26. The berries are just what those blocks needed! It's amazing how much better they look with them. I like the triangle setting, too.

  27. Love what you have done with those appliqued blocks. The addition of the red berries just make them. Then of course all those lovely little triangles. Definately do the muslin binding. Backing also and make it very authentic.

  28. I love this - it looks so clean and fresh. Please don't leave it for another few years!

    You are going where on the 22nd!!!! How come?? Any chance of a phone number so we can at least have a natter on the phone?

    I see you're scheduled to be at Rayleigh this weekend. A great friend of mine lives there.


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