Friday, October 02, 2009

Just A Quicky!

Oh it's raining again!! But I'm trying to be positive here...it's perfect weathr for staying in and quilting the day away, right?

Yesterday we had a wonderful time learning to use the EZ Angle Rulers and the Tri Recs Rulers during a Cathedral Stars Workshop. It's so fun for me to hear ladies say that they would NEVER have been able to do those long skinny triangle star points without these rulers, they'd always been afraid to try before. Me too. Before these rulers came around I was daunted by the simple fact that the seam allowance would make that long skinny triangle SO long that it was hard to tell where to place your pieces so they turned out right. What a fun day!

I was done by 4 so I had a fun evening with Janice, her sister, her husband, and a couple other guild friends from my last trip up here..we all met at "On Tap" for some yummy dinner. Living in the South there are some delicacies that we just don't come across. Have you ever had Sauerkraut Balls? Seriously...very tasty!

This morning I was able to sew..as well as last night. And now I'm off to a quilt show before heading to Warren for tonight's guild meeting!

This pic is of Janice's cat Ryan. Isn't he a sweetie? He has a motor to match....

Tomorrow is a Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop....and then I'm headed North to Michigan..counting down the days to play time with Lucy!!


  1. Could you bring some of that rain back to the Carolinas with you? I mean seriously, we are thirsty!

  2. When I lived in Maryland I was introduced to sauerkraut stuffing for Thanksgiving Turkey! Then there is a chocolate cake they served that has..you guessed it...as a main ingredient! (Have to admit I learned to love the sauerkraut soup at the Cleveland Clinic cafe....)

  3. Bonnie, I love your blog. Your schedule tires me out but you always sound like you are having so much fun.

  4. I agree with MArtha. You have sooooo much energy and are so sweet too.
    Ryan is asking with his eyes why you are in his human's sewing room. And I see more shirt plaids on the cutting table.
    We are rainy here too...but warm...in the 60's.
    Subee in Northern Indiana

  5. I miss you, when do you come home again?

  6. Amazing photo of Ryan. Should be on a quilting calendar.

    Thanks for sharing.



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