Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Tobacco Road, Part Deux!

So it's not a tobacco field, it's a Windmill! What does a windmill have to do with this you ask? Step 2 will give you a clue!

This is "one" of my bins of "bonus triangles"! I used these little numbers for making the units for Part Two. Do you have bunches of these you've saved? Now is the time to use them. Square them to 2" so they finish at 1.5" And while you are working away, keep the following song (Windmills of Your Mind) in your head:

I personally like this version done by Dusty Springfield in 1968 better than the re-make by Sting. I remember my parents playing this album over and over. What a voice she had!


  1. Anonymous12:47 AM EDT

    Groan....ok, for those of us that don't have lots of "bonus triangles" sitting around and are still not even halfway thru the 4-patches, "about" how many of these are we going to need?

    And yes, I agree, this version brings back a lot of memories. Much better than Sting's. I always think of the original "Thomas Crowne Affair" when I hear this. Especially that incredible chess game. Probably the most sensual scene on film where everybody has their clothes on. Now I need to put that on my Netflix list again....

  2. I've been a follower of this blog for more than a year now. I have seen these mystery quilt done here before but never joined in. Now I have joined in and this is FUN.

    It's Saturday morning and I have my 4 patches done and half four patches.

    I am on to step two and I don't have bonus triangles laying around either, so I had better get busy today!

    Thanks for doing this, Bonnie. This is great. I've told several quilter friends what I'm doing and they think it sounds like fun, too!

  3. Hi Mz Bonnie - I am sewing along too although not on tobacco road. When you were here (Burnsville NC) last year (I think, or was it the year before? LOL) you taught your scrappy star quilt and I still haven't finished. I know - hanging my head in shame. So I decided to finish that one this weekend before I start on tobacco road - which of course I have to do since so much tobacco was grown around here. Anyway I have it all sewn together and have decided that I need another row (mine is now 5 x 7blocks) and I need 5 x 8 since we are tall and like our feet tucked in :) I have 3 extra blocks and tomorrow I will finish 2 more and add some borders and the top will be done.

    Therefore, I can now start on tobacco road ;) I dye some of my own fabrics and I usually dye in the fall and end up dying fall colors which will be perfect for this quilt that I am so sure I need to make. By the way, when you come back this way if you want to dye some fabric let me know and I will introduce you to a whole other hobby. Yeah - I know you need another one like I do.

    Anyway, thanks so much for all you give us. I feel like you are a sister and hope to see you again soon. Oh - and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my first scrappy quilt! Dh wants to know why it isn't large enough for the bed - can you imagine that? I have always loved the scrappy look and what it stands for - not wasting what we have!

    Susan (fabricluver)

  4. I love this! You're a real Pied Piper, way to go!! We're real honest-to-goodness Dusty fans here, too!

  5. Ok, it's Sunday morning and I am ready for Part 3.

    I don't know what this quilt is going to look like, but one lyric in that song keeps playing over and over for me when working on this quilt.
    "a wheel inside a wheel".



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