Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Green World...

This is the view I see around my house every day. I can't tell you how much PEACE it brings to me...

I have fruit trees! Some apricots (or peaches, not sure) and an apple!)

I love to take the dogs out and let them run. Buddy is doing much better without his cast, but he still doesn't like to bear weight on that leg. He'll use it as a crutch when going up stairs,but generally, he doesn't use it :c( The vet said this was normal.....and that over time he will start to use it again.

At least I know he is happy and healthy even if he'll be lame in that leg the rest of his life.

I've left the door at the top of the basement stairs open...Chloe has gone exploring..and the other cats have come down here to check things out too. Much hissing and growling and running away from everyone involved. No direct confrontations! I've worked on her a bit to get some of the mats off her chest and belly, but only as much as she will allow me to do. She's come out from her hiding place occasionally and rubbed up against my leg and let me pet her a bit. This is progress!


  1. From the picture I'd say one of your fruit trees is a peach tree.

  2. Gorgeous scenery, Bonnie! So glad you're enjoying your new home!

    Sorry about little Roomba. Hope the "surgery" goes well!

  3. Oh Bonnie I am so happy that you and your family found a great home in NC! Starting over in life isn't always easy but when you find the perfect new home that is a safe heaven it makes life a litle easier ;)

    Love your big back yard!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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  5. Can I come and live with you?

  6. Ohhh Bonnie! Love your backyard! Everything is sooo green...just lovely! Can I come live in your yard? *LOL*

  7. Yep, I vote on it being a peach tree too...do I smell cobbler??? lol And Buddy the Bold will be fine. His leg probably atrophied a bit with the cast on and it probably feels wierd to walk on it fully. He'll be raising cain again in no time. Hopefully his deck jumping days are behind him now!!
    Lori in VA

  8. Bonnie, that is beautiful. Can I come live with you too? I will help you sew up all those quilts..lol.... What a nice place you have there.

  9. Such a peaceful home. I can just imagine tea on the deck looking through the trees. So good for the soul.

  10. Maybe Buddy need some physical therapy... or a massage???
    I'm jealous of your peach tree, we have lots of apples, but my peach tree is having a tough time with the Maine winters.

  11. It's so soul-soothing to live in such beauty, isn't it? It helps us to slow down and savor the beauty around us. My backyard is very similar, only with fir trees, and it's just the haven I've been craving for years. So glad you get the chance to enjoy your new place! That porch looks like a great place to sew on bindings!

  12. What beautiful surroundings and this will make for great quilting and new patterns coming in forth from that active mind. also should be good for finishing up those book obligations.


  13. Green is the color of life and we know that Life is Good! Great photos, thanks!

  14. Your own little piece of heaven on earth.
    Green has got to be the most beautiful and soothing color in the world. We lived up north for years and our house backed on a green belt and I loved it. Now we live in a small town in Southern Ontario,I have a lovely garden and I love it, but I still miss the serenity of looking out the back at pure nature.
    I look at your pictures and wonder, "do they have mosquitos or other little critters to make the outdoors a bug jungle?"lol...

    Blessings to you and yours...Fran:D

  15. What a terrific yard. I am just a country girl who happens to live in the city. I would love a yard like yours, reminds me of my childhood.

  16. Anonymous3:27 AM EDT

    I'm 'green' with envy ha ha ha! Your back yard looks heavenly :-)

  17. What a view!

    Pat H.


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