Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Love!

I haven't posted pics of my niece Taylor's baby quilt because my sis reads my blog and I wanted it to be a surprise!

She sent cute pics after the quilt was received so now the cat is out of the bag, I can post about it :c)

There are a lot of fun fabrics in this quilt so it turned out to be an "I SPY" kind of thing for Taylor as well as a way for me to use some blocks that had been gifted to me along with some blocks I had made on my own. I set the blocks so the red strips make a diamond pattern in the center. It's bright and fun! And doesn't Taylor look so cute on it! I can't believe she is a month old already. I love her hair.... :cD

Yesterday I went to a Quilting Bee at my friend Mary's house! Her attic sewing room is perfect for several of us to gather and work on our projects and chatter away the day. Shirley is to the left with her back towards the camera. Mary is straight on in the peach shirt. The quilter to the right who's hands you see is our Mystery Quilter. Her name has been changed to protect her identity so no one will know she was playing hookie and quilting with us yesterday! *LOL* We will call her "Sunbonnet Sue". :cD

Four machines were humming, lots of laughter and chatter, and Shirley provided us ALL a terrific salad lunch. Mary made the most delicious to-die-for pecan cheesecake pie! I am not kidding..I could barely waddle myself back upstairs to sew more.

(Which reminds me...if I get ANY MORE SPAM telling me not to be "embarrased about my size" or that "bigger is better" I'm going to take it as perfectly good permission to go have another piece of that pecan cheesecake pie! HA!)

I spent the day working on the next installment for Orange Crush! I hope to get the instructions up by Monday. That's my goal anyway. I can tell you this much... The middle is TOGETHER. And Mary's DH Jeff said "OH! I like the ORANGE!" So those of you wondering when the orange comes in to play....get ready ;cÞ


  1. Beautiful niece and quilt! I am so excited you might post the next step on Monday...the moving van leaves here on Thursday so I might get that step in and put it all on the truck yet! I can dream, right. Smile!

  2. The baby is beautiful, as is the quilt.

    Could you share the recipe for pecan cheesecake pie???? Please????? It sounds absolutely delicious.

  3. Taylor's quilt looks perfect for her. With her dark hair and beautiful coloring, the brighter colors seem just the thing. Sounds like your quilting bee was a lot of fun, and I need my lunch, so that dessert is really sounding yummy.

  4. Your neice is a doll. Love her quilt.

    Mary's sewing space is wonderful. I would love to join you if only for the pie!

  5. What a beautiful baby! Oh, the quiltok too, but it pales in comparison to that gorgeous doll on it..*LOL*
    All kidding aside I love the quilt, I especialy like the diamond pattern it makes. Bonus for Taylor by also being an I SPY quilt.
    Now seriously Bonnie, do you think it's fair to tease us all with that pie? My mouth is watering as many others I'm sure. Will you ask Mary if she will please let you post us the recipe?
    I'm so happy to hear that the next step to the mystery quilt will be posted Monday. I can't wait to see the 'orange'.
    Have a great weekend Bonnie.
    Fran :cD

  6. Anonymous6:31 PM EDT

    Thank you for sharing, she is sooo cute and love the quilt.

    Christine Brisbane/Australia

  7. I love quilting bees. I met with a mini group from my guild a couple weeks ago and it was great. I loved it. How about sharing that recipe for pecan cheesecake, sounds yummy.

  8. Wow! Bonnie, Taylor is a real cutie! Gorgeous and adorable.....what a smile! I like her quilt as well! VBG.... Thank you for the new step 5 and the recipe! Happy Memorial Day!

  9. what bright eyes she has - oh bonnie she is so cute! And that is a great quilt for her to grow up using! She will love it for many years to come.

    I am so jealous that you got to go to a bee group! One of these years that is waht I am looking forward to... after the kids are older ;) ~bonnie

  10. Your niece is so lucky to have you around to spoil her and vice-a-versa!!! I know you gals have a great time in the attic! I love how creative you were w/her quilt!

  11. what adorable pictures!! too precious!

    Yah for sewing days with the girls, it's always a fun thing!

  12. Love that attic sewing space! Oh, Bonnie... that baby; what a precious and pretty little girl! I think she loves her quilt!


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