Saturday, May 03, 2008

Home from Florida!

I had a very fast whirlwind trip to St Petersburg Florida this week!

I left on Monday afternoon, and arrived in Columbia SC around dinner time where my son Jason fixed us dinner! Chicken sour cream enchiladas...mmmm! There is something very fun about having your son spoil you rotten for a change :c) Jason's significant other, Kim finished up her semester at USC this week, and we are so proud of her too. One more semester left! Kim's mom Charlotte also joined us for dinner, and what a sweetie...she knew I have been struggling to get all the book quilts bound, so she kept one to work on for the week while I was in Florida. She also helped me name one of the quilts, and I'm just tickled to death with it.

I left Columbia the next morning and made it to Jacksonville by lunch time where I stopped off and met Marcia at a quilt shop and did some shopping and visiting there. From there we went to a Cuban restaurant in the same plaza and had lunch. It was a perfect break on the road.

I arrived in St Petersburg just in time to meet the guild ladies for dinner. Sloppy Joe's on Treasure Island! What a scenic spot. We did sit inside because the sun was setting and it was too hot on the deck with the sunburn I'm still sporting from the antique festival last week. It's about all healed now...healed and peeled that is!

After dinner I returned with one of the guild members where I stayed in her little guest cottage next door to her house. Oh, we had a wonderful time! What can be better than sitting in the evenings watching old movies, eating ice cream and binding quilts? It was a lovely time and I thank Joyce very much for her hospitality.

Wednesday morning was my lecture and trunkshow and there were ladies from all over who had traveled to come! I was flabbergasted and tickled to meet everyone. Lots of laughter, lots of sharing of ideas. Lunch was served, and I enjoyed a yummy greek salad from a local place.

The workshop was on the boxy stars quilt, and we were full up! Everyone was raring to go to turn those 2.5" strips and squares into fun and easy star blocks. I love this block. It is too easy to be legal! But it works up so great in scraps. Some did more planned color schemes, and those turned out wonderful too. I think I love seeing all the differences in everyone's projects the most. The sharing of ideas and brainstorming is so mind opening.

I drove back to Jason's house on thursday, again getting there just about dinner time. Jason was out playing golf with some of his buddies so I went to Charlotte's to wait for him and Kim before dinner. We put our feet up, and yes...bound some more! I am happy to confess that there are only 2 left to be bound, and I should get that all done this week. Then those quilts go off to the photographer and I get the nitty gritty of writing all the instructions out.

We celebrated Kim's last day of finals with a dinner out to Texas Roadhouse, then back to Jason's to watch a DVD, and off to bed.

Yesterday morning I drove back to Winston Salem, and have been trying ever since to get life back in order here. Like I said, it's been a whirlwind, but a good one! I have two weeks until I take off again, and I'd like all the book stuff done before I go..


  1. can you insert an envelope with a scrap of your energy into each book!!! we are all looking forward to your publication-- i certainly hope this has been a fun and exciting writing adventure for you. how many quilts will there be in the book and where and when will it be available? it would make for a great christmas gift for quilty friends.

    the mischief maker

  2. Bonnie I was just catching up on today's posts and spied this post in the "You Might Like"...the "Florida" caught my eye - imagine my delight when I saw the date and thought "could this be?"....sure enough...your stop in "Jacksonville" was to meet our friend Marcia - the "quilt shop" - yes, that was US! Now if only I could remember WHY I didn't get to eat lunch with you two! LOL
    LynnInFlorida :)


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