Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quote For The Day!

The quote for today comes from our own quiltvillechat list member, Sherry Denton! She put my own feelings into words so well!

She wrote:
I can see that I need to be more open to color choices. Especially if it's fabric that I already have. I just straightened up my sewing room and I have so much fabric that it is almost embarrassing. I really need to be creative with what I have. It's funny that I have the orange fabric, but didn't really want to use it in this quilt. I don't know what am I saving if for? After all, what better place to use orange fabric than in a quilt called Orange Crush?


I was playing with some blocks last night....I've always wanted to do a "crossed album" block, and finally sat down to it while watching some DVDs last night. My thought was that I could cut into the new FQ bundles that I bought for my birthday.

My thought was to pair up "something old" (from the scraps) with "something new" (from the bundles) so I was getting the satisfaction of playing with "new" fabrics while still using what pre-cut stuff I had on hand that has been maybe floating around here for a while.

I am going with a blue and salmon/coral/dirty pink color way. The FQ bundles look so pretty, and the fabrics are folded inside of each other in a special way, and tied up with a big fabric bow...I just couldn't take them apart! *LOL* But I told myself....I COULD take them apart if there was something I really needed/wanted in there....AFTER I pulled everything from my 2" strip bins that would work first.

I haven't cut into the new fabrics yet! I know I will...I don't have that many dirty pinky coral salmon colors in my pre-cut strips, but it is amazing what we can do when we start sewing with what we have instead of automatically running to the store. (Or starting with your scraps, before cutting into new yardage)

It's really easy to run out and buy a "kit" or a "jelly roll" and not ever have to learn yourself about what plays well together, what doesn't...and how to substitute one thing for another. I love the challenge of going through what I have and finding something to make it work. I've learned a lot about color and value and impact this way.

I joined the workout express lady's circuit gym yesterday! It's fun! And I can't believe it's only a mile up the road. My goal is to make it there 4 times a week. Weeks that I'm out of town, of course, I won't be able to,but it's a goal, and I need to get in the routine of going. No excuses! The hours are 8am to 1pm and 3pm to 8pm. I am sure with those hours I can find 30 minutes to do something for me. And I'm going right now!


  1. I saw Fons & Porter do that Crossed Album Block. I love how the value works in that block. Sometimes you see the X other times you see the O.

  2. I don't know how you get it all done, with the energy generated from your new workout routine we'll never catch up! Love the Crossed Album blocks!

  3. Those are gorgeous Bonnie! You are officially my quilting HEROINE!

  4. You are so right! I don't have much orange for the new OC quilt so I want so bad to run to the store....you know what I will do....find even more gorgeous fabric while I am there that needs a home. I need to really look again at all I have and USE IT! :)

    Love your new blocks!

  5. I have favorites that I hate to cut into especially if they are over 2 yds. Saving them for what? That is the question huh? I found a 1/2 yd of orange, I'll stick it in somewhere. Exercising can become a habit. Good for you.

  6. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    Playing around, trying out different possibilities and making choices that make it, if not entirely your own, at least one with a big part of you in it, is what makes this whole quilting business so fascinating for me. I just have a feeling that paying someone else to do all the creative parts for me is like paying someone to cook and eat or make love for me. Why?

  7. Well you've been my quilting inspiration...Now it looks like you are going to help me get motivated to exercise too!

    Thanks for all you do Bonnie :0)

    Just a week until Orange Crush begins!

  8. Okay I love the block, I'm contemplating thoughts on fabric use and challenging to use what is on hand, and definitely you CAN find 30 minutes. Its worth it.

    Heart Rates for Love, *karendianne.


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