Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bunny Love...

I bought this bunny pillow on one of my teaching jaunts through Georgia. When I go places, everyone assumes I'd love to hit each and every quilt shop in the area, when what I am really aching to do is hit the thrift shops and antique malls!

This bunny was found in the upstairs part of a very disorganized antique mall in Augusta GA! In it's former life it was an ocean waves quilt. I love that pattern, and having made one myself, and knowing I would never make another (talk about death by triangulation!)I snatched up the bunny and brought her home with me.

I've got a big basket with an assortment of patchwork bears, and even a pig that was bought in Kentucky. His eyes are put on crooked, he looks more like a bear than a pig (like someone used a bear pattern and stuck on a snout to MAKE him a pig) and he was so pitiful I had to bring him home too!*LOL*

This morning I took the bunny pillow and put it on the quilt top that I was thinking I didn't like. It doesn't look half bad. They DO look like they go together. Maybe the album quilt looks murky to me because it doesn't have enough "LIGHT" as far as colors go? But all in all....as they say....sleep on it, it will look better in the morning!

Thanks for all the pats on the back assuring me it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was!


  1. Bonnie,
    I really like the look of the quilt. I think you are being too hard on it. I think the stars in the corner of the borders will make it pop too. Love the bunny as well.

    I found your blog through a friend, Sheddy, who has been reading you for a while. I am going to jump in and try the next mystery. Just need to figure out the colors.

    Thanks for inspiring me to quilt again. I've been in a mood for a while and haven't quilted for a couple of years. But I have fabric!

  2. Love the bunny! I love antique and thrift stores! I found a large grandmother's flower garden at a junk store a few years ago, all hand done and in good condition for only $10 I love finding things like that. Especially when people just don't know what they have and price things sooooooo cheap!

  3. The bunny is so cute!! Love the new quilt too ... it will probably grow on you if you leave it for a while and 'rediscover' it later :)

  4. What a cute bunny!!! Love the new quilt too!


  5. I think I know what antique mall you are talking about! I like the quilt...

  6. You are just too funny!

  7. Oh, sweet bunny. You'll have to get very loud and insistent about wanting to go to the thrift/antique shops, you don't want to miss seeing them. Just love to go junking.

    Have you posted photos of your new house?

  8. Well its a nice stuffy and it looks like she has a great home. Who else would think of having her live with a bunch bears and one forlorn pig. As for the quilt . I would love to sleep on it or under it if you decide you still don't like it.

  9. Oh Bunny is soooo cute! And you know, I love murky - so just send that top to me! :)

  10. Bonnie, I love the bunny! Your quilt is just gorgeous...love the colors and the crossed album blocks!

  11. little bunny "Gus" looks right at home here on the album quilt. :)

    I dare not even ask where you ate while cisiting Augusta, GA??? You know that is where I moved to Texas from... and I so dearly miss that city!!! We have actually lived there twice, and jsut a few months ago dh interviewed back there but that opportunity didn't work out... sigh, how I'd love to one day move back...

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  12. Bunny is so cute. Hey, I wonder if I should cut up some of my oldish quilts to do this... You've given me something to think about...


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