Friday, August 17, 2007

Fabric Aquisition Road Trip!

The first time I heard this acronym I burst out laughing. But since I have faced the facts and realized that I majorly fell off the wagon this past week, no matter how I try to rationalize it....it was a definite F.A.R.T!! :cD

Yes, I bought backgrounds..backgrounds are legal, right? You need them to put with all the darks in your stash...so I told myself. Wooooooowhooo..look at these beauties! You know I can't resist shirtings...

These are the amish solids. I don't know if you can tell the price by the tag, but the remnant prices are so inexpensive for really nice kona cottons.

The bigger pieces are for setting squares, sashings, setting triangles and borders. I found I really didn't have a lot of yardage in my stash over 1 yard....some have 2 yard, but when it comes to borders and sashings etc....I needed SOME to work with, so of course,I rationalized my way again! Most of these were on sale at 30% off at Material Girls in MD anyway (Another rationalization!) so???? Oh BTW, it's a darling shop. Instead of shopping carts, you pull your stuff around in a little red wagon!

This next pic....was a surprise for me! When I got home there was an envelope from Pam Thomas in Calif with these funny smiling mouths! She said:

"Bonnie, when I saw this fabric, I thought of you. I figured a Quilt Maverick could use this fabric. Hope you like it. Pam Thomas."

Aren't they funny mouths?! It's going to be fun to use these in something. I love the light print she sent too, it's great with the little black squares. Thanks Pam!

Here is a selection of FQ's I bought. Who can resist 99 cent FQ's? Most of them are from Mary Jos..a few from Joanns. We stopped there to pick up the latest Quiltmaker mag. It's got a blurb in it about my blog, and I was so tickled I had to pick up a copy! I tried to get my scanner to work but nada. Maybe I can get DH to work on it later. If you have the latest Quiltmaker, it's on page 32 in the bottom left hand corner. It says Quilt Blogs: Staying current.

The text reads:

quiltville.blogspot.com: Bonnie Hunter, self described fabric addict (YOU THINK!?) is a prolific scrap user and amazes us with the quantity of beautiful scrappy quilts she creates.

Is that cool or what?



  1. uhhh la la, look at those lovely colors. Waiting for gas prices to drop a bit before I venture over that way. Perhaps by January. Any idea on when Mary Jo's is moving to a new building?

  2. That is definitely cool! And for my lunch hour I am going to the local bookstore to pick up the magazine. ... a rationalization to purchase a new Quiltmaker, possibly ...

  3. Having SEX (Stash enhancement exercises) is a good thing once in a while :-)

  4. Nice loot! Wow....some stretch on those No Buy's ;) hehe

  5. I have also fallen off the wagon with purchases and gifts of late, but after reading lots of blogs I truly believe that my stash is not 'that' bad LOL.

    And I thought your write-up was good and true! Your scrappy quilts are amazing.

  6. Just stopping by to say that that mention in Quiltmaker is what led me to your blog. Now the link is on my blog.

    I love new ideas for scrap quilts.

  7. Great for you to be mentioned in Quiltmaker magazine! I love your blog and your site--you come up with the best ideas!--Thanks!!!

  8. bonnie, what a gorgeous stash! everything would look especially well in MY stash also...LOL. As for the Amish solids, I see a center diamond quilt right there, don't you? now get going sewing!

    cityquilter grace

  9. How fun to be mentioned in Quiltmaker magazine, I'll have to keep an eye out for that one here.
    With regard to the fabric - I'm thinking everyone needs a good F.A.R.T. every now and then!

  10. Backgrounds are always something needed...They are all good fabrics !!

  11. I get Quiltmaker by subscription, but I didn't see your blog mentioned until my 2nd time thru. I got SO excited, my husband had to come check to see if I was OK! rotlf! I showed it off to my quilt group (half of which have NO idea what a blog is and will only read MINE if I send them a link everytime I post!) Congrats!

  12. So with all these purchases you're just trying to live up to your press??

    I actually saw the article the other day and meant to mention it but forgot.

    I also posted an entry on the HeartStrings blog about an Australian effort to make quilts for African orphans. If you click the link - you'll see one of the quilts displayed was made using your weed whacker pattern.

  13. Mmmmm, shirtings.... I don't even have to try and justify buying lights, I use so many I just grab whatever I like and is nice quality. (Hate the thin ones)
    And I think I'd need a Big red wagon to haul my stuff around in....
    Have fun fondling this lot before you put it away!

  14. I want to come FART with you! hee hee hee. you got some great fabric - I love that burgundy with the snakey bits. woohoo on the mag bit!

  15. ooohh Bonnie, what a beautifull fabric. I think you need me to come and play with them ;-) Or you have to bring them with you top me :-)))

  16. Great fabric choices, I think it's time for a road trip to that very same destination! Congrats on your blog mention, that is KEWL!

  17. It is way cool! And I saw it before you mentioned it! I was going to scan it for you but then got too busy! So now you've seen it! I LOVE your fabrics you picked up! Mmmmm!

  18. Wow, congratulations for being mentioned in Quiltmaker.

    Before you know it you will become a nationally know quilter and quilt teacher.
    Remember you heard it from me first.

    Get your traveling shoes on.

  19. Oh I'm laughing so hard! I'm just thinking if I told my DH that I F.A.R.T.(ed) he wouldn't be at all shocked, but would be completely clueless, and then I wouldn't have to feel too guilty because I DID afterall tell him.


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