Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello From MD!

Just a quick hi from me!

We've made it through two days of workshops....had wonderful fun, good munchies, great conversation, lots of laughter, sewing machines pedal to the metal, lots of progress made on scrappy quilts....

New friendships made, old ones strengthened....

It has been so fun to meet people face to face that I have known through the wonders of the internet for years and years!

We have had people from other guilds travel great distances to take the workshops! I will be visiting their guilds in 2008 and it will be so fun now to know at least a few people in person there when I go. I'm looking forward to it!

I didn't bring my own machine because I wanted to go student to student and help where needed, but when people were happily power-sewing away I was able to get out all those gadzillion bonus 1/2 square triangles I have been saving over the last several projects and start pressing them and trimming them. MAN!! There are a TON of these! I've been looking through kathy's quilt books trying to find patterns that would be perfect to use these in. I think we found one. Time will tell. There are still a bazillion left to press trim. You know how tedious that can be? Well it goes really well in the midst of a workshop when I'm not needed...so I think for the next little while the press and square up routine will follow me to my workshops :c)

Today we are going to hit some quilt shops and do some touristy things. I have never seen the chesapeake bay, and there is a lookout about 20 minutes drive from here. I hope to get some good pics. I love to explore new places. I also saw on my way from Virgina "The birthplace of George Washington". I think tomorrow I'll take a little side jaunt and see that historical site. I love visiting those. My family hates it! So it is great when I am out on my own and can take the time to see new things.

Wednesday I'll be heading home, and I think I'm going to route myself through Charlotte, NC....I'm feeling a need to make a stop at Mary Jos. It's been over a yaer since I've been and since tomtom can route me without getting lost....I'll just take a different route home! :cD



  1. I'd be interested in seeing what pattern you come up with for the HST. I have about 1000 of them in 1.5" all pressed and squared. More squares yet to turn into HST but I still have no idea what I'm making!

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I would also like to see the pattern you use for those HST.

  3. Great idea Bonnie to square up and press those HST at the workshop! It would be a very boring job to do on your own! Can't remember if I posted this on one of your blogs somewhere about the Eleanor Burn's quilt in a day square up ruler for this job...it's a life saver! I used to press those HST and then trim them on four sides...with this ruler, you just line up the line on the seam line and one edge and trim one side and open up carefully and press! Works great.

    Be careful about going to Mary Jo's...there goes your resolution not to buy more fabric LOL. I was there once and would love to go back!
    Jacqui in Canada

  4. I was trying to be 'good' about my unruly scraps awhile back (before I got interested in your site) and gave a big bag of those tiny triangles away! I will be interested to see if I end up kicking myself LOL

    Enjoy your trip and come back safe!

  5. heard through the grapevine that you and your workshops were a smash hit...never doubted it for a minute; those HSTs sound like a BIG project, can't wait to see what "materializes," (no pun intended...LOL)

    cityquilter grace

  6. Glad you're having fun. I grew up in VA and love visiting the Bay.

    I'm also being a tourist right now - I tagged along with Keith on a trip to San Diego - now he's working and I'm out and about on my own.

  7. I've heard great reports about your workshops...just wish I lived closer!
    Thanks for sharing all your amazing quilts...you are amazing!

  8. Wow, sounds like a really great trip all around. glad you're enjoying yourself. Buy lots at Mary Jo's too - you deserve it.

  9. Glad you're staying busy! Ha!! I can always rationalize a trip to Mary Jo's! Safe travels home.

  10. Bonnie it was such a pleasure meeting you at the guild meeting last night (I'm the one that drove an hour and a half to be there LOL)! Your talk was great and I loved seeing your quilts in person!

    See you in the spring in Bowie. Let me know if you have a free afternoon when you come back up and I'll take you sailing on a 74 foot schooner on the Bay :)


  11. So glad your having a good time. When I read you were going to be in MD I thought - I should fly out to my mom's and come down! If only time would have allowed that!

  12. Ah yes, how I do love a trip to Mary Jo's. My daughter lives in Rock Hill, so I justify by saying I'm going to visit her! Bad mama!

  13. Oh A trip to Mary Jo's sounds wonderful. My sister and I go about once a year, or whenever she can get to NC.We are about an hour and a half away. I nice Saturday day trip! And I an so ready for another one.... Hope you bought lots of pretties, there certainly are plenty of fabrics to choose from. Have a safe trip home


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