Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh Wonderful Cable Connection!!

We have internet! Whoooowhoooo!

If you really want to appreciate what you have, try for a few days of just being able to read email on an itsy bitsy screen on your phone..and having to type with your bumbling thumbs! It's fun having that capability, but there is NOTHING like a full sized keyboard to make me happy! :cD

I used some of my down time to get this little quilt quilted. The binding is all scrappy reds pulled out of the 2.5" strip bin. I love the look. Sorry the pics are blurry, but taking pics without flash means no jiggling...and I'm just sometimes not capable :c)

The binding is on. I'm hoping to get it sewn down tonight. It was great to quilt a SMALL project. This one is the "jacks on six" block (title in blockbase) and I think I'll just call it "Playing Jacks". This was a fun one for a more color controlled scrap quilt using various shirtings, reds and grey/blacks. It has a very subdued feeling to it, and I like the asymetrical setting and how the chains appear and disappear depending on how dark the grey/blacks are.

I used all 2.5" strips for this quilt, using that wonderful easy angle to do the 1/2 square triangles. I'll put the directions on my website here in a bit. I'm due for something new on there, and I think I could work up a few different layouts in EQ to give people ideas on different ways to set this, different color schemes etc.

I've got two clients so far for massage today, so I'm heading out in a bit to do that.

I'm also in the midst of arranging flight plans for a trunkshow/workshop in Houma, Louisiana in January. If anyone is interested within proximity of Houma, feel free to have your guilds see if they would like to have me piggy back that trip with a trip to your guild since I'll be in the area. Have them contact me!

Keep on Quilting on!


  1. So glad you are back in blog land. We missed you.

  2. Beautiful rich colours in this quilt. Has quite a masculine feel ! Having said that don't think any lady would say no to this - lol !

  3. Glad to have you back Bonnie. As always, a fabulous quilt!!!

  4. Good to see you back. Wonderful quilt.

  5. Just whipped that up in your downtime,eh? you are so amazingly fast and productive. I love how you've done the border and the quilting is amazing as always. You're flying to a trunkshow and workshop? woohoo, that's GREAT, Bonnie.

  6. Well done on emailing on that screen, hope your eyes are not shot!
    Love this latest work, colours are fantastic...as is the quilting but what else would I expect! tracey

  7. Love this quilt! Great colour combo for a man too. Look forward to seeing directions when you have the time. You are a true inspiration :)

  8. Flying to a trunk show? Does that mean the 500 mile rule is flexible? Would you like to come to Maine and maybe meet the "other" quilting Bonnie Hunter?

  9. Another masterpiece Bonnie, you know how much I love your work!!

  10. this quilt caught my eye the first time you posted a photo of it - thanks for more photos and the pattern!!! :) This is one of those patterns that would be a great choice for a Block LOTTO: easy to make, and ready to set all of them together (no sashing required) and makes another design and looks fantastic in controlled scrappy colors!

    I looked up Houma, LA and it is 3.5 hours from me - I will try to "sell" you to my LQS and see what they say. Maybe between now and Jan they can check out your webpage and blog and fall in love with you like so many of us already have ;) ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  11. Oh it is lovely Bonnie! You never fail to inspire me!


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