Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun Pics In My Email!

First off I want to thank you all for understanding my rant. I know we can't please all the people all the time, but we can learn something from this....to be a bit more sensitive to other people's lives and needs and treat each other as if we were real life neighbors.

I had a wonderful surprise last night...a call from TAZZIE! We counted and figure that we have known each other for 10 years. I've never met her in person, but I love her to death. Even if my DH considers you all my "imaginary invisible friends" without the internet it is highly unlikely that all of us from all corners of the globe would cross paths and enrich each other's lives the way we have. With that closeness comes some bumps and scratches and maybe hurt feelings....but perhaps those stumbling blocks can become stepping stones. Those growing pains can become our strengths.

This morning I recieved these great pics in my email! Another reason I am so happy for the internet! Louise contacted me a while back asking if she could use the Diamond Strings tutorial to teach to her group at the senior center. She just sent pics of three completed quilts from this workshop! I'm not sure where the quilts are destined, but I love seeing the variety and individuality that comes from quilters. So may these pics inspire you today! I know the rectangle zig zag one has inspired me...I HAVE to try that!

The banana bread was devoured by the choir on wednesday night, and yes...I came home with more bananas with a big request to make more. Our last rehearsal is next wednesday, and then we are off until after labor day, so this will be the last banana bread feast for a while. I'll make the bread this morning and then freeze it until wednesday.

The A/C has been off at the massage clinic. I'm hoping they fix it today. It was over 80 in there by the time I finished my last client at 3:30. She was fine and comforable...sure! She had nothing on but a sheet! But I was soaked.....I suppose I could just consider it a dual purpose massage and sauna! And our humidity isn't in full swing yet....

For Today....my challenge for everyone: Find something today that fills your heart. Spend a few minutes if that is all you have doing something that makes you feel like YOU without all the extra hats of mom, taxi driver, cook, bottle washer, maid, employee, etc. Connect with your inner child and say "hello!"



  1. Lovely photos, what a blessing... I've said it before, you do so much to inspire so many! Great post, as always!

  2. It was fun chattering with you, it's so funny to think it's been 10 years. Time goes so fast!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie!

  4. Thanks for sharing those great pictures. I love seeing how different people interpret the same pattern to create totally different quilts :)

    Re the Mavericks - you will NEVER be able to please ALL the people, ALL of the time. Just do the best you can and try not to let it bother you too much :)

  5. Oh these are wonderful! What great ideas! Hope your having a happy day!

  6. Hah! I have just cut up some old phone books for making more foundation squares, and here are these gorgsous projects! Once again, thanks!

    BTW, I made a suggestion on MY blog that we should all support you with the Diabetes efforts. Thanks for all YOU do, Bonnie. What did we do for motivation before we knew you?

    Elaine, in the Sandhills of Nebraska

  7. Thanks to you and your website, I made 2 quilts and gave the idea to my mother for another one. After reading your blog and the maverick ring for some months, I decided to have my own blog as well. Try to remember all of us whom YOU inspired.Maybe that will cheer you up a bit. There will always be some people somewhere who are not happy with this or that but I think most of the time it is not meant to be personal. Take care and keep on inspiring us if you have time and muse.

  8. Bonnie, thanks for the lovely quilt photos and the challenge! I'm going to have to take a raincheck on it for a few days, but oh boy -- I can tell my dh that it was a dare!

    As for the previous post -- I'm not a Maverick so didn't know if I should comment, but the fact is that no group is right for everyone all the time. What fits for a time, might not later. It happens as groups grow larger, it happens in small groups of friends. While some folks grow and change in the same directions and times -- others branch out or change a different rate. It's not personal, it just is. And yet, it's hard not to have hurt feelings -- and when others chime in (and here I am adding my two cents worth) it gets harder yet. Hope *you* found the time today to do the thing that fills your heart for yourself. And maybe, reading blogs like the mavericks and the other wonderful quilters I've "met" through blogdom today is mine!

  9. Love the quilts! I too like the rectangle version...great idea!


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