Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Climbing The Ladder...one rung at a time!

It's a milestone day today. Today my youngest son, Jeff....got his first car at 17. He has been saving for a long time and had enough for a good chunk to put down. We made up the difference and he will pay us back over time on it.

We bought a 1995 Toyota Corolla....and it will be just great for him. It still has a lot of life left in it, and will be great for taking him back and forth to work this summer. It's been pretty hectic since his job is in the opposite direction of my office. I drop him off one way....come back the other way and go to my job...then come back and go all the way to pick him up in the evenings..I think this uses more gas and time than it is worth. He says he's ready to pay for his own insurance (on our policy) and pay for his own gas. So tonight we drove to Newberry and picked the car up from the little used lot there.

I remember getting my first car! It was a big day! I was 18, and it was a mercury capri...we called it a crap-i....because it really was a beater, but it was my first car. I learned to drive stick shift on it, and I have lots of good memories around that car. It symbolized my love of independance...(and my fear of stalling out in the middle of a busy intersection!)

I sewed 100 3" 1/2 square triangles tonight. Power sewing. Very boring. Not scrappy.....all two fabrics...auughh! But the fun part came when I was able to sew them into jacob's ladder blocks using the scrappy 4 patches.

I made 25 blocks and laid them out on the floor...looking good so far! I need next to do the 36 Peaky&Spike Stars.....but before I can get there I have to assemble 144 star point units..urg. At least those will have scrappy backgrounds, but I am using the same blue fabric for all the star points....

Thursday is my oral surgery for the extraction, implant, and bone graft.....I just want it done and over with, I'm tired of dreading it,you know?



  1. Ah, first cars. Mine was a 1961 VW Bug (purchased from my aunt in 1969). I couldn't drive a stick-shift when I got it, but learned quickly. I've only had one non-stick shift car since.

  2. Hi Bonnie, congrats on getting the 2nd one into his own car and driving himself!
    The quilt top is looking stellar, love the color play. Boring to do the grunt work, but the outcome will be awesome!*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  3. Good luck with the surgery.

  4. Ohh Bonnie . You surprised me with these beautiful blocks

  5. The scrap quilt is coming along so faxt! It looks like another beauty. Is the Newberry in MI? I'm in Canton.

  6. Jacob's Ladder is one of my favorite blocks - I've made about 6 quilts from that pattern, but I've never used it with another block. This will be gorgeous!

    Hope your day with the dental details is tolerable. I am a wreck just saying the words!

  7. I know all those red and black hst's are boring but they really look great with the stained glass colored 4 patches!

    Ug! on the dentist thing. I do NOT envy you at all.

  8. Oh wow - you are making GREAT Progress!!! Bonnie, I love your eye for color placement - I know you are going by the windwos at your church, maybe after the quilt is done post two photos of the quilt and window for comparison...? Keep up the great work, it is gonna be so pretty! and also done in NO time! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  9. Love how that quilt is coming together, good luck with the surgery-even if you don't feel like talking for a while, at least you can sew and type1 Tracey

  10. Good luck with your surgery, Bonnie. My Mom went through that quite a few years ago...and hasn't regretted it ever!

    Congrats to Jeff and his wheels. I had to LOL about your crap-i! You're too funny!

  11. Those blocks are beautiful! Worth all of that "boring" power sewing! You're the second blogger that has made me think of my own first car recently -- like you, we had a nickname for it, the "appliance" a Renault Alliance that had about as much pick-up as a toaster on wheels. But hey, it was mine!

    Good luck with the surgery, haven't had to do implants and bone grafts, but have had 15 baby teeth, 5 adult teeth and 3 wisdom teeth all taken out by an oral surgeon. Most of that done before I was 10. I just thought it was normal that the tooth fairy left me 5's and 10's (hey -- it was the 70's, that was really good money back then). Wonder if the tooth fairy still delivers for adults?

  12. It might be boring, but it certainly leads to a stunning quilt. You're doing good. Fingers crossed for the dentist.

  13. Wow oh wow! Your quilts always inspire me and this one is no exception. Can't wait to see it with the other blocks added.

    Good luck with the dental surgery todayp. I'm in the same place right now. Back in January I had a tooth extracted and some grafting work done. It was a surprisingly simple procedure and relatively painless. Next Monday they implant the post then a crown towards the end of summer. Wheeeee!

    I had totally forgotten about my first car.... 1970 Datsun 510 wagon. Fun memories!

  14. I hope your doing ok! I'm dreading it for you. I just cringe at dental work (you know that though)!

    The Jacob's ladder blocks are wonderful! I"m thinking this is going to be a scrappy quilt I'm going to have to make - I really like it!

  15. Forgot to say congrats to Jeff - what a big step! I didn't get one until I was 22! That was a really long time to wait!


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