Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas!

We returned yesterday from our cruise to the western carribean, and wow...what a time it was! uploading pics in order is always a challenge, so I hope you will bear with me..the title on the pic itself should give a clue as to what/where it was!

It was a great time, but we learned something...sailing cheaply out of Charleston meant that the cruise was full of fat drunken uncultured rednecks.....it was a riot watching the people...OMG..you wouldn't have believed it! Now before someone gets on me for not being politically correct...I'm sorry, but I don't know how else you would describe this lot. Uncouth in the dining room, tatoos and piercings blaring, loud obnoxious dirty language abounding..it was interesting, let me tell you. It was like the love boat meets hee-haw. And add in a good dose of harley davidson!

Never the less, the Grand Caymans were beautiful...we went on a sailing excursion there and got to swim with the sting rays..awesome. we also snorkled on a coral reef, all kinds of fish...beautiful.

The water is so AQUA clear...

Then we went to Cozumel, and to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.....we travelled out to some Mayan Ruins in Tulum....amazing. I always wanted to see the mayan ruins. It was incredible, the view from the sea, the aqua water, the white sandy beaches, and these ruins...

Key west wasn't such a big deal, but we'd been there before. we were only there for the evening so about all you could do is get off the ship, find somewhere to eat....when you didn't feel like eatting because all you've done on the ship for 6 days is EAT.. ;c)

There was plenty of time out at sea, and I was able to work on my quilting project a bit each day. I got quite a bit done on hand quilting the amish string quilt I'm working on....

It was a great time!



  1. What a beautiful pictures Bonnie!! I am so happy that you had a very good time ! and you are looking so relaxed. I can believe that this cruise is relax!!

  2. Oh it sounds so much fun though! Thanks for all the pictures!

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM EST

    The colour of the sea is simply amazing! You both look so happy - no wonder on a carribean cruise - woo hoo! LOL.


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