Sunday, December 24, 2006

Double 4 Patch & Furrows Quilting

I took some pics of the quilting before I got it off the frame to bind, I thought I would upload it here for you to see!

I got this panto from Willow Leaf Studios and it is called WILD AT HEART...(Just love their stuff!)and it is JUST what I wanted. I'm not big on cute hearts, never have been...either that or I was seriously burned out on them...but this is the first heart panto that I really like....it goes good with the pink I think ;c)

I hope to finish the binding tomorrow...tonight will be too busy with singing for the 2 Christmas eve services.....



  1. Looks like a wonderful time on the cruise.
    Love the quilting on the Dbl 4 patch. I can't wait to start collecting my own pantos for my new quilting machine! Thanks for the endorsement of Willow Leaf Studios.

  2. that is a wonderful heart pantino -- not too cutesy...

  3. I love her pantos also - I think I'll have to order this one too. I use hers more than any others I think. This is such a marvelous looking quilt.

    Oh - and I forgot to mention - the fans are perfect for your string quilt. It's nice to see you enjoying some handwork for a change!

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM EST

    I love the new panto too - must be because it has the feather look about it as well. Pink and green are one of my fave combos - the quilt is so pretty :-)

  5. Wow the cruise pics were fabulous and Don't worry about being politically correct. SOmetimes you just have to call things like you see them! Sorry!

    The quilting is fabulous, love the hearts! Great choice! Your hand quilting is wonderful too.! Have a great visit with Tonya!!


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