Friday, October 06, 2006

Cleaning Out!

Hi...it's me....long lost Bonnie!

I've even had emails from several of you asking if I needed help coming up for air!

And just a few weeks ago I was on such a roll with my blue quilt, but life got in the way. You know, I have 1/2 sq triangles all cut and ready to feed through the machine, but I haven't been able to even SIT at the machine unless it was for finishing someone else's binding. I've been quilting, but it is on other people's quilts, not on my own. Deadlines abound, and they seem to be taking up all my time.

I spent a couple hours this morning culling through my charity quilt stash. I'm resigning from being the charity quilt chairperson at the end of this year, there is a new gal stepping up to take my place, and along with the guild stuff I need to pass on to her, I thought it would be a good time to go through what I really didn't love anymore and see if it would broaden the charity quilt stash for the guild a bit better. The guild stuff is AWFUL UGLY. While I was chairperson I tried to make kits with it to use up what had been donated, and it is just not EASY to make all this stuff go together. So...I've added to it stuff I am happy to say farewell to in hopes that it spices up the mix a bit and the new person can find ways to use all this stuff.

Because I cleaned out...I now have a whole pile of my own stuff..and when I mean pile, I mean pile!

This pile includes pieces that are FQ size, some larger, some a bit smaller...small stuff I had tossed over to the charity quilt side of things, and now I'm pulling them back. I'm going to strip them down and feed them into my scraps. I need to find a way to make these chunks useable so that I will USE THEM.

I know it doesn't look like a very attractive mix of fabrics..but I am always amazed that when making scrap quilts, if you mix it all in....somehow it just seems to work for me. When will I get around to cutting this up? I'm not sure!

I've got a customer quilt on the machine I need to finish this morning, I need to go to the massage clinic this afternoon, tomorrow I have the "walk for life" breast cancer walk downtown, and I have to drive to Aiken to deliver several quilts to the quilt shop there!

I was supposed to take them to guild meeting monday night, but instead...I'm going to DC!! I'm meeting up with my Dad and spending several days with him doing the tourist thing in DC. I'm also planning on meeting up with TONYA! YAY! So...looks like Bonnie won't get in any sewing next week either!



  1. Seems you've been very busy! Have a great time in DC!!

  2. You and Tonya will have a wonderful time!!! As will you and your Dad...how cool!

  3. Yay! DC is wonderful. And October the perfect time to visit. Not too crowded, not too hot or too cold yet. :)

    Have fun!!!

  4. I'd take a time spent with family and friends any day over sewing. Enjoy your trip!

  5. BTW, I recognize lots of the fabrics in your photo as residing in my stash. LOL!

  6. passing along fbarics to your guild charity project sounds like a win-win solution to your problem...

  7. Glad to see you blogging again- we've missed you. Going to DC to be with your dad sounds great, have fun.

  8. I know things for you have slowed down very much but I still check in everyday and have enjoyed going back thru your archives while you have been away.

    It's nice to see that pile of fabric that you cleaned out. I know you can slice em and Bonniefy them = work them into your scrap system and they will be included in something beautiful one day! :c)

    Have fun in DC - and don't forget to visit their zoo too if you have time. I would also recommend the National Cathedrial - it is so Beautiful! I've been to DC twice and would love to go again. The last time we were there fall 2003 - they had a quilt memorial on display at Arlington in the women's building - don't remember the exact name of it - but they had hundreds of quilts that were all made in the theme of 9/11. They were breathtaking and I spent hours looking at each one and reading about them. Have a fun & safe trip! ~Bonnie M.

  9. First, how fantastic that you get to meet up with Tonya. That'll be sooo fun, I bet! Second, I have been dealing with a similar problem of donated fabrics that are 90% ugly. I've slowly been working through them and offering them in various groups to other quilters who see them with fresh eyes and mix them in wonderful ways with their own stash. It works! Have a great trip.

  10. Thank God you're still out there Bonnie, I was beginning to worry!I even thought my computer was broken because that same post kept coming up. But I knew you must be soooo busy now.

    Enjoy yourself with your Dad and meeting up with Tonya. Remember, those blue blocks aren't going anywhere and they'll still be waiting when you find time to sew again.

  11. Woohoo!!! Can't wait to see you!
    I'm amazed at some of those fabrics in your stash. That black and white fabric so doesn't look like you.

  12. OH have a wonderful time! And have fun with Tonya.

  13. She lives! How great to hear from you - even though you didn't show us anything more of the blue quilt! :-)

    Your live sounds like it's way too busy for three people right now - and there is only one of you!

    What a great feeling it must give you to clear out like this - and help the charity quilt committee at the same time. As we all know there are no uglies - they just aren't cut small enough - but it certainly helps to have some pretties in with the uglies.

    I hope you have (had) a wonderful trip to DC, and a great visit with your dad and Tonya.

    Hope you don't have to be so much of a stranger now!

  14. We just got back from DC today! If you get a chance -- a must see is the WWII memorial. It is impressive and I managed to get pictures of my husband and his WWII Navy buddy in front of the Guadacanal section.

  15. Hanging out with quilty friends is always an excellent thing and almost as good as sewing! Good to see you back!

  16. Thought the floor had collapsed under the weight of the stash :-)

    Have fun in Washington.

  17. It's always frustrating when life gets in the way of the fun stuff and boy does your life sound busy right now.

    Have a great time in DC with your Dad and meeting Tonya.

  18. Anonymous7:34 PM EDT

    I can't keep up with you - I'm so tired just looking at all you get done LOL. Enjoy your time away, say Hi to Tonya from all of us :-)

  19. Yay Bonnie that sounds like a fun visit. Quilting other people's quilts doesn't sound like so much fun, but it pays for your stash I guess!!


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