Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's in my entry!

It depends if you look left or right....if you look left..you get a shot of the dining room, and there are several quilts in there. One on the table, one over the keyboard, some hanging on the doors of the china hutch. However..my camera batteries are dead, and not only that, the software to add the camera to the new computer has ERRORS! Ugh. So...here is a shot looking the other direction...right as you enter! This is the EX living room, minus the furniture, all that is left besides the pool table is the 2 quilts on the walls, one of which is my dear jane.

Here you see Jeff playing pool with Lucy's kids! Jeff is standing on the left holding the pool cue. Pim, Lucy's son is poised over the table, and Lucy's daughters, Natasja and Purdy are looking on! I'm not sure where Isis is....she wasn't in the room!

Every room of my house holds quilts and more quilts. Some quilts get changed with the seasons, the kitchen table quilt is that way for sure!



  1. Is the pool table the permanent living room, then? =)

  2. Hey Bonnie, wonderful chatting with you today! I love your DJ in the background there, it's so striking with the black background.
    I had the best lunch today with my friend, just as you said I would, I'll post all about it tomorrow!

  3. I'm sure it's not the living room of your dreams, but it looks like fun! The DJ looks fantastic.

  4. the black sets off the DJ blocks really beautifully.

  5. Bonnie, with all the quilts you do, I can't believe you had the time to do a DJ quilt too!! Great job! It looks fabulous!

  6. Oh your Dear Jane is wonderful with the dark sashing/borders!


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