Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gatlinburg Quilty Finds!

Friday evening I got a call from Lucy...she and her famiy were up in Gatlinburg, TN staying in a wonderful cabin in the mountains for a week. She invited me up! How could I say no? I had one client on monday, I moved her to another date and time and took off for a 3 day weekend to spend more time with the Kramers :c)

The cabin was SO gorgeous. Beautiful deck around 2 sides, hottub (which the kids especially loved!) Glorious views...and a bear who made an appearance on or around the deck every night! I didn't have my cam with me...I thought it was in my car when I left, but DH went to a triathlon saturday and HE had taken it out of my car to take it to his race...AUUUGHH!

And of course the whole UPS fiasco with Lucy's left behind camera was still going on. It went from here to Knoxville...then went to Florida because the printed UPS label had the zipcode typo'd! They assured us it was corrected and would make it to the rental office in Gatlinburg by the time they left...of course it did NOT. So now the camera is back here with me. If I had known I was going to go up there for the weekend, I would have held on to it and hand delivered it personally! At least I know all is safe.

Sunday, Lucy and I got some time to shop by ourselves in and around Gatlinburg. We found a couple wonderful shops that recycle cutter quilts (the ones that are falling apart too bad to be used for anything else) into wonderful things!

The first thing I fell in love wtih was this bunny rabbit! )Next to him is the kitty I found in an antique mall outside of Spartanburg SC on the way home from Gatlinburg.) The lady at Apple Annie's was so nice to talk to, she had a little shop, her sewing machine was set up,(a very old kenmore!) she let us look at the pieces of the cutter quilts and told us a bit about where she got them, and how much time she spends working the cutter quilts into all the critters, dolls, etc that she makes.

I also found this darling apple pincushion made from a cutter piece dating to the 1800's. You guys know that is "my" favorite era. I'm just not drawn to 30's fabrics as I am the 1800's ones. I also had to have this lady bug pincushion! I hung her right by my machine!

The next shop down the road had these wonderful pumpkins made from old cutter quilts overdyed orange. It makes me cringe a bit knowing all this quilt had to go through for this transformation from quilt to pumpkin, but it was a cutter....I'd rather see it crafted with than end up in the trash, right? I came right home, figure it is close enough to "after labor day" and whipped out my autumn table topper and plunked the pumpkins down on it.

I'll remember the fun times that Lucy and I had together every time I see these wonderful recycled quilt treasures!



  1. Wow what neat uses of old stuff :) I've seen a few things but none so cute as the ladybug and the pumpkins. I'm sorry about your quilt design being sold on that site :( I dunno what to say...that stinks though. xoxo melzie

  2. Oh Bonnie - all your new things are wonderful!

  3. We were supposed to go to TN this week, but life interfered.
    I used to think it was horrible that people used "cutter" quilts to make things. I've come to realize, like you, that their lives are being extended and they're not in the garbage. Your finds are adorable.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. It must be so fun discovering all those nice things you bought. And what memorys. Me and six of my quiltingfriends visit a cabin last weekend for our annual quiltrip. We had lot of fun and actually managed to sew a lot.

  5. I've never heard of cutter quilts before. What a great idea though and what cute little things you bought.

    I love the Dear Jane - I just recently started my own Dear Jane, I have completed 10 blocks and I hope to finish it before 2045!! I can't imagine doing more than one of them. But I just love the 1800's fabrics for them.

    It is surprising to hear that someone would so blatantly take your pattern and call them their own. It certainly puts her integrity to question. I sure enjoy your patterns and website. Thank you.

  6. love the idea of slavaging the tops from quilts too damaged to remain quilts.... I have one in my closet I don't know if I can salvage, so I may have to explore what else is possible for it...

  7. Oh what a fun surprise and trip! How cool that you got to go meet them again and do that! Lucy and her family have got to be having the time of their lives. Makes me totally wishing for a vacation! :)

    What wonderful treasures you found!

  8. Your finds are great, Bonnie. That is the cutest little lady bug pincushion. I'm so glad you got to spend a little more time with Lucy. What an adventure the camera has had! I hope she was able to get other kinds of pictures of the places they went.

  9. I want a ladybug! Were there others? Is it from the Spartanburg shop and is that the Apple Annie one?

  10. Bonnie ~ These little creatures are just adorable! It is so sad when an old quilt is all worn out but using cutter quilts gives them a second life. Enjoy your wonderful find!


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