Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So you want to see the quilts?

I swiped the pics from Kim's blog at dogquilter.blogspot.com. She remembered her camera....I didn't! The Irish Chain was the best machine quilting award with the faux trapunto, and the ocean waves was the best piecing award. What was funny with the ocean waves was the fact that while they were hanging the quilt, they found a PIN quilted inside! OH MY!! Luckily they were able to get the shaft out and separated it from the ball, but now there is a pin head ball floating around in the inside of the quilt, completely encapsulated inside a feather. :cD


  1. Wow! That's what I said out loud when I saw these on your blog. I especially love the one with the white background. Congrats on the ribbons, too! Your work is inspiring.


    They are BEAUTIFUL! Your ribbons are well-deserved!

    I'm so glad that SOMEBODY took a camera! ;-) ;-) ;-)


  3. Oh Bonnie, I know I told you yesterday how wonderful both these quilts were, but still, that ocean waves is to die for! And I love the Irish Chain also - wish I could see the quilting up close!

    Good luck with the end of school, it is very close now!

  4. Hey Bonnie,

    Glad you got the pictures...by the way, I didn't get ones of my purse while I was at the show...someone was standing in the way and I figured I would get it later...later came and went and I had to take the pic at home...so much for the plans of mice and men...lol


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