Monday, October 03, 2005

I just got a packet in the mail from a customer, and I couldn't figure out what it might be until I opened it!

A blue rosette ribbon and some pictures of the quilt I quilted for her!

You know what, I think that the times they are a changin' and more and more people are aware of what weight the quilting has as a part of an award winning quilt!

My customer's note says:

"Look what I got for my quilt! A blue ribbon! I talked them out of a duplicate for you. After all, you helped me get it. It's all together fitting and proper. I sent some pictures of the quilt to go with your ribbon. Enjoy your ribbon, I'm going to enjoy mine."

Sometimes, something like this just makes your day! I can just see her demanding a second rosette so she can send one to me..*LOL* Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh Bonnie! This is so nice! If you get a chance can you post a picture of the quilt and ribbon! That would be so nice to see!

  2. Congrats Bonnie!!! Wooohooooo!

    Yes, I second Dawn's request! Please?! ;-)


  3. Congrats Bonnie! When do we get to see the quilt?

    Sarah N

  4. Bonnie:

    Congratulations! And, what a nice lady to get a ribbon for you!

    You're such a great quilter!

    Judy L.

  5. Ditto to all the above. You deserve a blue ribbon!


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