Monday, May 12, 2008

Pray for my Boxes....

The boxes have been loaded full of quilts and are on their way to my editor for photography. I didn't think much of it until I got to Fedex and the gal behind the counter asked me for the declared value of each box. That is when I gulped! And panicked! Never the less....they are on their way, Another deadline met!

I have the next two weeks to wrap up everything else, final deadline..June 2nd. I can't believe how close it is, it's almost here already!

One of the things I needed to include was a bunch of swatches for photography. It took longer than I thought to cut out all these 6.5" squares. I must have cut close to 100....

And that is when it hit me...if I have cut 100 swatches...that's 100 SHIRTS! or other articles of clothing. Good grief. It really IS a sickness, this collecting of useable recyclable clothing. Just as bad as being addicted to Jelly Rolls or Charm Packs or FQ bundles or anything else. It still amounts to a whole dang lot of fabric that I haven't made a dent in. Heaven help me if I grow wary of plaids and stripes and prints from shirts any time soon. I could clothe half the community.

Hey...is that a good reason for NOT getting around to cutting EVERYTHING up? we might actually need to wear it some day? :cÞ That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

All I know is right now there are two big piles of un-cut-up shirts here in my basement because I needed the big boxes to pack the quilts in!

After sitting at the computer for 17 hours on Mother's Day writing up pattern directions, I'm taking tomorrow OFF! I've been invited to my friend Mary's house to go sew and play, and I think I need that kind of group therapy...a mental health day...some R&R (Rotary cutting & Relaxation!)


  1. How apt a thought for the day - shirt obsession. I have 6 sons and we have loads of plaid and stripe shirts around - well the other day I was looking for a simple, border to tone down a very busy quilt and I came across some shirts bundled up in the corner of my sewing room, stripe shirts - all blue and white perfect!!!!

    Well not quite I wondered why they didn't have many buttons on them apparently one of my sons bought them home from a mates place for me to sew the buttons on again..........been shopping this morning and replaced them. Cost me an arm and a leg. Have told sons to fill in a work slip for any other clothes they bring for me to repair....now eldest son is accusing me of cutting up his favourite shirt that went missing a few months ago - I swear it wasn't me look in Bonnies sewing room!!!LOL


    PS; Have to smile although the borders cost me more than buying new fabric - the quilt still looks great!!

  2. 17 hrs...........wow!! You deserve the day off tomorrow. Have fun.


  3. Sigh...the shirts are so expensive at the thrift store here. Grumble.

  4. yup, that's always scary to send quilts off in a box. fingers crossed for them, and toes. that is a looot of cut up shirts.crazy woman. enjoy your day off - you well deserve it!

  5. I'm still chuckling at daisymum7's comment about cutting up the wrong shirts - there but for the grace of God we all go I reckon. Thrift shirts might well be an addiction but at least by recycling you're doing your bit to help the planet so give yourself a pat on the back

  6. Gosh Bonnie, so many shirts, they are to expensive here to buy them like that...
    have a day off, you really do deserve it, go play with a friend, do you good!!
    Julia / Australia

  7. Charity shop shirts are very expensive here in the UK too, but I've solved that problem. My husband is the addicted charity shop shirt shopper (try saying that several times!) and I've slyly 'lifted' a few of those - he still hasn't noticed!

  8. My Dh is sure I have taken a few of his shirts and used them in quilts. I'm pleading the 5th!

    Congrats on meeting the deadlines! There should be a patron saint of quilts to keep an eye on your boxes...I'll work on that one!

  9. Praying for safe passage for your precious quilts. Don't think about the shirt obsession in a bad way, think of yourself more as a facilitator... aiding these otherwise unwanted shirts from one life to the next. Way to go!!

  10. Best wishes to you and your quilts-in-transport, Bonnie!!! This is so exciting to witness!!!

  11. So far, I have been able to resist going to the local thrift stores looking for shirts, but I'm sure I feel a sense of weakening! I surely don't need any more fabric, but your results make it so enticing!

  12. Wonderful scrappy shirts! Someone else is town here is reading your blog, because there is scarcely a plaid shirt in either thrift store! Hope your quilts are safe...great work! What are you doing working 17 hours on MOTHER'S DAY?? hehehe:)

  13. Frantik@sympatico.ca
    Big one sent upstairs for the safety and safe arrival of your quilts Bonnie.
    I know what you mean by shirt obsessing though. Our car now stops at all thrift stores. Last month I was lucky enough to find a litlle town south of here in which their little store called 'Blessings' had a clearance sale. Yup, even thrift shops have to make room for the summer stuff, and all clothing in the store was .50 cents each. I had to have help to get the 2 huge black garbage bags out to my car and the best thing was I spent less than $25.00,.:-D
    I am blessed with a husband who is retired and doesn't mind helping to rip. He took more than half those shirts apart. I now have over 40 of them rolled up 'jelly-roll style in a small bookcase of my sewing room waiting for your book to come out. I had been saving a few before, and I also check out the over size ladies wear. Lots of good fabric there also. Don't give up girls just keep your eyes peeled and ask the shop owners if they ever have a sale or a clearance and if so when. Be there early.
    Have fun tomorrow Bonnie, will be thinking of you. :-) Fran

  14. Bonnie, I'm sending up prayers that your boxed quilts arrive to their destination promptly and safely!

    Here's a tip I got from Martha Stewart yesterday via email.... cut 12" squares from used shirts, hem them (or not) and use for napkins... I did mention that to my hubby, but maybe shouldn't have...now if he can't find a certain shirt, I will be accused. LOL.

  15. So many great ideas from you and your commenters. Thanks

  16. I am sure your quilts will survive. But good luck with that, and glad another deadline was met! Now onto the next one!


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