Thursday, May 08, 2008

Postcards from the Dungeon...

It's supposed to be like "Postcards from the Edge"..but actually it is pictures of my studio!

I had an electrician in last week to bring me LIGHT. So it is less dungeonesque in here now.

I've hung quilts, I've displayed my machines, I've got WIPS stacked all over. It's not the cleanest down here right now,but this is how I live in Quiltville.

I've bought the replacement ceiling tiles. Those will be installed as soon as I can get the guys around here to agree to do it.

I love having room to have both of my treadle machines out in the open. The painted paneling doesn't look so bad when quilts are displayed all over.

I hung my Dear Jane quilt behind the machine, it's really the only big empty wall in the house where it can be hung.

The little blue bookcase holding my antique machines was here in the house when we moved in. It's heat up and rustic, but functional and I love how shabby chic it is. The second machine down beloned to my grandmother. She passed away when I was 5. Years ago my aunt gifted me this machine. I checked for info on it from Singer and it was born March 3, 1942 in Elizabeth, NJ. This was right around the time my mother was born, so I can imagine my grandmother sewing cute little baby clothes for her first daughter, my mom.

The little 99 machine below it has a knee control. I've never gotten it to work, but it sure is cute! I keep thinking...some day...some day.

The hand crank on top of the old radio cabinet is from Germany and has beautiful scroll work decals and lovely mother of pearl inlays...I'd love to get it in working order too.

I have FINISHED all the binding of book quilts! YEAH! I've still got to bind my sister's baby quilt...the baby is now 3 weeks old! Maybe this weekend.

I've plugged a bit outside of working hours on the scrappy basket blocks. I think they are pretty blendy. :c| I've tried a couple keeping the bouquet triangles all the same color, and that seems to show up better. Thanks to Lucy for the critique. The baskets themselves are all red, because I had a gazillion of the half square triangle squares already made that make up the basket feet...bonus leftovers from star struck quilts. I'm not sure how big I'll make this, it's just busy busy. Maybe some sashings or something would tone it down?


  1. I wish I had all that space. How do you display so many quilts on the wall? are they attatched by something other than a rod?

  2. Hi Bonnie

    Love you little basket blocks. If you want to define the baskets more try adding a small( finish 1/2 inch) dark or black border around the blocks before you put on the string triangles.

    Love your patterns and can't wait for the book!!

    Judy S

  3. Judy's suggestion about the black band sounds interesting and worth trying to me. The baskets are lovely.

    I know what you mean about getting the guys to do a project. I finally got fed up with all the stuff from our recent renovations being stacked in the sunroom, aka my future studio...so I've set myself up in the office, right in his way...LOL...we may have a cold war going on!! Lori in VA

  4. NIce space Bonnie. How is your Storm at Sea Jane doing? I enjoy reading your blog and yes your ds is beaming:)

  5. I *DID* try a narrow black border around each block before putting the string pieced corners on. I didn't like it. It made it look..ummm..too modern, maybe? And the string blocks I'm cutting in half would be too small if I made the blocks any bigger by using sashing. I'm trying to use up all these "parts" I have laying around here. I'll keep playing with it!


  6. Bonnie,
    Thanks so much for allowing us into "Quiltville". I can only dream of having that space to create in. Some day....Right now I have both spare bedrooms and the entire livingroom and I am still not happy!

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I really like your "dungeon"... spacious! My sewing corner is about 4'x10'. Love how you have all your quilts on the wall and those vintage machines too.
    About the baskets, it's busy and blendy, but I like it! Perhaps with sashings and your wonderful quiltings, you could accentuate the baskets more than the rest of the quilt. Just my 2cents. :D

  8. Ok, if the black bands didn't work out, how about scrap sashing pieces with cornerstones all in the basket color or similar. Might make the baskets pop a little more.

  9. I have that same machine as you do, the one with the knee controller. It's a bear to get threaded, but I love the way it sews. I've used it for denim quilts and it works great for those heavy fabrics.

  10. definitely some sashing to separate the blocks and allow the eye to really be able to see and enjoy each block. Great job! Your creativity amazes me!

  11. Your sewing space is stupendous! Love the displays, love the wall quilts, everything :-) It looks like a fantastic place to work and play.

  12. Love your quilting space. Wish mine was as spacious and had a window. I admire all your work and especially your energy.

    Diane C.

  13. Oh my, your space is so not a Dungeon- I love it. Wish I had space to display my vintage machines and quilts. Thank you for sharing all the photos of your space, pls continue.
    Deb in AZ

  14. I am entirely jealous of your space and I love you sewing machine collection. I was just at a quilt show where I saw someone piecing on a treadle machine. I see them all over the place. I would love to try it sometime.

  15. Beautiful, beautiful sewing studio. The basket blocks are wonderful.

  16. Wow, Quiltville looks amazing. So great to have all that room and can display all the quilts. Your Dear Jane looks great there, though sad to hear you don't have a big space to diplay it elsewhere. ((only one big wall in the house? I'd be in trouble))

    I really like how busy the baskets are. Would love to see two different pics, one with the blocks just mashed together and one with sashing and cornerstones. I love the idea of just putting them side by side, but that might just mush it too much.

  17. I thought about you all this morning when I saw the CBS Morning news where tornados hit Noth Carolina. I hope you all are safe.

  18. Hi from Southern Illinois! I really have been enjoying your blog too and love your baskets! I learned to sew on my mother's treadle machine. Even did my prom dresses on it in highschool. Wish I had it now but long term storage in my parent's basement destroyed it and think my sister threw it away.

  19. bonnie, how gorgeous and so perfect for a quilting diva like you....love all your kitschy machines and your quilts are just beautiful...who cares about paneling when you have quilts, i say...



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