Saturday, May 31, 2008

Orphan Party!

I finally decided to tackle the orphan block bin, and start organizing it by block size, instead of it being a jumbled up mess. I thought if I put things by SIZE, you know...8" blocks, 9" blocks, 6" blocks, etc...I might find a purpose for them.

Well, you can't sort blocks without playing with them a bit! And you can't lay things out without just "STARTING" to sew them together, can you?

I can't!

So I have two little orphan tops. Not too big, not too small. One is 8" blocks surrounded by 6" blocks. The other is 9" blocks surrounded by a scrappy 9 patch border, all the 9 patches were left from my zigzag 9 patch quilt, and I used other 4.5" blocks in the corners to finish it off.

FUN! I may add a border to the one with the 6" blocks around the outside....but I don't want it to get TOO big! These two tops cleared out a lot of orphans, and I can move stuff around in that box without too much effort now. I think these will be cute as table toppers, or over the back of a chair or something. The one with the 6" blocks on the outside is DEFINITELY going to be needing a tea bath. That muslin is just too stark for my liking!

You can also see that Chloe is taking her new job of studio cat very seriously! She has really turned into a lover. I was worried about her a bit, but learned that her meowing and meowing is her way of talking, not expressing necessarily her discontent. I knew she had accepted me when she would flop over at my feet and roll belly up for me to scratch her tummy. Do you hear that Tonya? I've got a kittie who gives bellies, just like Pokey! :cD

Chloe and the other kitties are now expressing DISINTEREST in each other. No more hissing, just lots of "I can ignore you better than you can ignore me!"

This morning I had to take our grey tabby girl, Emmy, to the vet...she's got some kind of abscess on her back by her hip. Hopefully some antibiotics will clear that up. I like this vet....they allow us "drop off" visits, so we just drop her off, and pick her up later. I don't have to wait in the room the whole time with her, watching them drain that thing.. :c)

Charlotte and her hubby Jerry are on their way over here, I better get the studio ready so we can SEW SEW SEW this weekend!


  1. What neat orphans, Made into great little quilts. I must try that as I have several around.

    Just waiting for the next clue to the OC.

    Have a fun day sewing with your friends.

  2. Oh goody! Hubby asked about Chloe last night...and I said I would look for an update! Love the orphan quilts too.

    We laugh that Noodle does the flop thing too. He figures if he drops in front of our feet there's a 50/50 chance we will graze his tummy and he'll get a rub out of the deal!

  3. what a great party! looks like it was a success! I need to take some time out and do that as well!

    AHhhhhhhh, Chloe is doing a great job!

  4. Everyone needs a studio pet and sentry...I mean, what if someone broke in and tried to steal one of those ~gorgeous~ orphan block tops...Chloe will not let that happen. "Attack cat on duty" lol

  5. Oh fun, fun, fun! I love some of those 6" blocks you have. I think a whole quilt of those would be awesome! Have fun sewing!

  6. I have a pizza box filled with orphan blocks. I hope they look this good when I get them together. ~jen~

  7. Chloe is so beautiful! I so wish I could have an indoor cat so lay on my lap while I sewed! And I absolutely love how those orphan blocks came together. They look great!!

  8. frantik@sympatico.ca

    I really like the small orphan block quilts, and I noted that you made a comment about one of them needing a tea bath.
    I have some too white or tooo.. bright fabric also, but how do you tea dye big pieces like that? It must take gallons of tea, or is there a secret dye that I haven't heard of before.

    Have a great weekend sewing with your friend and I will be busy in my sewing room trying to finish my step 5 of OC. I'm half done and just love the results.

    Smiles across the miles:-D Fran

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    Your orphan block quilts are so lovely and so is Chloe. I have two little Maltese who are quilt puppies and have to lie on investigate everything!
    Off to SEW, SEW, SEW - best wishes Lurline/Australia.

  10. How beautiful!!! You are so talented! Susan

  11. orphans NOT! more like 'lost at birth' scenario. looks fantastic! I sorta want to start and not finish a few projects just so I can accumulate lovely 'orphans'!


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