Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Swore I Wasn't Going To Start This....

I have two other quilts in the process of hand quilting, but I just couldn't NOT start this.

Last night I finally got all the labels on (can I hear you cheering?!?) the quilts to go to photography, but was too wiped out to do much else...I could NOT make myself sit here and write up pattern instructions..

I really WAS in the mood for more hand stitching after doing all those labels. There is something really soul centering of pulling a needle and thread through a quilt, even if it is for labels.

While doing the labels..I had been watching all the "On Demand" stuff that my cable offers. I really LOVE BBCamerica On Demand. And Turner Classic Movies on demand! Great stuff, and you can start it and stop it as you want.

Needless to say....I plopped a hoop on the quilt and started quilting. I had machine basted the quilt a couple days ago. After thumbing through some antique Amish quilt books, I decided to mimic what I saw in another basket quilt, and just cross-hatch the blocks instead of outlining everything. The setting triangles have a line of stitching down each string...that makes it easy to avoid seam allowances. The sashings have double X's and the 4 patches have an X as well.

The inner border will have dog teeth zig zags, and I think I'm going to simply follow the pattern of the red flowers in the print to stitch diagonal lines in the red border. It's so busy, not a lot will show.

And yes...I've got to get cranking on the other stuff I've been wanting to finish the hand quilting on as well....but it just FEELS good to do a bit of hand quilting...

Just as my sign says...."There is nothing that a little needling can't fix!"

As I work on this quilt, I see all these scraps that have been part of my quilting life over the past many many years. Definitely a lot of you would say, "Oh, I would never put THAT fabric with THAT fabric!" But I do. Scrap quilts of yesteryear were made with scraps on hand. They were a diary of the fabrics that passed through that household. These are MY scraps from my projects. They are a diary of the fabrics that have passed through my household, even if that pink/red heart with the gold metallic doesn't "go with" that little ditsy calico and shirting print or plaid. To me they are the perfect combination.

I CAN put a metallic next to a batik next to a 30's next to a civil war next to a solid,plaid, stripe, novelty, a bright next to a murky primitive. This is the fabric of my life. It tells my story.

Today....the quilt will be set aside until tonight. I'm back with my shoulder to the wheel, writing pattern directions, hoping to get as much as I can done before I send the box of quilts off to photography tomorrow afternoon.

But tonight....can I please do a few more stitches? Just a few? :cD

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Quilting is the best therapy and by now you need a lot of tlc. Happy Mother's day. I love my block. You were able to take it and do what I could never do. Thanks a bunch. Charlotte

  2. Bonnie, I SO like the borders on this quilt!

    n, np

  3. Bonnie,
    I just wanted to thank you. I am doing the Orange Crush and having a ball. After reading your blog, I decided that my quilts are mine. I can do anything I like in them and use any fabrics I want. They are my quilts, done my way. For some reason I had to have someone (you) show me this. I am having so much more fun with quilting since I loosened up.They don't have to be perfect or even match. LOL I think you are amazing. I love all your quilts.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Frantik@sympatico.ca
    Bonnie I agree with you on the history of fabric that come from my home. I still have pieces of quilts (well loved & used) that I see a dress that my oldest daughter wore when she was 7 or so and shirts that my sons wore when they were in Sunday school. That to me is the history of quilting. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a sucker for a new piece of fabric, but once it's in the stash it takes a long time to find it's perfect home in a quilt. It has to wait it's turn until all those other scraps of life have found their home in a quilt. I'm so glad I found your site. Until then I felt alone in this thinking, and wondered if anybody would ever think of my scrappy quilts worth looking at. Now that I've met you and your readers, I can see that they are more precious than any fancy quilts out there. They are MINE, and all my heart & soul have gone into them and they are beautiful in all their imperfections. Thanks again for all your inspiration and Happy Mother's Day to you also.:-) Fran

  5. I think hand quilting soothes the soul in a way that nothing else does. I can't do much because of arthritis but when I'm stitching the hurry-scurry day fades away and peace comes in.

  6. this one is really lovely, and the cheddar and red border perfect

    yes, doing some handquilting is like medecin especially after a stressy day

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM EDT

    Boy I wish I had some of your energy!! The scrappy quilt is beautiful and the green sashing is perfect :-)

  8. I CAN put a metallic next to a batik next to a 30's next to a civil war next to a solid,plaid, stripe, novelty, a bright next to a murky primitive. This is the fabric of my life. It tells my story.

    I'm glad I am not the only one who does this . The quilt looks fantastic . Happy Mother's Day :)

  9. Anonymous9:34 PM EDT

    Happy Mother's Day to you Bonnie!

    You have been a great inspiration to me. You have given me courage to use all different fabrics and colors together in my quilts. I don't know how you do it, but all your quilts blend beautifully, no matter what pattern or fabrics you put together. Thank you for having your website available. Love that you write to us regularly. Read it often and I think you are an amazing women. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for your book!
    Hugs, Patty

  10. Love your quilt. I look at my scraps with excitement since reading your blog.

    Can you tell me how you baste your quilts on the frame? Do you run the stitch across the fabric?


  11. What a wonderful way to spend your mother's day! I hope it was filled with love and laziness :)

    I'm finally going to take the dive into hand quilting....though my project is only 18" square! :)

  12. Thanks for doing your part to urge quilters away from the matchy-matchy school of quiltmaking. A quilt is so much more interesting, so much more YOURS when the fabric choices are YOURs and not the choices of RJR or Benartex.

    And Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Hi Bonnie, I love the quilt and the quote "I CAN put a metallic next to a batik next to a 30's next to a civil war next to a solid,plaid, stripe, novelty, a bright next to a murky primitive. This is the fabric of my life. It tells my story." This is exactly how I have felt since I started quilting.

    Do you mark you quilts for handquilting? The double X's in the sashing, were they marked ahead of time or done by eye? Thanks for all the inspirtion. Terry

  14. Lovely! I started hand quilting this year and really love it. I didn't think I would but it has been fun. Just a little slow for me.

  15. Love your attitude, Bonnie, The scrappy basket is soo antique looking. My opinion on hand quilting also. Just can't get the enthusiasum into the machine quilting. Once a hand quilter , always one.

    Love the way the OC is coming. Mine are very scrappy using lots of 70 though 90's fabrics.

  16. Hi Bonnie. I would never in a million years buy that cheddar fabric, but I love it in your quilts. Where do you get it? Is it just a cheddar colored calico, or is it an Amish solid fabric? I think I've changed my mind and want to buy some now.

    You're amazing. I wanted to tell you I'm your biggest fan, but I don't want to sound like that obsessive woman in "Misery".....(have you seen that movie or read the book)? LOL

    I'm a BBC America and Turner Classic Movie junkie myself.

    Kind regards,

  17. Bonnie - that basket quilt is just so wonderful! And I envy how much hand quilting you do get done!

  18. Bonnie, LOVE the scrappy basket! Is that pattern on your site somewhere? Looks like a GREAT way to use up a ton of scraps! And your 2nd DJ is to DIE FOR! Don't know HOW you get so much done..wish I could do 1/2 of what you do. Thanks for all the great pattterns and ideas on your site.


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